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  • 408 Ninth Street NW

    Mandan, ND 58554


    Phone: 701-663-3594

    Fax: 701-663-6217


    Building Faith and

    Transforming Lives

    in Christ.


    We’re on the web!

    Sponsor for this month:

    Tammy-Lapp Harris

    701-220-4908 – C

    701-751-6377 – W

    The other day I was shopping for graduation cards. As I was looking through the

    card section, this saying popped out at me.

    “Blessed are the available. Blessed are the conduits, the tunnels, the

    tools. Deliriously joyful are the ones who believe that if God has used sticks

    and rocks to do His will, then He can use us.” - Max Lucado

    Although this saying graced the cover of a thank you card, I took the time to stop

    and read it. As I placed it back in it’s sleeve on the shelf, and continued about

    my business of looking for graduation cards, I kept coming back to it.

    From graduations, to the end of the school year, to the beginning of weekends at

    the lake, May is a month when we celebrate endings and beginnings. Yet how

    often in the midst of those endings and beginnings do we see ourselves as

    conduits, tunnels, and tools?

    How often does the new graduate look out at a world of possibilities, filled with

    fear and excitement, proclaiming joyfully they are a tool for the Lord? How often

    does the graduate’s parents or guardians look at a future so different and

    changed, filled with fear and excitement, proclaiming joyfully that they are a tool

    of the Lord?

    If you think about the quote, is really quite strange. So why couldn’t I stay away

    from it? It holds great promise too! Just think about it. If God can use sticks and

    rocks to God’s will, then what does that mean for us? What does it mean in the

    midst of those endings and beginnings, in the midst of fear and excitement, in

    the midst of promises yet realized?

    God can work through us. It’s just that complex and that simple. What a

    powerful promise this is! So as we go about the many endings and beginnings

    of May, how might God be using you?

    I gave thanks and praise to God for you-the conduits, the tunnels, the tools!

    Pastor Chris

    May 2016

    Administrative Pastor

    Rev. Lee Herberg


    Associate Pastor

    Rev. Christina Martin


    Administrative Assistant &

    Coordinator of Lay


    Jackie Schulz

    663-3594 (o)

    663-3082 (h)


    Ron & Mavis Watson

    Financial Administration

    Jennifer Scheet

    First Lutheran Is A Mission

    Partner with Camp of the

    Cross Ministries

    First Lutheran


    First Lutheran Church

    May Newsletter


    Thank you to this months sponsor - Tammy Lapp-Harris of

    Integra Realty Group for sponsoring this months newsletter.

    Attention Senior Parents: We mailed a letter out to you on April

    20th regarding the Senior Recognition Service that will be held on

    Sunday, May 22nd at the 10:45 A.M. service. Seniors will also need to

    have your picture sent to the church before 5:00 P.M. on Friday, the

    14th of May.

    Please send the picture to

    We want to THANK everyone who has helped us with LAF (Lunch at

    First) this school year. We have fed approximately 300-400 kids every

    Thursday! This ministry is such an important part of our church, and

    we are grateful to everyone who has helped us keep it going. We would

    love to have you come check out this awesome event here at First

    Lutheran. Come down any Thursday and join us!

  • New Worship Time Starting in June...

    For June, July & August our worship times

    will be Sundays at 9:30 A.M. &

    Wednesday’s at 6:00 P.M. We will not have

    coffee hour during the summer months on


    A huge THANK YOU to all of our

    Church School teachers and

    Confirmation leaders who gave of

    their time and talents this year to

    bring the Gospel of our Lord to our

    children of First Lutheran! You are a

    blessing to us all!

    Pastor Christina

    A few words from the Mission Endowment Committee…. You should have received a mailing from the

    First Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Committee inviting you to participate in a campaign to contribute

    $1,000 in the race to “100 Bridge Builders” by the end of 2016! Please prayerfully consider helping to grow

    the First Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund! When you have reached $1,000, a plaque will be

    created in recognition of your generous support. It will be placed on the “Bridge Builder” wall in the Narthex.

    Thank you to all who have already contributed! Contact one of the Mission Endowment Committee Members:

    Michelle Radke, Donna Fishbeck, Jim Mellmer, Heather Heinle or Terry Bohn for further information, or call

    the church office.


    Mark Your


    5th: LAF - Nachos

    12th: LAF - Chef's Choice

    19th: LAF - Grilled Hot

    Dogs (Served outside ~

    weather permitting)

    Upcoming Events

    We Need Your Hospitality!!!

    I am looking for four different families to provide Camp of the Cross counselors dinner. You would sign up for one night's dinner during

    the week. It could be a home cooked meal, a crock pot meal at church, or you can take them to eat at your favorite local place.

    The meals would be for Monday through Thursday.

    Please contact Pastor Chris if you have questions or are interested.

    Calling all 6th –12th graders…...

    We will be playing Frisbee golf on May 15th 5-7 P.M. at Hillside Park

    in Bismarck. Join us and other Lutheran youth for fun and food. We

    will be meeting at Hillside Park. So invite a friend! If you need a ride

    please contact Pastor Chris at 701-663-3594.

    VBS is gearing up!!

    Camp of the Cross will

    be here with us for

    VBS this year!!

    All K–6th graders are invited to First

    Lutheran’s VBS on Monday, June 6th

    through Friday, June 10th from 8:00-4:00

    and Friday from 8:00-Noon.

    You can register online on the First

    Lutheran Website under the Registration

    Page tab.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the

    women of our congregation!


    Sunday ~

    8:30 am ~ Traditional

    10:45 am ~ Contemporary

    9:30 am ~ Coffee

    Wednesday ~

    6:00 pm ~ Transitional

    Worship Schedule

    Special Thanks

    Thank you to all the greeters, ushers, communion servers,

    readers, communion set-up, coffee hour workers, and to all

    who have supplied goodies for the last month. Your help is

    greatly appreciated!


    April 17 Thaddeus Lawrence Silbernagel

    April 24 Brooklyn Julia Starck

    April 24 Riley Donald Kainz



    April 8 Karen Aune Wardner

    Memorial Fund

    Pastoral Acts

    In memory of Carl Fischer given by Jim & Donna

    Mellmer. Deadline for

    articles for the


    Newsletter will be

    May 20th.

    May ~ Mission of the Month

    Camp of the Cross Ministries

    Items needed are Food, Crafts, Paper Goods, Office

    Supplies, & Miscellaneous Items. You may put your

    items in the boxes in the Narthex. Thanks!



    First Lutheran Church Council Minutes

    Date: March 17, 2016 Time: 7:00 pm

    Members Present

    Pastor Lee Herberg, Pastor Christina Martin, President Jill Miller, Vice President Jeff

    Bradford, Secretary Jessica Petrick, Rynell Rusch, Tim Faller, Darrell Nitschke, DJ Campbell,

    Jessie Hilfer and Andrea Bonness.



    Introduction of Guest

    Michelle Radke, First Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund President introduced Faith

    Simonieg, Regional Gift Planner for the Western North Dakota Synod, ELCA Foundation.

    Ms. Simonieg reviewed the importance of people leaving money behind to their church. Gifts

    can be done with a beneficiary designation or a transfer on death. She recommended the church

    create a bequest process for endowment funds.

    Approval of Agenda

    Moved by Jeff Bradford and seconded by Tim Faller to approve the agenda. Motion passed.

    Secretary’s Report and Approval of Minutes

    Moved by Darrell Nitschke, seconded by Jessie Hilfer to approve the February 18, 2016 minutes

    and the addendum email approval of the low sanctuary blind bid. Motion Passed.

    Financial Report/Review

    Reviewed Revenue


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