Fresh Strawberry Pesto Recipe

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  • Fresh Strawberry Pesto

    you will need

    350g strawberries

    20g honey

    1g apple cider vinegar

    hefty pinch black pepper

    20g agave nectar

    pinch salt

    20g chopped cashews

    what to do

    * Blend 50g strawberries to a smooth pulp * Add honey, apple cider vinegar, salt, black pepper * Separately mash 200g strawberries to a soft chunky mix * Add agave nectar * Combine the two mixtures * Coarsely chop 100g strawberries by hand, add to mix with

    chopped cashews added last, so they dont go soggy!

    when only the best will do...

    honey - unfiltered raw organic

    apple cider vinegar - naturally fermented, organic

    agave nectar - organic natural low GI sweetener

    salt - Himalayan Crystal Salt (its natural pink/ orange

    colour is due to the essential and trace minerals it contains)