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How to get more likes for your facebook page by

How to increase likes for your facebook page by SmmPoint.com1

Step 1 : Get Your mind Right wayGet Your mind Right way


It will takes time! So add it take minimum an hour or two into it every week. And also, it will take time to start getting grip on Facebook, around 1 to 5 months3

Step 2: See at your competitors page,and analysis why they are so successful in social mediaDon't try to copy Content your competitor but follow them and analysis them what stuff they are using and you try to do best and 100% unique Content to rank.

Step 3: turn up with a content calendarContent is king of present and future social media marketing ,if you do post on Facebook content it will be atrractive and easy wording audience can easly understand ,that will help to raise your traffic

Post 70% useful/Attractive contentand post 30%promotional content.

More Interaction =more likes. Provide the users something to click on, comment andlike. Should Keep In Mind Keep Status update short in text.Always try ask Question in Yes/no fast commentsQuestions posts short get 100% more comments.Photos get 52% more likes, 105% more comments and 84% more click throughs.

Step 4: Make Sechdule to post your conten in week

Very important point make schedule to give time on facebook and active to give reply your audience. Best technique to increase audience on your page

Step 5: Invite people to like your pageIf your page will popular on facebook and easily remember and audience will find your page through website or other material people can easily find your such as businesscards, email signatures, etc.

Step 7: ParticipateInteraction means Participating.When fans ask any question or complaint on some issue , quickly response them and ask them what they want and what you can do for them in help , if they are facing some issue help to Resolve it that will really increase your repute and increase fans Try to join other pages or group and exchange comments use the @sign when talking about something. You can download the page manager app for your smart phone to help with this procedure.

And Finally...If you didn't understand clearly understand our presentation then please visit

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