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  • GALILEO Reservation

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    1) @ - Change: modify / delete : shift + 2 2) - Display: retrieve : shift + 8

    3) - End Item: add multiple entries together : Shift + =

    4) - Dot : entry : beside the question mark

    5) - Hash : entry : Shift + 3

    6) - Start of message : beside number 1 on the tope left corner

    7) ENTER - Send message

    8) INSERT - Beside backspace

    9) DELETE - Beside backspace

    10) Backspace - at the end of the number line

    11) TAB - To skip : in front of letter Q

    12) CTRL B - Print Active Window

    13) CTRL G - Return Host/Viewpoint

    14) CTRL R - Reset Keyboard

    15) CTRL W - Clear Active Window

    16) CTRL Z - Zoom and Unzoom active Window standard font

    17) CTRL+/- - Scalable Font

    18) ATL1,2,3 - Send Response to Alternate Window

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    1. SIGN ON & SIGN OFF 2 platforms in Galileo Desktop 2.0 1. Focalpoint: use cryptic entries 2. Viewpoint: no need to use entries

    Focalpoint entry: SON/ZAL : sign-on provide

    PASSWORD: NEW2007 : current password



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    Password requirement

    1. Must be 7-10 characters 2. At least 1 alpha and 1 numeric 3. Observe the restricted word list

    Changing Password:

    The password would need to be changed every 90 days.

    Focalpoint response:




    You simply need to tab to the Password column and enter with the new password. Please be reminded to turn off the INS key.

    Exit the system

    Exit, or sign-off from the system with this Focalpoint entry: SOF Once signed off, another user is free to sign on at that workstation. You should always sign-off if leaving the workstation for any length of time. This will prevent unauthorised use of the system.

    If the workstation has not been used for 120 minutes the system will automatically sign the agent off, and any incomplete transactions will be ignored. But this does not mean that you can sign on at other terminal.

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    2. AVAILABILITY Galileo basic availability

    Galileo availability offers a neutral display with no preference given to a particular carrier. Flights are shown in the following order:

    Participants direct flights - Non-stop (no transits) Participants direct flights - Stopping Participant to participant connection flights

    (A participant is a carrier who has contracted with Galileo to allow their services to be booked through the Galileo reservations system. A non-participant is a carrier who has not yet contracted with Galileo and hence their services cannot be booked through the Galileo system.)

    The simplest availability entry is A 15FEB SYD LON

    | | | | 1 2 3 4

    1. A = Availability request 2. Date of travel. If omitted, today's date is assumed 3. Board point 4. Off point

    Points to note: System date range is 331 days Dates can be entered as 02MAR or 2MAR A maximum of 8 lines are displayed on a screen for neutral availability

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    2.1 Screen display of basic availability





    5 61735


    8 BA


    11F5 A5 J9 C9 D9 R9 I9 W8 E5 T3





    2 SYD1LHR 1805#0625 QF 1 F9 A9 J9 C9 D9 I5 W9 R5 TL Y9#744C*E 3 SYD1LHR 1735#0555

    9@QF 301 F5 A5 J9 C9 D9 I9 WC TC Y9 B9#744C*E

    4 SYD1LHR 1805#0625 @BA7311 F9 A9 J9 C9 D9 I5 W9 T0 Y9 B9#744C*E 5 SYD1LHR 1730#0620 QF 31 F9 A8 J9 C9 D9 I2 W4 RL TL Y9#388C*E 6 SYD1LHR 1730#0620 @BA7371 F9 A8 J9 C9 D9 I2 W4 T0 Y9 B9#388C*E 7 SYD1LHR 1625#0525 @QF 319 F8 A6 J9 C9 D9 I9 WC TC Y9 B9#777C*E 8 SYD1LHR 1625#0525 BA 16 F8 A6 J9 C9 D9 R9 I9 W9 E9 T9#777C*E

    1. The header lines show the date of travel, city code.

    2. Line number

    3. Board point of sector

    4. Number of stops on sector - blank indicates non-stop

    5. Off point of sector

    6. Departure time

    7. Day of arrival indicator

    8. Time of arrival

    9. Joint operation indicator (@)

    10. Carrier and flight number

    11. Classes and availability status

    Availability status (AVS) Numeric availability status (NAVS) A indicates available 0-9 indicates number of seat R indicates on request 0 indicates waitlist open L indicates waitlist only C indicates waitlist closed C indicates waitlist closed R indicates on request X indicates class cancelled X indicates class cancelled

