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Regardless what your role in the industry is, it’s important to be noticed within the industry. Learn the networking and social media techniques that make it possible.Lisa Picarille, Online Marketing Consultant, (Twitter @lisap) (Moderator)Michael Buechele, Owner, (Twitter @mikebuechele)Trisha Lyn Fawver, Affiliate Manager, Paulson Management Group (Twitter @trishalyn)Jen Goode, Doodler in Charge, JGoode Designs (Twitter @JGoode)Stephanie Lichtenstein, Affiliate Program Manager, Andy Rodriguez Consulting (Twitter @StephARC)


  • 1. Trisha Lyn Fawver Paulson Management Group Michael Buechele Stephanie Lichtenstein Andy Rodriguez Consulting Jen Goode Moderated by: Lisa Getting NoticedFast

2. Social Networking get involved in the conversation 3. Positive Impressions create first impressions that last 4. Share Expertise insights, knowledge & info relating to your business Blogs Videos Podcasts Tutorials e-books Articles Interviews 5. Face to Face Networking build relationships that last 6. Personal Branding consistent, memorable, unique representation 7. 8.