get ready to experience paradise!. bird’s eye view of tierra verde, florida

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  • Get Ready to Experience PARADISE!

  • Birds Eye View of Tierra Verde, Florida

  • Welcome to our home - Tierra 1.

  • Tierra 1 Complex as you drive in Welcome.

  • Building B faces south units 107 to 111, 207 to 211, 307 to 311.

  • Building A faces the water; units 101 to 106; 201 to 206; 301 to 306.

  • The Gazebo is located near the fishing dock and is a nice quite place to get away.

  • Tennis anyone?

  • Everyone IN the POOL!

  • The perfect place to catch dinner!

  • Boat Slips to the South.

  • Boat Slips to the North, burrr!!!

  • Pool, close up.

  • A balcony to catch sea air and relax.

  • Tropical Plants right outside your entry door.

  • 12 units have under the building parking; all others are outside. Carport maybe someday.

  • Workshop to fix/build things.

  • View from another Bird.