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  • Freedom to work
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  • Freedom to text
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  • Freedom to read
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  • Freedom to spend time with family
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  • Freedom to relax
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  • Welcome to
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  • What is Rapid? Rapid is an exciting new transit service that provides high frequency, limited-stop trips, all day, every day on most routes.
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  • 9 9 Rapid routes 215, 235, and 237 are the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services to be implemented in the San Diego region Partnership between MTS, SANDAG, and Caltrans Rapid transit is becoming increasingly popular in urban communities because it offers many rail-like features Bus Rapid Transit
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  • 10 Rapid Vehicle Amenities Designed for maximum comfort Forward-facing comfortable seats Improved lighting and headroom More natural light All vehicles accept on-board cash payments and Compass Cards
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  • 11 Enhanced shelters with lighting and seating Real-time, next arrival electronic signage Convenient Park & Ride lots Iconic Downtown stations with new landscaping and wider sidewalks Rapid Station Amenities
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  • 12 Rapid Routes
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  • Rapid 215 One-seat ride between SDSU and Downtown Improved travel times through use of dedicated lanes and transit signal priority The direct route eliminates transfers between Santa Fe Depot and the San Diego Zoo
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  • 14 Rapid 235 Only nine stops between Escondido and Downtown Much faster than previous all-day services along the I- 15 corridor Uses the I-15 Express Lanes to speed travel
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  • Rapid Express Weekday, peak-hour service, competitive with driving Multiple trips south in the morning and north in the evening Rapid Express 280 between Escondido & Downtown San Diego Rapid Express 290 between Rancho Bernardo & Downtown
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  • Rapid 237 Direct weekday service between Rancho Bernardo and UC San Diego Saves 15 minutes compared to current travel times Uses direct access ramps and I-15 Express Lanes
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  • Rapid Fares Rapid can save you money There is a one-time $2 fee for a Compass Card *Valid Youth or Senior/Disabled/Medicare identification required for discount passes Rapid Route One-way Adult Fare One-way Senior/ Disabled/ Medicare* Day Pass on Compass Card Monthly Pass Youth Monthly Pass* Monthly Senior/ Disabled/ Medicare Pass* Rapid 215$2.25$1.10$5$72$36$18 Rapid 235 and 237$2.50$1.25$5$72$36$18 Rapid Express$5$2.50$12$100$50$25
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  • Where can you go on Rapid?
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  • 19 More information at
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  • 20 More information at
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  • 21 More information at
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