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<ul><li> 1. Please stand for the pledge </li></ul> <p> 2. Need help with SAT Math? Come to SAT Prep on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays in Room 231 or 232 afterschool until 3:30 pm 3. Do you want to bring in the holidays getting your dance on or having fun hanging out with friends? Friday, December 10th from 3:30 to 6:30. Celebrate unity, community, family, friends and a fantastic 2011! Tickets will be on sale soon. 4. Every kid deserves a present, donate your old stuffed animals to room 132. 5. Bocce Ball Learn a new sport and earn a Varsity Letter! There are also opportunities for community service hours Please come to the informational meeting afterschool November 23rd, in room 332 or see Mr. Haigh in room 341. 6. Meeting 11/23 in room 253 during 5th and 6th lunch. See Mr. Burwell for more information. 7. Silver Quill Are you a poet or an artist? If so, submit to Silver Quill, Blair's literary arts magazine! This year's theme is Abstraction. Submit pieces online at or place hard copies in boxes located in the Media Center or Room 2. 8. SGR Spectacular Starting November 29, give up all drinks except for water for one week. On December 3, come to a screening of FLOW in room 164 at 3pm and SGR Spectacular in the SAC at 7pm. 9. Congregation (n.) an assembly of persons brought together, esp. for common religious worship. The congregation of birds flew south for the winter. 10. Did you know that one in eight people lack access to any clean water supply?! 11. Produced by: Alayna Abel &amp; Peter Leonard 12. PETER LEONARD Executive Director of Engineering LILA WEINTRAUB JENNY WITTMANN Executive Directors of Television ROSALIE FISCHER Executive Director of Public Relations 13. GABRIEL POLLAK Executive Director of Radio CHANTEL HERNANDEZ InfoFlow Coordinating Producer </p>