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  • 1. Gods Love Builds Bridges to Friends
    Gods grace dismantles the barriers between people built by sin and builds bridges of love in their place!
    Scripture: James 3:13-18; Col. 3:1-17

2. Tiger on Friendship
3. Sin Builds Barriers
Sins of the tongue add bitterness.
Sins of uncontrolled anger create distance.
Sins of greed and lust, and self-indulgence hurt others.
4. 5 Most Difficult Relationships
The Critic
The Martyr
The Wet Blanket
The Steamroller
The Gossip
From a survey of 100 people by Dr. Les Parrott
Notice that at least 3 involve sins of the tongue!
5. Gods grace removes barriers and builds bridges of love in their place.
6. 10 Commandments of Friendship
Speak to people- theres nothing like a cheerful greeting.
Smile at people-72 muscles to frown, only 14 to smile!
Call people by name- its the sweetest music.
Be friendly and helpful- if you would have friends, be friendly.
Be cordial- speak and act as if you enjoy life.
Be genuinely interested in people.
Be generous with praise; cautious with criticism.
Be considerate of the feelings of others - it will be appreciated.
Be thoughtful of the opinions of others.
Be alert to give service.
7. Gods grace helps us build relationship bridges.
The power of conversion turns cursing to blessing.
Under the Spirits influence anger yields to self-control and grudges are replaced with a forgiving spirit.
Instead of irritation with others, we learn forbearance and patience.
Our carnal mind refocuses on higher things kingdom values and the best interests of others.