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Ghost World

Dr Steve GaunsonTextual CrossingsRMIT University

Comics to moving picturesShots, dialogue, and no narrator who has to be removed for film interpretation

Celebration Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff co-wrote the screenplayHow do we know what sort of adaptation this is? Edgy, raw, roughAbout loners and isolation These themes are nicely suited to the myth of the comic book readerEnid is a comic drawerThere are several references to other comic strips written and drawn by Daniel Clowes. coffee shop patron in the wheelchair is from Clowes' strip "Feldman" and the "tampon in a teacup" gag is from a strip called "Art School Confidential". Both strips appeared in a comic book called "Eightball" which also contained "Ghost World".

Adjustment to formX-Men, Dick Tracey and Sin City were dismissed as literal-minded and "insulting" to the (comic) art form. Ghost World goes for a real world aesthetic which was criticised for not being saturated in a blue tinge.

Black and white with hint of pale blue

PastichePerformances are not pushed too far like many comic book adaptations. Its characters are real peopleCharacters look ordinaryThora Birch gained 20 pounds for the role of EnidCare about Seymour and Enid

ParodyLaughing with the comic not at the comic

Terry Zwigoff unintentionally cast the actor who played the high school principal as a customer in the porn shop.

Great moments of slapstick humour

Witty one-liners

RevisionGhost world = ghost townDiscontent Nothing to do no culture, no valueStronger plotDeep engagement through music and listeningComic: The character of Seymour appears only as the victim of the girls' prankFilm: Rebecca has a rather diminished role

AllusionThe two original movie posters on Enid's wall are Pufnstuf (1970) and The World of Henry Orient (1964), a film about two teenage girls with similarities to this film. Devil go my women

ColonisationTerry ZwigoffArt School Confidential (2006) Daniel Clowes adaptationCrumb (1994) Misfits, antiheroes, and themes of alienation.The character of Seymour is based in part on Zwigoff. Like Seymour, Zwigoff is an avid collector of 1920's jazz and blues records.

ConclusionVisual to visual is too often overlooked as adaptationWhen we think of comics we think of superheroesWhat happens when a creator of the source adapts? Comic adaptation is about performanceThink of how the actors perform these characters