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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2014 (January 12-14, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV). Session description: Learn how I use Facebook Pages to reach over a million people a day for free and where I funnel that traffic to make money. Seriously, this is better than the other session youre considering.


  • 1.Generating Massive Traffic and Profit using Facebook Pages Luke Kling

2. Who am I? Director of Marketing for Blogger at Developer at 3. I do a lot of things Always looking to make more money online Always looking for my next project Always looking to learn something new 4. WSO turned into online business Brian Johnson (browie) introduced me to Fan Pages through his WSO, Fan Page Commissions, and it just took off from there. 5. Disclaimer I am not a lawyer and you should not expect any of the experience I share with you as legal advice. I will note times where I have gotten in trouble so you can use them as a learning experience. Youre welcome 6. Build. Grow. Monetize. Entertainment Facebook Pages 7. Whos done it? Raise your hand if You have created a Facebook Page for a business. You have created a Facebook Page for an entertainment page. 8. Creating a Facebook Page Free and Easy 9. Key Ingredients Good niche (we will go over this in more detail soon) Good title or name Great profile picture Awesome cover photo 10. Name and Profile Picture Pick the name that best fits your Page and is timeless. Dont get too general (example: Keurig) Upload a profile picture that will stand out. Take advantage of all real estate! 11. Create a great cover photo Create your own or get one created on Fiverr. 12. More Attention = More Traffic The better your Page looks when it pops up in peoples feeds the more likely you will be to get Likes and free traffic. 13. Picking the right niche Do your research and see if its saturated. Check the amount of interest using Facebook Ads. Pick something that interests you. You will have the most success long term with doing something you enjoy. I have posted nearly everyday since October 13, 2011 on Charlie Day Quotes. 14. Is it saturated? 15. Find something unique or close Brand new audience = QUICK GROWTH Example: Charlie Day Quotes Exposed, but ignore audience = QUICK (RE)GROWTH Example: Mitch Hedberg Jokes Saturated audience = PAINFUL WASTE OF MONEY 16. Is there interest? Check Facebook Ads to see if theres any interest in your niche. 17. Continue Building with Content Mix of content, but photos get most exposure and engagement. Favorite sources for image content: Tumblr Google Images Pinterest Imgur deviantArt 18. Post Content Consistently Its important to post consistently to get the most exposure possible. 19. When are your fans online? Insights -> Posts 20. Build your audience using Facebook Ads Use Facebook Ads to build up your initial user base and then grow virally from their engagement. Create a Facebook Ad specifically for generating Likes and acquiring users. 21. The Mindset Build Create the Page and post good content. Grow Post consistent and good content that gets Likes, Comments, and Shares. Setup paid ads to get Likes (users) to help get the viral traffic moving. Monetize Mix in targeted content you can monetize with your normal posts to keep your users happy, traffic flowing, and money pouring in. 22. Build and Grow Example 23. Why Mitch Works Only page was large, but didnt post consistently. Mitchs fans are VERY engaged. A ton of great content. 24. 5,000 to 65,000 Likes I built my initial fan base and interest through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ad specifically to generate Likes on my Facebook Page. Got Likes, got engagement, got more Likes. 25. Build and Grow Example 26. Phil Dunphy Quotes Built Forgot Text from Logan Thompson, Hey, do you own Phil Dunphy Quotes? 140,000 Likes? OMG Viral in Australia. Growing in the US. 378,000 Likes. Millions reached weekly. 27. MOFY Nation USA Network starting their own Modern Family social community, MOFY Nation Contacted me about sharing MOFY Nation for a shirt. Few months later invited me to the Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day in Los Angeles! Free trip all from my Facebook Page 28. Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day 29. Monetize Example 30. Charlie Day Quotes Created October 13, 2011 First post: 17 Likes About 1,200 photos posted Hundreds of links Millions of clicks Hundreds of thousands in sales 31. Favorite Sources for Monetization Amazon Associates Affiliate Offers * COUGH PEERFLY COUGH * Giveaways MyLikes Teespring 32. Amazon Associates Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer Products for pretty much ANY niche Easy to use. Monthly payments. 33. Affiliate Offers Youre here. There are a TON of options! Create your own angle if needed. A quote about needing a job. A job finder affiliate offer. Over 10,000 clicks for free. 34. Giveaways A giveaway will drive engagement which means new Likes! Click LIKE to enter to win this awesome shirt Link to the page to buy the product. Use an affiliate link! REQUIRE the completion of an affiliate offer to participate. 35. Giveaway Example 36. MyLikes MyLikes pays per click on Web Link campaigns you can post on social media sites. Pay weekly via PayPal. Need to find campaign related to page. 37. Teespring New favorite source. Free to sign up and launch a shirt design campaign. You choose the price and goal for amount of shirts you want to sell. Paid shortly after campaign ends via PayPal. 38. Post consistently. Mix in money. Mix in posts with links you are making money from with consistent GOOD content that gets engagement. Keep your fans happy and theyll keep you happy. 39. Build. Grow. Monetize. My example Pages: Page I learn from: 40. Questions? @LukePeerFly