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Future of Health Care keynote presentation


Future of Health Care e Dr. James C t D J Canton CEO & Chairman Institute for Global Futures s GlobalFuturist.com GlobalFuturist com Institute for Glob Futures bal We Track Trends • Founded 1990 • Think Tank • Advise Organizations how to Prepare for the Future F t Worldwide Clients Key Themes •Globalization of healt care Globalization th •Biotech/health Care convergence •Health E h H lth Enhancement &t Longevity Innovations •New Era-Predictive H Health Care Emerging Health Care Drivers Global Po opulation Global Population has Doubled p Over the Pa 45 Years ast Global Po opulation By 2020, 95% of World’s 8 Billion People will World’s Live in Developing Natio ons Aging Boomers will s transform Ever Market ry By 2015: Most m mega-cities in developing world Challenge d d--Challenge Shift from a Dis sease-Centric to a Prevention-Cen ntric Medical Model Increased Geopolitical Risks p Innovations Will Come Faster Future Innovatio will ons Enhance Care Q Quality Day in Life: Health Care 2020 th t Consumer Self-Care Trend • Self-Reliance • Personalization • Innovation Radical In nnovation Enables CConsumers New Tools & New Choices in Consumer Health The New Consumer Health Enhanc cement Lifestyle H lth Heal Beauty B t Fitness Sports Consumers D Desire Control Real-Time Real Time Feedback & Actionable Info Age Well – Be Well Trend • Redefining Aging • Longer Lifetimes • More Active & Healthy Lifestyles y National Science Foundation e Report: Convergent Tech and th E h d the Enhanceement of Human t fH Performance e o a ce Health Enhancement e Health Care 2010 • Predictive • Prevention • Health Promotion Changing th Health he Paraddigm • Health Promotion • Disease Prevention • Predictive Modern Hospital Current Health Care Waste h $ Inefficiency Rules $ Poor Quality $ Medical Errors $ Poor Health Care IT S Systems Health C Care 2010 Health IT would save money and significantly ality. improve health care qua SmartHealth IT Revolution HealthIT Tra ansparency Health IT Trends •Digital Transformation •Quality Control • Culture Issues Intranet ROI TeleMedicine Data Visualization ion i NextGen Internet Medical Delivery Platform atform a New Directions ns n Mobile Health Care Management Wireless Broadb band: Pervasive Global Networks Game Changer s---Game s Always-On Always On Networks works w Interactive TV TeleHealth Home Care me m Driving Change Immersive Communications Real-time Health IT Visualization Real-time Health IT Visualization Future Medical Ops Center al a Broadband Diagnostics agnostics a TeleMedicine e Real-time Bio IT Visualization T Future Disease Management Portal Real- Real-Time Patient Data Patient Personalized Real-time Health Data eal eal- e Wireless Health Portals Portals Distributed Real-Time Medicine l Time Networked Diag gnostics g FutureTrends in H Health Care that will Shape the 21st Century 1 • Personalized BioData Tem mplates Smart Electronic Med Record nic n To What Ends Enhancement? • Curing disabilities • Longevity • Intelligence • Emotional control • Aesthetic expression • Quality of life Bio- Bio-Profile James Canton #83874FJER4 Regenerative g Medicine ed c e Human Enhancement ncement n Post- Genomic Society Longevity Enhancement Emerging Co onsumer Colonoscopy Mammogramm PSA screening Genomics Market Take T k preventive drugs Genotype Healthier Algoriithms/ bioinf formatics Personalized disease screening/ g medical Genes intervention Surrogate Pr robability markers of disease f Proteomics P t i SNPs Lifestyle modification Phenotype Environnment / Longer L family h history Lives Quit smoking Watch nutrition Exercise Reduce sun exposure quot;Driving M Medicine Below the Disease S Symptom Li quot; t m Linequot; Progression Po t eat e t test g o treatment testing ost SYMPTOMS Drug / d device intervention APPEAR Diagnosis – prognosis Screening Predisposition testing HEALTHY Source: Millennium Predictive Medicine; Start-up 2000 Post Genomic M Medicine’s Impact on Consumers – •Predictive •Consumer empowe erment •Lifestyle managem ment •Changing how med dicine is viewed Conquering Diseease at the Atomic Scale: D Designed Care • From InSilico Biology, to M Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular NanoBiology • The Evolution of Applied NNanoMedicine New Directions ns n Drugs of the Fut ture •Globalization • Biomemetic •AgPharma •On-Demand •Hybrid Pharma/Device New Directions ns n Silencing Disease Genes ease e New Directions ns n Imagine the Possibilities s Imagine the Possibilities s Designed Evolution NBIC Devices, n: Personalized Geneetics NanoBioNeuro-De evices Enhancement o a ce e of HumanPerformance Personal Bio-dete ection / Predictive Diagnostics Futur res • Biochip Implants • Proactive Diagnostics - Direct User In nterface • Dynamic NanoBio Enhanced Immune System e • Molecular Sensors / Nanobiological System Integration Enhancement Med Devices t Source: IMS Health, 2005 Nano-BioMimetic- Nano-BioMimetic-Virus etic New Directions ns n Reprogramming Reprogramming Cancer Genes Bio- Bio-Synthetic Cells Nano: New Driver of Innovation v Nanobiology Molecular Engines of Creation n NanoBiology Me gy eets Medicine • Designer Drugs on-Dem g g mand • Smart Materials, Devices • NanoEnhanced Immun Systems ne Disease Begins at the Atomic Artificial Life Netw works: On-Demand Digital Brains New Drug Discovery overy o Auto-immune Nanotech: T Next IT The Enhancers Restoring Memory Memory Nanotech: T Next IT The NanoBiology Smart Cancer T Therapeutic Nanodelivery Presence in Tumor • Senses Tumor Cells for Defects s • Selects Therapeutic Agents Bas on sed Tumor Characteristics • Non-invasive External Trigger Releases Therapeutics •Synergy is predictive • Identifies Residual Tumor cells Health Bots Medroids Summary m y mary Medical Androids Emerge d Robots & Humans Co Evolution s: Co-Evolution Jcanton@futureg guru.com guru com Summary Emerging New era in H Health Care Personalized, Predictiv Preventive ve, Fast innovations key d driver of health q quality y Drugs of the future will be shaped by globalization FutureGuru.com m