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Future of Health Care keynote presentation


Future of Health Care e Dr. James C t D J Canton CEO & Chairman Institute for Global Futures s GlobalFuturist.com GlobalFuturist com Institute for Glob Futures bal We Track Trends Founded 1990 Think Tank Advise Organizations how to Prepare for the Future F t Worldwide Clients Key Themes Globalization of healt care Globalization th Biotech/health Care convergence Health E h H lth Enhancement &t Longevity Innovations New Era-Predictive H Health Care Emerging Health Care Drivers Global Po opulation Global Population has Doubled p Over the Pa 45 Years ast Global Po opulation By 2020, 95% of Worlds 8 Billion People will Worlds Live in Developing Natio ons Aging Boomers will s transform Ever Market ry By 2015: Most m mega-cities in developing world Challenge d d--Challenge Shift from a Dis sease-Centric to a Prevention-Cen ntric Medical Model Increased Geopolitical Risks p Innovations Will Come Faster Future Innovatio will ons Enhance Care Q Quality Day in Life: Health Care 2020 th t Consumer Self-Care Trend Self-Reliance Personalization Innovation Radical In nnovation Enables CConsumers New Tools & New Choices in Consumer Health The New Consumer Health Enhanc cement Lifestyle H lth Heal Beauty B t Fitness Sports Consumers D Desire Control Real-Time Real Time Feedback & Actionable Info Age Well Be Well Trend Redefining Aging Longer Lifetimes More Active & Healthy Lifestyles y National Science Foundation e Report: Convergent Tech and th E h d the Enhanceement of Human t fH Performance e o a ce Health Enhancement e Health Care 2010 Predictive Prevention Health Promotion Changing th Health he Paraddigm Health Promotion Disease Prevention Predictive Modern Hospital Current Health Care Waste h $ Inefficiency Rules $ Poor Quality $ Medical Errors $ Poor Health Care IT S Systems Health C Care 2010 Health IT would save money and significantly ality. improve health care qua SmartHealth IT Revolution HealthIT Tra ansparency Health IT Trends Digital Transformation Quality Control Culture Issues Intranet ROI TeleMedicine Data Visualization ion i NextGen Internet Medical Delivery Platform atform a New Directions ns n Mobile Health Care Management Wireless Broadb band: Pervasive Global Networks Game Changer s---Game s Always-On Always On Networks works w Interactive TV TeleHealth Home Care me m Driving Change Immersive Communications Real-time Health IT Visualization Real-time Health IT Visualization Future Medical Ops Center al a Broadband Diagnostics agnostics a TeleMedicine e Real-time Bio IT Visualization T Future Disease Management Portal Real- Real-Time Patient Data Patient Personalized Real-time Health Data eal eal- e Wireless Health Portals Portals Distributed Real-Time Medicine l Time Networked Diag gnostics g FutureTrends in H Health Care that will Shape the 21st Century 1 Personalized BioData Tem mplates Smart Electronic Med Record nic n To What Ends Enhancement? Curing disabilities Longevity Intelligence Emotional control Aesthetic expression Quality of life Bio- Bio-Profile James Canton #83874FJER4 Regenerative g Medicine ed c e Human Enhancement ncement n Post- Genomic Society Longevity Enhancement Emerging Co onsumer Colonoscopy Mammogramm PSA screening Genomics Market Take T k preventive drugs Genotype Healthier Algoriithms/ bioinf formatics Personalized disease screening/ g medical Genes intervention Surrogate Pr robability markers of disease f Proteomics P t i SNPs Lifestyle modification Phenotype Environnment / Longer L family h history Lives Quit smoking Watch nutrition Exercise Reduce sun exposure quot;Driving M Medicine Below the Disease S Symptom Li quot; t m Linequot; Progression Po t eat e t test g o treatment testing ost SYMPTOMS Drug / d device intervention APPEAR Diagnosis prognosis Screening Predisposition testing HEALTHY Source: Millennium Predictive Medicine; Start-up 2000 Post Genomic M Medicines Impact on Consumers Predictive Consumer empowe erment Lifestyle managem ment Changing how med dicine is viewed Conquering Diseease at the Atomic Scale: D Designed Care From InSilico Biology, to M Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular NanoBiology The Evolution of Applied NNanoMedicine New Directions ns n Drugs of the Fut ture Globalization Biomemetic AgPharma On-Demand Hybrid Pharma/Device New Directions ns n Silencing Disease Genes ease e New Directions ns n Imagine the Possibilities s Imagine the Possibilities s Designed Evolution NBIC Devices, n: Personalized Geneetics NanoBioNeuro-De evices Enhancement o a ce e of HumanPerformance Personal Bio-dete ection / Predictive Diagnostics Futur res Biochip Implants Proactive Diagnostics - Direct User In nterface Dynamic NanoBio Enhanced Immune System e Molecular Sensors / Nanobiological System Integration Enhancement Med Devices t Source: IMS Health, 2005 Nano-BioMimetic- Nano-BioMimetic-Virus etic New Directions ns n Reprogramming Reprogramming Cancer Genes Bio- Bio-Synthetic Cells Nano: New Driver of Innovation v Nanobiology Molecular Engines of Creation n NanoBiology Me gy eets Medicine Designer Drugs on-Dem g g mand Smart Materials, Devices NanoEnhanced Immun Systems ne Disease Begins at the Atomic Artificial Life Netw works: On-Demand Digital Brains New Drug Discovery overy o Auto-immune Nanotech: T Next IT The Enhancers Restoring Memory Memory Nanotech: T Next IT The NanoBiology Smart Cancer T Therapeutic Nanodelivery Presence in Tumor Senses Tumor Cells for Defects s Selects Therapeutic Agents Bas on sed Tumor Characteristics Non-invasive External Trigger Releases Therapeutics Synergy is predictive Identifies Residual Tumor cells Health Bots Medroids Summary m y mary Medical Androids Emerge d Robots & Humans Co Evolution s: Co-Evolution Jcanton@futureg guru.com guru com Summary Emerging New era in H Health Care Personalized, Predictiv Preventive ve, Fast innovations key d driver of health q quality y Drugs of the future will be shaped by globalization FutureGuru.com m