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Newsletter from Foodmate Poultry Processing Systems


IPPE Edition Volume 1 | 2013


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Welcome to Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta Welcome to Foodmate

We are excited to welcome you to the 2013 International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta. This years trade show is integrated with IPE, IFE and AMI bringing together over 1000 exhibitors and an anticipated 25.000 attendees from and different industries around the world. Exhibiting at this show is a great way for Foodmate to meet with existing and new customers and friends but also to demonstrate our latest innovations and technology. This show marks a special edition because it is celebrating 65 years of continual

special edition because during this show we introduce and unveil our highly anticipated OPTI -LTD Total Dark Meat Deboning System. The OPTI - LTD Dark Meat Deboning System is the rst machine on the market capable of deboning anatomical whole legs, thighs and drumsticks on the same machine. It is our latest development to help our customers nd ways to efciently debone dark meat. And it provides a solution that allows our customers to invest in exible automation so that they can quickly respond to the market. In addition to the OPTI LTD Dark Meat Deboner, we are also introducing the new series of OPTI Dark Meat Processing Solutions. This is a series of machines

that is specically designed to help our customers optimize dark meat yields and reduce labor. As a young company, we are proud of the depth of resources we have invested in innovation to bring new solutions to the poultry industry, helping customers nd ways to solve daily challenges, maximize yields and reduce labor. We hope you enjoy your time in Atlanta and look forward to seeing you.

David Hazenbroek President Foodmate BV

Scott Hazenbroek President Foodmate US, Inc.

exhibition services to the poultry industry! But for Foodmate this show also marks a

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Market trendsMaster project

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Van den Bor The NetherlandsEquipment

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Dark meat processingMarket introduction

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OPTI-LTD Dark meat deboner

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Market trends from around the WorldWorldwide, the poultry meat industry is constantly on the move. For us as a supplier to this dynamic industry it is very important to monitor these trends carefully. We would like to share with you our observations from around the world and maybe it will even give you some new ideas!

Boneless dark meat (worldwide)In several parts of the world we see that the demand for deboned dark meat is becoming increasingly popular. In the past it was mainly Japan that used boneless dark meat but we now see that worldwide boneless dark meat is in greater demand. More often do we see that boneless leg meat is being sold as whole muscle meat in retail stores but it can also be found in both restaurants and fast-food outlets. People are starting to realize that dark meat is tastier and more tender then boneless breast meat. Another application we see for boneless dark meat is the so called Kebab and Gyros production. Kebab and Gyros is growing rapidly all over Europe and Russia.

Larger birdsAnother growing trend around the world is processing larger birds. We see in some markets bird sizes that go up to +/- 4 to 5 Kg or 8 to 9 lbs. This is of course an interesting development for many companies as it allows them to produce more Kgs or Lbs. with the same amount of labour, storage and overhead cost. But the ip side to this trend is the challenges it imposes on the processing equipment since most equipment is not suited to handle the increase in bird size. Foodmate studied the effects

Pirzola (mainly Turkey)A very interesting product in our opinion is called Pirzola. Chicken Pirzola is very popular in Turkey. Pirzola is basically a skin-on thigh from which the meat is partially stripped down the bone leaving the bone still attached. This product is perfect on the barbeque or grill. The bone and the skin give a superior avour to the product and the meat stays juicy. The bone can be used as a handle to make eating easier and it keeps your hands clean. In Turkey this is sold as a premium product and is by comparison the most expensive poultry part. Specially when you take into consideration that the skin and bone are still attached.

Fast food poultry partsAround the world and in particular in Asia and Russia we see that chicken fast food is getting bigger and bigger. When thinking about fast food we dont just mean processed poultry meats like chicken nuggets or burgers, but real bone in chicken parts like wings, thighs, breast pieces etc. We see a signicant growth around the world in chains like KFC. But also in the number of local brands that are serving fried or grilled poultry parts according to the local taste. These parts can vary from standard 8/9 piece cuts as well as up to 25 pieces (South Korea) or for example 6 piece breast pieces (USA). Foodmate is specialized in special cut-up and already successfully

that big bird processing has on equipment and we have been able to make positive improvements to optimize yield, uptime and cost of ownership.

The Foodmate OPTI thigh deboner can be modied to automatically produce Pirzola .

installed several cut-up lines around the world for various fast food purposes.

4 piece breast

3 piece leg quarter



Master project Van den Bor

Complete new high speed distribution and cut-up project in the heart of The NetherlandsAbout Van den BorVan den Bor is a well-known Dutch poultry processing company located in the heart of the Netherlands. The company is family owned and currently managed by the 3rd generation. Van den Bor is a traditional Dutch company that has grown steadily throughout the years which has allowed them to become a stable and efcient company that processes 125.000 birds per day. Hard work, great attention to detail and quality combined with excellent service has allowed Van den Bor to become the successful company it is today. Currently Van den Bor is in the process of increasing its slaughter capacity from 9.000 birds per hour to 12.000 birds per hour. The slaughter plant in Nijkerkerveen provides both sized whole bird or cut up parts to either their own debone plant in Meppel or to 3rd party debone companies in both The Netherlands and elsewhere.

Project Scope Increase capacity from 9.000/bph to 12.000/bphAt the moment Van den Bor is increasing its capacity in phases from 9.000/bph to 12.000/bph. The increase in capacity has impact on all processes in the plant, but in particular it has a major impact on the distribution, cut up and packaging area. The end goal was to increase the overall capacity by 33% in the same limited space with the same amount of people!

Foodmate projectAfter an intense conceptual and pre-design period, Foodmate was awarded the order to carry out the entire project to completely restructure the distribution, cut up and packaging area. This involved: - A weighing transfer machine from the air chill line to a whole bird distribution line - Bird sizing, calibration and batching system - Delivery of 3 OPTI Flex Cut Up Systems

- All product distribution conveyors - Breast cap weighing, batching and packing system - Box and crate conveyor system All this had to be done under the following conditions: - Very accurate high speed sizing and grading - High reliability and up-time - Keep it simple and user friendly - Increase pounds per man hour - Increase capacity by 33% in the same space

The Foodmate approachFoodmate approached this request as a great challenge and worked very closely with the customer during the entire project. By using the latest 3D engineering technology found a solution to put the pieces together. The total scope of equipment involved the following:

- Mid wing cutter - Wing cutter Supercut - Breast cap cutter - Back cutter/front halve cutter - Saddle cutter - Leg processor S2 - Thigh & drumstick separator - Leg unloading station 4. Product distribution system - Wired belt conveyors with product tracks - Product chutes - Product box/crate weighing system - Product WPG system

5. Breast cap weighing system - 3 tiers belt weigher - Sizing system - Batching system 6. Box and crate transport system - Infeed and outfeed area for inline crate washing - Crate drip area - Several crates take-off stations In total this project can be seen as a complete and continuous ow process. All end products are coming together at a central point with easy access to the end product storage area.

1. Weighing transfer machine - Automatic transfer system up to 18.000 bph - Very accurate sizing (weighing) batching system for whole birds - Max + 10 grams/Min 10 grams weight difference - Easy and multifunctional Windows operated computer system

2. Distribution line - Drop off stations for whole birds - Bird collecting stations - Drop off station to the 3 cut-up systems - Based on a 8centre line 3. Flex cut-up systems - Wing stretcher - Wing tipper OPTI cut


The Netherlands

Project installationThe available time for installation for this project was very short. The customer had to run production until the very last minute. And due to the very tight workspace it was not possible to do any kind of pre-installation work onsite. This only left 72 hours to d