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Global Consciousness One Mind One Emotion Sharing One World. A slide show describing scientific process, primary findings, and preliminary interpretations Roger Nelson, Director Global Consciousness Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Global ConsciousnessOne Mind One EmotionSharing One WorldA slide show describing scientific process,primary findings, and preliminary interpretations

    Roger Nelson, Director

    Global Consciousness Project

  • The Global Consciousness ProjectAlso known as the EGG Project A serious scientific adventure In a decidedly poetic quest We are seeking signs of the Noosphere,A sheath of intelligence for the Earth Imagined by Teilhard de Chardin as The next evolutionary stage for HumanityThis is an introduction to the project

  • In becoming planetized humanity is acquiring new physical powers that will enable it to super-organize matter.

    Even more important, is it not possible that by the direct converging of its members it will be able, as though by resonance, to release psychic powers whose existence is still unsuspected?

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Future of Man

  • What is Global Consciousness?We all have the immediate experience of Personal Consciousness

    Sometimes, a Group Consciousness isexperienced during rituals, concerts, etc.We lose individuality to become a group

    Rarely, great events focus our attentionand engage our emotions so powerfully that we share a Global Consciousness

  • Stepwise development of the Global Consciousness Project LaboratoryREG and PK Experiments, IntentionField StudiesGroup Consciousness, Resonance Global ScopeMajor Events, Shared Engagement

  • PEAR Laboratory, Princeton University Experiments in Mind Matter InteractionsINTENTION to change behavior of an REG

  • Basics of a Physical REG

    Quantum noise source, e.g. DiodeSample electron tunneling voltageConvert high and low to 1 and 0Count these bits vs 50/50 probability


  • Display 1000 trials from A physical random sourceEach trial is the sum of 200 bits120



  • The binomial distribution of 1000 200-bit trials, compared with Theoretical normal distribution100 is expected

  • What happens in such data over time?Plot cumulative deviation from expectation Should be a random walk (a drunkards walk)Chance expectation isLevel, horizontal trendBut significant departuresFrom expectation may beCorrelated with consciousness

  • Laboratory Experiments, PEAR:Intention to Change the REG Behavior High and Low Both Depart From ExpectationHILOBLExpectation level trend5 Years, 87 Experiments

  • Moving out of the laboratory Field REG ExperimentsTake REG technology into the FieldLook for evidence of a Consciousness Field

    Situations with Resonance or CoherenceConcerts, OperasChurches, CathedralsRituals, CeremoniesSacred Spaces,

    Comparison with Mundane situationsShopping center, train station, busy street corner

  • Physical Random Event Generators REG or RNG -- Miniaturized for field useMindsong REGOrion RNG

  • FieldREG Experiments: Deep engagement, Coherent group consciousness and emotion Group chanting: Sacred spaceGreat Pyramid, inner chambersNuminous event: Shamanic Healing ritual for Devils TowerExpectation for the data is a level trend, But the real data show striking slopes

  • Departures From Expectation Correlate With Coherent or Resonant Group ConsciousnessDeeply Engaging Ideas and Emotions

  • The extension to global dimensionsA prototype global event, November 1995 Assassination of Yitzhak RabinMurder

  • The next step: A truly global eventColleagues in Europe and the US Collected 12 independent data streamsExpectation is level trend

  • GCP Inception

    Psychophysiologists meet Parapsychologists

    A hallway discussion of technologies

    19-channel EEG & 12-channel REG

    Led to the concept of a Multi-channel ElectroGaiaGram (EGG*)

    The EGG project began collecting data Aug 1998

    *Greg Nelsons name and acronym for Dean Radins World EEG

  • When you put a thing in order, and give it a name, and you are all in accord, it becomes. - - From the Navajo, Masked Gods, Waters, 1950

  • Global Consciousness Project (aka the EGG Project)The people: International collaboration, 100+ peopleNetwork of over 60 host sites world wide

    The tools: REG technology, Field applicationA world EEG an ElectroGaiaGram or EGG

    The method: Identify deeply engaging global events

    The question: Can we capture a glimmering of Global Consciousness?