    # Arrival next day

    * Arrival 2 days later - Arrival previous day (International Date Line)

    Blank indicates arrival same day

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    12. More classes indicator (#) - use follow up to display more i.e. A@#1

    13. Equipment type

    14. Inside link availability indicator (*)

    15. The following indicators will appear on the Availability screens to reflect electronic

    ticketing eligibility:

    - E Carrier has electronic ticketing and schedule may be eligible - X Carrier has electronic ticketing and schedule is not eligible - Blank No data regarding electronic ticketing was received from


    2.2. Availability Entries H/AVAIL

    A15OCTHKGTPE Availability on specific date A10OCTHKGTPE1700 Availability on specific date and time A20OCTHKGSFO.NRT Connection via Tokyo A*CX Link to specific carrier system AM*CX Display more from link carrier A Return to Galileo display A* Display more A*- Return to previous page of availability display A@#3 Display availability of more classes for line 3 A# Change to one day after previous entry A#5 Change to five days after previous entry A.WE Display Wednesday after the previous entry date A- Change to one day before previous entry A-7 Change to seven days before previous entry A20OCT Change to specific date AR#15 Return availability after 15 days AR.WE Return availability on Wednesday AR20OCT Return availability on specific date AN#3SIN Follow on to SIN 3 days from the off point of the segment AN20OCTTPE Follow on to TPE on specific date A25OCT*CI A1500*CI

    Change to specific date and link to carrier Change to specific time and link to carrier

    A15OCTHKGTPE/CX Specific date and carrier A15OCTHKGSFO/DL# Specific date on specific carrier only Preferred Availability DCA/*A Display member airlines of Star Alliance DCA/*O Display member airlines of One World Alliance DCA/*S

    Display member airlines of Sky Team

    A1MARLAXFRA//*A Availability display for Star Alliance partner airline only A20JUNORDLHR//*O Availability display for One World partner airline only A18JULCDGAMS//*S Availability display for Sky Team partner airlines only

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    3. Time Table The schedule of flights between two points TTHKGTYO If no date is included Galileo will give a display of flights from today for the next 28 days. If a date is included a range of 28 days from that date will be displayed.



    1234567 HKG HND 0010 0505 UO 624 320

    02MAR 22MAR 1.3456. HKG NRT 0105 0615 @JL7040 773*C

    08MAR 1....67 HKG HND 0105 0555 NH1250 763*C

    01MAR 1234567 HKG NRT 0105 0615 @JL7040 773*C

    09MAR 1234567 HKG HND 0105 0555 NH1250 763*C

    23MAR ......7 HKG NRT 0105 0615 @JL7040 333*C

    02MAR 22MAR .2....7 HKG NRT 0105 0615 @JL7040 772*C

    24MAR 1.3.56. HKG NRT 0105 0615 CX 524 773*C

    23MAR .2..... HKG NRT 0105 0615 @JL7040 772*C

    02MAR 24MAR .2....7 HKG NRT 0105 0615 CX 524 772*C

    25MAR ..3.56. HKG NRT 0105 0615 CX 524 773*C

    01MAR .2....7 HKG NRT 0105 0615 CX 524 773*C

    A date in the first column indicates the flight operates from that date. A date in the second column indicates the flight operates until that date. No date indicates the flight operates throughout the period. The timetable can be converted into an availability by just typing A. Similarly availability can be converted to a timetable by simply typing TT.

    TTHKGLON/CX Timetable for specific carrier TTCX713/05MAY Display details of specific flight TTB1

    Display flight info for segment 1 under booking file

    TTL1 Display flight info for line 1 under availability TTJFKHKG.LAX Display Timetable with Specific Connection Point TTHNLHKG.LAX.SFO Display Schedules with Multiple Specific Connection


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    Display Timetable with Connection TTJFKHKG.C

    Schedules are displayed with directs first followed by connections. If more schedules are returned than what can display on one screen, enter MD to see the additional schedules (current functionality).


    31DEC 1234567 JFK HKG 0050# 0540 @AA8