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1. Leading provider of panels and technology-enabled services for global research Founded: 1999 Headquarters: Bellevue, USA / London, UK / Sydney, Australia Presence in 26 cities on 5 continents 4,000 clients in 65 countries 21 of the worlds largest 25 market research firms use GMI Meet GMI An integrated approach Global Panels For real-time international insights Technology-enabled services For streamlined research processes Fast turnaround, on time and on budget Interactive survey capabilities Global panels Global consumer panels Quality assurance Panel care Recruitment and Life cycle of a panelist Specialty panels Technology-enabled services 24x7x365 service bureau Panel & project management Survey programming & translations Dashboards & Report automation Interactive survey capabilities 2. Global consumer panel 7.5 Mhouseholds in 200+ countries and territories Surveys available in 37 languages One panelist account per household Detailed profiling information Global panels Quality assurance and Panel care Suspicious addresses, domains, IP blocked Strict registration and account security Response consistency and length monitored Incentive points earned for each survey Active panel engagemlent: quarterly newsletters, member satisfaction survey, continued profiling Panel profiling 10 profiling surveys 500 attributes Excellent incentives encourage deeper profiling Specialty panels Youth Gamers IT Professionals B2B Medical panel African-American and Hispanic panels Recruitment and Life cycle of a panelist Recruitment: 80% online + 20% offline Multiplicity of sources: web advertising, permission-based databases, public relations, partner-recruited panels, alliances with heavily trafficked portals Community building 3. GMIInteractive Flash technology Customizable survey interface Queue streaming of content Auto-nexting Range of creative question formats Full logic capabilities Interactive Survey Capabilities A new creative approach to online surveying New visual ways of asking questions Research-on research shows spectacular improvement of respondents engagement A raft of creative research techniques Click testing Virtual shopping Virtual publication Dial testing broadcast evaluation Visual diary studies Co-creation Humanizing surveys By integrating visuals and animation Re-engineering traditional question formats Animated alternatives to standard grids Research-on-research shows more engaged respondents and improved quality of data