funky fashion jewellery – look beautiful without those precious diamonds

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Handmade goods are often given more preference because of their numerous exclusive features. They are rare to find and if available, they are often more expensive.


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Funky Fashion Jewellery Look Beautiful without those precious diamonds

You can now proudly flaunt a pair of earrings, made of terracotta and not feel awkward or out of place at a party. You can even wear a necklace made of rhinestones and sterling silver, or (for the more experimental ones amongst us), perhaps an anklet made of generic fruit loops. The world is slowly catching on to the trends in fashion jewellery and you can grab this opportunity to unleash the inner fashionista and show off those quirky, geometric designs that you had feverishly sketched on scraps of paper, a long time back.

The practice of crafting costume jewellery is not entirely new. Indeed there have been phases in the gradual evolution of this kind of jewellery. It derives its name from the fact that it owes its origin to the necessity of matching an item of jewellery to the outfit or costume that the person is currently sporting. The term came to vogue towards the end of the 20th century. The initial lines of junk jewellery (as these kinds of trinkets are also referred to as), were made of inexpensive gemstones, rhinestones or lucite, and were commonly set in pewter or other base metals like nickel, brass and copper.

During the 1930s, the fashion house Chanel came up with unique jewellery lines that featured geometric and asymmetric shapes, cocktail rings and bejewelled cigarette lighters. Contemporary costume jewellery features chunky bracelets and bold designs that are often referred to as statement pieces.

The materials used are also similarly uncommon- anything from glass, plastic, synthetic stones, semi-precious stones to simulated stones like the cubic zirconia, which incidentally is the closest competitor of diamond, owing to its proximity in appearance to the latter. Celebrities like Amy Adams (who grabbed eye-balls with her bib necklace) and Angelina Jolie (who sported huge emerald earrings at a recent awards ceremony), have also sported costume jewellery.

SO, bring out the beaded neckpiece that was gathering dust in the bottom drawer of your cupboard, team it with a pair of bird feather earrings, and let your assortment of fashion jewellery shine.

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