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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Generate Better Customer Referrals by Following 7 Simple Steps</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>Referral marketing is a process to increaseword of mouthmarketing by encouraging customers and contacts to talk as much as possible about a brand or product, including online. It is a cost-effective way to attract new customers. It offers instant credibility as it comes from an existing clients. However, existing clients wont be willing to pass on references as they do not want to endanger their own relationship with their friends and family by recommending a product or an organization that is not worth their time and money.Here are some tips to improve the rate of recommendations from your clients:</p> <p>Ways To Generate Customer Referrals</p> <p>Presentation Agenda:</p> <p>Set-Up a Customer Referral ProgramAsk For ReferenceProvide Valuable SupportUse Social MediaIncentivesBuild Credibility and Develop a BondEducate Customer</p> <p>Set-Up Customer Referral Program</p> <p>Companies have to invest some time in order to set-up a plan for getting new customers on board.Main step in the process is to identify the target audience.Understanding the ideal persona of the prospect helps the company to spot the right consumer as well as makes it simpler to explain it to the referrers.Recommendations can also be achieved through agreement wherein the customer will agree to give leads (references) to the organizations if he is satisfied with the services.Creating an agreement right in the initial days of interaction not only makes you put your best foot forward but also gives you a chance to impress the purchasers with your dedication and drive.However, it is essential that you frame the request in the right way; otherwise, there are chances that you might jeopardize an otherwise healthy relationship.</p> <p>Ask for Reference</p> <p>You need to make an effort to let the clients know that giving references can help you in the growth of the business. Hence, it is imperative that you take the first step.You have the right to ask your clients for the shout-outs by giving them the exceptional services.It is important that you make the client feel special and only then broach the topic of proposing your name to their known ones.Make sure that your website, brochures and other marketing material carry your statement of referral.Do not sound demanding when asking for a heads-up on other customers.Stay polite and give the client little details about who your ideal prospects are.</p> <p>Provide Valuable Support</p> <p>The present customers will recommend you only when you offer them some valuable and efficient services.The process of getting a referral begins right from the first interaction. Hence, It is vital for the agents to make sure that the conversation is smooth &amp; interesting for customers.Efforts must be made to build a healthy relationship between both the parties.Adding value and offering amazing services is what lays the foundation for word-of-mouth publicity.Give the clients a reason to speak about your business.Invest in the best call center softwareas this can help you in making the interactions hassle free and can help you achieve a positive consumer experience.</p> <p>Use Social Media</p> <p>Rather than asking for references blindly, many companies are approaching the prospects by looking at their social media profiles.Linked is becoming a powerful tool in order to get in touch with probable buyers. It helps you to build professional relations and get business referrals.Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are other methods of looking out for your potential purchasers. Make sure that your software is integrated with all the majority platforms so that you do not miss a prospect or a mention.</p> <p>Incentives</p> <p>The best referral programs are the one that benefits both the parties. These are the kind of the programs that the customer is most likely to notice and participate.Try and test the different methods and choose the one that best fits the needs of your business.Simple correspondence via e-mail, call or social media shout-outs can be an easy way to recognize their efforts. However, more than often, the individuals are expecting monetary rewards in exchange.It goes without saying that whatever kind of reward you choose for your customers; do not forget to thank them. This is a simple way of nurturing your relationship with the referee.Keep the track of who referred whom and how the deal took place. Keep them informed about the progress.</p> <p>Build Credibility and Develop a Bond</p> <p>The customers will vouch for your company only when they trust you enough. It happens only when you have built a lifetime bond with your clients.Gaining the confidence of the buyers takes time but it is worth the effort.Remember to include the certification of the corporation on the official website. This ensures that your organization is not bogus and is present in the market to provide valuable services.Stay active on social media as this is where the majority of the interactions take place.Share the success stories of your business on your social networking profiles, official webpage, forums as well as blogs.</p> <p>Educate The Customers</p> <p>Make sure your purchasers understand the products and services of your company.It is also vital that you point the key characteristics of your ideal prospects. You cannot expect the clients to know what you are looking for.Frame your requests in such a manner that their mind starts focusing on the individuals that match the profile of your buyer persona.References do not mean that the clients have to give you the contact information of individuals they think might be interested. Reviews are a kind of publicity too. Ask them to rate the company on the official webpage or famous review sites.Do not make the reference process a hard task. Put the links to referral or review sites in all your channels of communication.</p> <p>Your Free Trial is Just A Click AwayYour Free Trial Is Just A Click Away</p> <p>11</p> <p>Thank You</p>