friendship starting a friendship. friendship – starting a new friendship  decide whether you...

Download FRIENDSHIP Starting a Friendship. FRIENDSHIP – starting a new friendship  Decide whether you want to start a new friendship with someone.  - If yes

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  • FRIENDSHIP Starting a Friendship
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  • FRIENDSHIP starting a new friendship Decide whether you want to start a new friendship with someone. - If yes Choose words and actions that might make the other person be interested in getting to know you.
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  • FRIENDSHIP 1 Like Yourself First 2 Be Where People Are 3 Have Things in Common 4 Talk to People 5 Dont Be Pushy 6 Try the Out Crowd
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  • Friendship Why doesnt Lee have any friends? Why do kids laugh at what Lee says and does? What could Lee do differently?
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  • Friendship What qualities do you have to bring to a friendship? WRITE DOWN at least 3 qualities WRITE DOWN at least 3 interests or hobbies
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  • FRIEND or DNEIRF Janna likes you because you have a car. Linda sticks up for you when other people cut you down. You and Jason do lots of things together (e.g. go to the movies, play baseball, play pool) Carrie only likes to go to the mall with you when you get your paycheck.
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  • FRIEND or DNEIRF Josh puts you down all the time. You recently lost a lot of weight, and now Jenny invites you to do things with her. You and Robbie have a fun time when youre together. Whenever you tell Mai a secret, she tells everyone else. Tina and Char like you because your older sister buys cigarettes for them.
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  • FRIEND or DNEIRF Monica doesnt want to do things with you when your brother, who is in a wheelchair, is around. It seems that whenever Meg comes to your house, all she wants to do is talk to your older brother. Shanna said shell be friends with you now that youre a cheerleader.
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  • FRIEND or DNEIRF Ray is always trying to talk you into doing things that get you in trouble. You feel good when youre around Delia. Jake is a good listener. He really pays attention when you need to talk about important problems.
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