  • World Spanning NetworkA Google Map

  • Internet transfer of data to Princeton It looks random: Combined dataFor a whole day, from 48 eggs

  • Average cumulative deviationshown by the black dotted lineWe can see better whats happening byPlotting cumulative deviations (c2 - df) Correlation tilts variance spreads

  • When we make a composite across eggs, the cumulative deviation may show a trendexpected

  • With this global network we canlook for effects of engaging events

    Natural disastersTerrible accidentsBeginnings of warGrand celebrations Political excitementReligious pilgrimageAstrological hot spotsWorld-wide meditations

  • Major disasters that engage us powerfullyOften correlate with big deviationsThis is the first GCP EventWhy? ... Itshreddedthe socialcontract ofdiplomacy

  • We first identify major events Then ask if there is a trend In the cumulative deviation

    this ischanceexpectation

  • Blacksburg, VA: Shock and tragedy Close to home feels deeply meaningful.Does the EGG network respond? Perhaps.

  • New Years Eve 1999-2008 (10 years 37 time zones) Average Variance Decrease

  • The World Trade Center September 11 2001Tamara Beckwith

  • September 11 2001 Destruction of the World Trade TowersA 50-hour trend followed the attacksTwo days

  • Other Views of September 11 2001These are pictures of the variability among the eggsThey should look like a random walk on 9/11, but 9/11 was uniquein 3 years of dataVariance began changing at 04:00The autocorrelation says this event was extraordinary

  • "The Age of Nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is to build the Earth."

    - - Pre Teilhard de Chardin

  • Consciousness Fields?Compassion maybe a primarysource

  • Four million people bathe in Ganges Major organized gatheringsFor Meditation and PrayerA million or morevia the Internet

  • The Popes 6-day pilgrimage to the middle eastAn occasion of hope for resolution of differences

  • After terrorist bombings in Madrid all of Spain came out in commiseration

  • Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison [of separation] by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. - - Albert Einstein

  • Current result: formal database, 9+ years 244 rigorously defined global eventsOdds: Million to 1 against chance

  • Distribution of Event Z-scores in 2004Roughly normal, shifted by 0.37 std dev








    Estimated Participation

    Effect Size

    Effect of Number of People Engaged






























    Formal Data

    Normal Approx

    Z score


    Distribution of Formal Data vs Normal Distribution



    1 Embassy Bombings, 980807terrorlargenegativehigh3.2116076909-3-2.20.1225123469Nelson (high)315-min69.5360.00066Column1Z-scorez-Test: Two Sample for Means

    3 US Airstrikes, Afghanistan, 980820warmediumnegativemed0.5446418072-2.75-1.9-0.5916365353Nelson (low)615-min14.1120.293Column1

    4 Swissair 111 crash, 980903accidentmediumnegativehigh1.3285398381-2.5-1.60.6106995443Nelson (high)515-min75600.092Variable 1Variable 2

    5 McGwire, record homerun, 980908sportsmallpositivelow0.7388462109-2.25-1.31.5486602933Nelson (high)915-min22180.23Mean-0.0116390428Mean0.3726484725Mean-0.01163904280.3726484725

    6 Clinton Affair Grand Jury, 980911politicssmallneutrallow1.0803205441-2-10.4548030574Nelson (med)615-min14.72100.14Standard Error0.0100072938Standard Error0.0824462531Known Variance1.0014591.080784

    7 Nicaragua, Casitas collapse, 981030disastermediumnegativehigh-1.0938970263-1.75-0.70.4432115475Nelson (high)515-min5.4100.863Median-0.0092177288Median0.4482126315Observations10000159

    8 Nicaragua, Casitas flooding, 981030disastermediumnegativehigh0.6067750746-1.5-0.40.424887503Nelson (high)515-min66.2600.272ModeMode1.3285398381Hypothesized Mean Difference0

    9 Global Peace Vigil, Twyman, 981113web eventsmallpositivemed0.600759904-1.25-0.1-0.0943475698Nelson (low)515-min12.2100.274Standard Deviation1.0007293849Standard Deviation1.0396076945z-4.6271064468

    11 World Peace Prayer, 981210meditationmediumpositivehigh-0.1281887307-10.2-1.4450552044Nelson (med)715-min26.402280.551Sample Variance1.0014593018Sample Variance1.0807841586P(Z

  • Effects by GCP event categories2007 update generally similar to 2004(More categories are significant N is greater)

  • NUMBER of people paying attention has a substantial effect on the networkSignificant but may be confounded

  • William James Four Basic EmotionsDerived from


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