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  1. 1. Curriculum vitae GAURAV KULSHRESTHA Current Address: Shiv Nagar, Ravan Gate, Kalwar Road, arawtJhJ, Jaipur (Raj.) - 302006 E-mail id: Mobile No: +91 8302956383 Skype: gaurav.kulshrestha2 Face book Page: Linked in Profile: Summary: 6 Dec. 2011 19 Aug. 2014 In Jaipur Recently Worked as SMO Executive in Web Seasoning Company (Web Promotion & Web Development) from 6 December 2011 till 19 August 2014 on challenging assignments. Great operational, communicational & technical skills. 27 Aug. 2014 19 Feb. 2016 After That, Social Page & Website Manager & Online Social Media Promotion of All Social Media Pages and Channels & Online Sales Manager in Sharda Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd. (Business of Security & Automation Systems, Telephone) from 27 August 2014 till 19 February 2016 on challenging assignments. Great operational, communicational & skills technical skills. 6 May 2016 19 July 2016 After That, Web Designer cum SMO Executive (Online Business Promotion with Social Media & Social Page & Website Manager) in Linkkar Business Amenities Pvt. Ltd. (Web Designing Company & Business Amenities and Finance Company) from 6 May 2016 till 19 July 2016 on challenging assignments. Great operational, communicational & technical skills. 8 Aug. 2016 13 Aug. 2016 (Freelance Project of Database Management) After That, Work as Freelance on Project of Database Management in GKV Group (The Raj Palace Hotel) from 8 August 2016 till 13 August 2016 on challenging assignments. Great operational, communicational & technical skills. 22 Aug. 2016 to be continuing After That, Social Media Manager in Gati Technology Systems (Web and Software Designing & Development & SEO and SMO) from Aug. 2016 on challenging assignments. Great operational, communicational & technical skills. 19 Jan. 2014 to be continuing As Web Designer I am working also as Web Designer {this is my side work} from 2014 till now on challenging assignments. Great operational, communicational & technical skills. Objective: To obtain level of excellence in the organization and to utilize my resources in the world of IT by upgrading my knowledge and skills from time to time. Academic Qualification: Year Exam / Course Percentage Board / University 2014 BCA ( with Corresponding ) 66.41% Jiwaji University 2012 Web Designing Course ( Static Website Design ) Grade - A Genex Computer Education 2010 12th 53.6% M.P Board
  2. 2. 2008 Computer Basic Course 70% Aptech Computer Education 2008 10th 51.2% M.P Board My Skills as Digital Marketing Executive: Skills Related Website Promotions and Social Media Promotions: My Present Work as Website and Social Page Manager & SMO Executive: Adding SEO & SMO User for Increase Votes for Content Links in Gmail Contact List Links E - mail Sending Links Building with Social Networking Sites Links Exchanging & Link Promotion with Users on Social Networking Sites Links Promotion also with Interacting Users threw Chats at Gmail & Hangout & Skype Blog Writing & Managing & Posting with Social Networking Sites Articles & Wallpapers Posting at Word press Blogs and Magazine Websites All Social Media Pages or Channels Creation and Promotion it Increase Followers and Likes and Subscribe on All Social Media Pages or Channels Managing All Social Media Activities & Website Content Management Online Business Promotion through Social Media and Social Network Strategy Bulk Email Marketing & Collected Email Listing of Any Professional Clients Working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software with CRM Profiles Managing Online Sales at Snap deal, Flip kart, eBay, Amazon, India mart, Pay tm, Shop clues Managing Online Advertising at All Online Classified Websites Update Posts on Social Media Channels & Uses Hash Tag in Posts in Social Media Channels Social Media and Links Promotion work with These Social Media Platforms: Twitter (RT) Tumblr (TB) Hub pages (HP) Face book (FB) Digg (Digg) Traff up (TFU) Stumble upon (SU) Instagram (Inst) Tagged (TG) Google (G+) Sound cloud (SC) Vkontakte (VK) Pinterest (Pin) Likes (Likes) Scoop it (Scoop) Delicious (Del) My Space (MS) Linked in (Link) Reddit (RT) YouTube (YT) Quora (QR) Increase Votes of Likes Shares Comments for Links by These Promoter Website : Links Emailing for Vote for Links With Gmail Chat or Mailing, Skype, G Talk, Social Media Add me Fast
