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A Mix Bag of Brics and Bracs


44 GLAM INTERIORS + DESIGNSYMMETRY RULES As a geometer, Aziza finds harmony in symmetrical elements.OUR HOMEGLAM INTERIORS + DESIGN 45ANECLECTIC MIX OF BRIC-A-BRACSBY DEBRINA ALIYAHPHOTOGRAPHY BY KAREN GINESTHE HOME OF MAJID AND AZIZA WASI DRAWS DEEPLY FROM MOTIFS AND PATTERNS, PARTICULARLY OF TRADITIONAL ELEMENTS, AND ARRIVES AT A PERFECT BALANCE OF COLOUR AND DESIGN. ITS A COMING TOGETHER OF TWO CREATIVE INDIVIDUALS THAT RESULTED IN THIS WARM COZY HOME IN DOHAS SUBURBS.46 GLAM INTERIORS + DESIGNAzizas a geometer and an artist while Majid is a PR professional with a keen eye for style. Taking advantage of the spaces natural light, the couple set about creating a synergy of clean, modern pieces offset by intricate, traditional elements, whether its a cushion cover or a trinket box. Though the couple shares similar tastes, it was a process of compromise in decorating the home. I like art for arts sake, whereas Aziza wants objects to be functional as well or they dont fit in. We also have a cat or two, so we try not to get too attached to our upholstery, Majid jests. In the living room, a golden yellow wall with art forms the main focal point with an Islamic-inspired blue and white theme, and objects reflective of its origins find their places around the room. Ceramic plates from Turkey, framed kitchen tiles from Morocco, cyanotype prints from Andalusia, and some of Majids own artistic work form a seemingly random collection, all of which come together in a harmonising colour theme. We also have a collection of hand-painted ceramic knobs, and literally every single cabinet door of the OUR HOMEBALANCE AND COLOURBottom: Sun-yellow, mushroom grey, pale cream and deep brown form the main palette. Right: Ikat and embroidery add vibrancy to the space. GLAM INTERIORS + DESIGN 47MODERN MEETSTRADITIONTradition reflects in the crafts the couple collects yet it is presented in a modern perspective.We have a collection of hand-painted ceramic knobs, and every single cabinet door of the house has a different one.48 GLAM INTERIORS + DESIGNhouse has a different one, Majid shares. Pieces of furniture have been curated over time from mass stores in Doha but the real gems are the small carved wooden pieces from India, custom orders from Souq Haraj in Najma, and a handmade mirror work wall hanging from Kutch in Gujarat. The couples first buy for the home was a day bed in dark brown wood with Chinese motifs while a complex 18-point star paper lantern purchased for their wedding dcor finally took the limelight when they moved into this flat. Souq Haraj has been a real treasure trove. Interestingly enough, some of the pieces in the house that get the most compliments are real bargains from the Souq. We have picked up chairs for under QR50 that have added real value to the dcor and carried forward OUR HOMESouq Haraj has been a real treasure trove. Interestingly enough, some of the pieces in the house that get the most compliments are real bargains from the Souq.BLUE AND WHITEThe wall art adheres to a Islamic-inspired blue and white colour theme. GLAM INTERIORS + DESIGN 49our design inspiration, Majid explains. The Souq was also the place where they found a one-of-a-kind ash grey Persian-inspired rug that now forms the main focal point for their work studio space. Within the space unfolds stories of travels and friendships, with mementoes that have been gifted by friends and loved ones and purchases of significance. We are both collectors, so the house has a lot of stories, he says. Hand-painted Romanian eggs in a jar, hand-painted wooden tulips from Amsterdam and a beautiful hand-blown oil jar from Mallorca are some of the curiosities. The couples prized possessions, though, are an intricately carved silver jewellery box that was a wedding gift, a handmade Zellig tile from Fs, and Azizas works of Islamic geometry paintings that cover the walls. Though its only been a little over half a year since the couple has moved into this flat, the vibrancy of the shades and dcor emits an instant homey touch. Like with all other couples, we have had our share of huffing and puffing when setting up the home but we are glad that its all come together very neatly and our sense of design appeals to everyone who visits our home for the first time. PERSONAL TOUCHAn eighteen-point star paper lantern bought as part of the couples wedding decor finally finds its place in their new home.