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2. Welcome 3. Welcome Housekeeping Ask your questions in the Questions box during thepresentation Ill answer all questions after the main presentation 4. What Youll Learn Today Why Twitter Advertising Promoted Tweets Promoted Accounts Targeting Promoted Trends Lead Generation cards Campaign Management Analytics 5. Why Twitter Advertising? Twitter has over 200 million active users An active user is considered a user who logs in at leastonce a month There are over 400 million Tweets EVERY day Twitter is where breaking news is reported first so thesubject of most Tweets is very current The age of Twitter users is more diverse than othersocial networks. The majority of Twitter users arebetween 18 and 54 and more younger people are joiningTwitter than any other social network 6. Promoted Tweets 7. Promoted Tweets Promoted Tweets are just normal Tweets that arefeatured at the top of Twitter Search results Lets you reach a wider audience who currently dontfollow you or to spark engagement from your existingfollowers Promoted Tweets are clearly labeled as Promoted Promoted Tweets act just like regular Tweets and can beretweeted, replied to or favorited 8. Where Do Promoted Tweets Appear? At the top of relevant search results pages on In Search Results for a Promoted Trend You may see a Promoted Tweet in your Home Timeline if that Tweet isrelevant to you or your profile Brands or partners with enhanced profile pages may choose to pin aPromoted Tweet to the top of their timelines. Enhanced profile pages areonly available to larger companies at this time. Promoted Tweets can appear on official Twitter clients likeTweetDeck, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android Promoted Tweets can also appear on Third-party Twitter clients likeHootSuite 9. When Do Promoted TweetsAppear? A Promoted Tweet will appear in a users timeline only ifthe Tweet is likely to be interesting and relevant to thatuser based on a proprietary Twitter algorithm The Twitter algorithm uses a variety of signals todetermine which Promoted Tweets are relevant tousers, including what a user chooses to follow, how theyinteract with a Tweet, what they retweet, and manymore factors 10. How Often Will They Appear? Twitter is focused on providing a great user experience. As aresult, Twitter is being very conservative about the number ofPromoted Tweets that people see in a single day. Any Promoted Tweet you see in your timeline will appear justonce, at or near the top of their timeline. After the initialimpression, the Promoted Tweet will scroll through yourtimeline like any other Tweet. Once you have seen a Promoted Tweet in your timeline, youwill never see that Promoted Tweet again. This means you have only one chance to catch a viewersattention so your Promoted Tweet has to be well thought out. 11. Dismissing Promoted Tweets If for some reason you dont like a Promoted Tweet, youcan dismiss it Im not sure why this option exists since you will onlysee a Promoted Tweet once so Im sure there is aninteresting story behind this feature 12. Promoted Tweet Example Twitter Search for New York 13. Promoting a Case Study 14. Building an Email List Treat the Tweet like the headline of your sales letter toengage the viewer Redirect them to a landing page where they can opt inand download a report or whitepaper 15. My Landing Page 16. Setting up Promoted Tweets Log into your Twitter account at andselect Twitter Ads 17. Next Sign Into Twitter Ads 18. Click on Create Campaign ThenPromote your Tweets 19. Choose Target by Keywords orTarget by Interest 20. Target by Keywords 21. Enter Keywords or Import YourKeyword List 22. Who is Your Target Audience? 23. Import Locations 24. Select your Device and GenderTargeting 25. Select Tweets to Promote 26. Promoted Tweets - Target byInterest 27. Who is Your Target Audience? 28. Add @usernames or users likeyour followers 29. Or Import a list of users Notice @usernames will be verified 30. Add Interest Categories 31. Or Browse Categories Notice the detailed categories and subcatgories 32. Select your Device and GenderTargeting 33. Select Tweets to Promote 34. Increase Engagement In a recent test by Search Engine Watch A photo in a tweet vs. no photo in a tweet experimentrevealed that a linked photo results in 120 percent increasein engagement and 350 percent increase in clicks for atweet Retweets, replies and favorites arent affected by tweetwith a photo link vs. a tweet without a photo link. Visits toa site from a tweet with a photo link vs. a tweet without aphoto link are the same even though a tweet with a photospends twice as many advertising dollars. 