  3. 3. Wefby Auto You Like Hits Like Nation Like 4 Like Links of Website & Articles, Which Promotion by Gaurav Kulshrestha in Web Seasoning Company ( Social Media Promotion { For every Posts, Pages, Profile } = Increases Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweet, Favorite, Repin, Up Vote, Followers, Reviews, Subscriber at Social Media Platform ) Health Living Yoga ( ) Article: Save Delete ( ) Article: Odd Stuff Magazine ( ) { Face book and Twitter Share = 1300 Votes } Article: Living Impressive ( ) Article: The Fab Web { Moved to Cool Digital Photography } ( ) Online Free Tips ( ) Article: Interior Designs Magazine ( ) Article: Links of Website & Social Media Pages, Which Promotion by Gaurav Kulshrestha in Gati Technology Systems ( Social Media Promotion ) Rudradaman Singh - Face book Page: Page Likes =
  4. 4. Skills Related Website Designing: My Present Work as Website Designer: Design Layouts or Website Pages in Photoshop PSD to HTML Conversion Convert Layouts or Website Pages in HTML & CSS in Dreamweaver Create Slider (threw J Query & JavaScript) and if Need Slider in Website Pages or Layouts then, Insert in Layouts or Website Pages Create Photo Gallery (threw J Query Light box & JavaScript) and Video (threw HTML5 Coding) if Need Photo Gallery in Website Pages or Layouts then, Insert in Layouts or Website Pages Design Template, Brochure, Layout, Logo, Images, Hoarding, Banner, Promotional Email & SMS Website Design Project from Linkkar Business Amenities Pvt. Ltd. Pritesh Security -----: or Design These Website Pages & Template Layouts Which Created by me as a Web designer. (Only Design Layouts) (Which Layout Name has Link that means you can see HTML Conversion of That Design Layouts ) AC Enterprises Car 2 Hire Go 6 One 5 Golden Jewelry Matri Dance Club SSRDP Trust SMI Cooling Student Travel Card Tracking Genie Yearbook Solution Concept Building Solution Reflexology Kullu Manali Package Travel People India Indian Destination Healthcare Career College Boat Ramp Finder Kirkland House Ryson Bursting Sun MNM HR Solution Eve Miss Understood E Book Rep Cloth Basic Practice of Web & Templates Designing & Designing Other Brochures Border Create CD & Shadow on Earth Mirror Chocolate Define Pattern Stamp Desaturate Horizontal Opacity Proposal Photography Cloud zoom Banners Slider Frames & I Frames Busy City Control Element Linking Registration Form Tabbed Panel Mapping on Map Template Top links (For See .jpg Format My Designing Layouts Check My Pen drive) Technical Expertise: Key Skills : Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Microsoft Expression Web 4 Professional Skills : Web Designing, Social Media Promotion & Optimization, Manage Online Shopping & Advertisement Website, Website Content Management Languages : HTML, CSS, J query Lightbox for Photo Album, Java script for Slider
  5. 5. Application Tools : Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), Photoshop Operating Systems : Windows 2003 / XP / 2000 / 2007 / 2008 / Ubuntu Personal Information: Father's Name : Mr. Giriraj Kulshrestha Permanent Address : 5 Bataliyan Road, Sanjay Colony, Morena 476001 (M.P) Date of Birth : 26/07/1992 Language Known : English, Hindi Gender : Male Marital Status : Married Hobbies: Listening to Music, Singing, Internet Surfing, Write Thoughts, Traveling, Interacting with different kinds of people & make friends, Read Romantic Story. I hereby declare that information furnished above is true to best of my knowledge & belief. Date: Place: Jaipur [Gaurav Kulshrestha]


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