35. Promoted Tweets OptimizationTips The best Promoted Tweets are just like the organicTweets you nd yourself drawn to every day. They are: Insightful - Users come to Twitter to learn somethingnew, and get the inside scoop. Do your Tweets accomplishthis? Exclusive - Exclusive content drives high engagementrates. Does your campaign offer special value to Twitterusers? Conversational - The best Promoted content avoidsadspeak and is rich in shareable insights and content. Doyour Tweets sound like they were written by someone whogenuinely loves using Twitter to interact with others? 36. Optimization Tip - Low ImpressionVolume Make your Tweets as engaging as possible. Ongoing engagement rate is a factor in which tweets compete in and win auctions. Twitterrewards engaging content over advertisers who are noisy or have deep pockets. Remember that exclusive content drives engagement rates - so make your offering a special one. Maintain fresh Tweets Tweets typically lose momentum after theyve been circulating for 1-2 days. Update your PromotedTweets frequently to maintain visibility and a steady stream of engaged users. If you are promotingTweets to your followers, be sure to add fresh Tweets every day to minimize user fatigue. Use relevant keywords or interests For Promoted Tweets in search, be sure to include any important keywords and hashtags in boththe Tweet copy and the keyword list to maximize relevance. Head terms will drive the bulk of your volume, and you should be sure to increase your bidaccordingly when targeting general keywords. For Promoted Tweets in timelines, be sure to includeany important interests to maximize relevance. Have a competitive CPE bid Remember that the bid you specify is your maximum bid, not necessarily the price you willpay per engagement. 37. Optimization Tip ImproveEngagement Improve your Tweet copy Keep in mind that the most engaging tweets are:timely, witty, relevant, informative & platform-specific. Besure to take advantage of popular #hashtags, in-stream videoand photos, and trending topics. Bid on long-tail criteria Selecting highly-relevant and specific keywords or interestswill drive higher engagement by targeting those mostinterested in your brand. Optimize based on your analytics Tweet analytics, available in the Promoted Tweetsdashboard, clearly demonstrate which Tweet copy is mostengaging for a given a set of keywords. Identify your top-performing Tweets and apply their successful elements tofuture content. 38. Promoted Accounts 39. Promoted Accounts Promoted Accounts are displayed in the Who To Followsection Helps you expand your Follower base with targetedFollowers suggested by Twitter 40. How Do Promoted Accounts Work? Promoted Accounts are suggested based on a users public listof whom they follow. When an advertiser promotes an account, Twitters algorithmlooks at that accounts followers and determines otheraccounts that those users tend to follow. If a user follows some of those accounts, but not theadvertisers account, then Twitter may recommend theadvertisers Promoted Account to that user. For example, a lot of people who follow several education-related accounts also follow @teachforamerica. If someonefollows education-related accounts, but not@teachforamerica, Twitter may recommend@teachforamerica to that user. 41. Promoted Account Campaigns Select New Campaign from your Twitter Account Select Promote your Account 42. Who Do You Want to Follow YouBack? 43. Enter @usernames Search for @usernames or import a list of @usernames Notice you can Include users like my followers when yousearch for @usernames The import works exactly the same way as PromotedTweet campaigns 44. Add Interest Categories 45. Or Browse Categories Notice the detailed categories and subcatgories 46. Who is Your Target Audience? Location targeting works exactly as the PromotedTweets campaign Notice there is Gender targeting but not Devicetargeting as we saw in Promoted Tweets 47. Import Locations 48. Promoted Trends 49. Promoted Trends You must contact Twitter to run Promoted Trendscampaigns. They begin at $25,000 for 24 hoursdepending on the popularity of the keyword 50. Lead Generation Cards 51. Lead Generation Cards Just released this week Lead Generation Cards help advertisers highlight specific offers,products, or services more effectively, and capture user interestdirectly from within a Tweet Give you control of how your content is displayed with Tweets Drive traffic to your site Increase the number of people following your Twitter accountsthrough content attribution Users dont even have to fill out a formsince their information(name, email and username) is already pulled into the card.They literally just have to hit Submit on the Cards call to action. 52. 4 Step Process Set up CRM endpoint integration Create a Card Create content for the Card Configure technical settings 53. CRM Integration Salesforce Mailchimp Acton Constant Contact Eloqua Exact Target Hubspot Infusionsoft Marketo Optify Pardot Vertical Response 54. Accessing Twitter Cards 55. Creating Your First Card 56. Choosing Your Card 57. Populate Your Card 58. Add Embed Code to Your Site 59. Enter URL 60. Campaign Management 61. Campaign Management 62. My First Campaign 63. Definition