finding the forgotten middle middle-skill jobs in america today and tomorrow

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  • Finding The Forgotten MiddleMiddle-Skill Jobs in America Today and Tomorrow

  • A growing number of jobs require postsecondary education.But not all good jobs require a four-year degree.www.Skills2Compete.orgSKILL DEMAND

  • Middle-skill jobs require training beyond high school, but not a four-year degree, including an associates degree, occupational certification, or an apprenticeship.www.Skills2Compete.orgSKILL DEMAND

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics20 HIGH-DEMAND MIDDLE-SKILL JOBS AMERICA CANT LIVE WITHOUT

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgDEMAND FOR MIDDLE SKILLS IS STRONGSource: Harry Holzer and Robert Lerman, Americas Forgotten Middle Skill Jobs, 2007.

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgSource: Harry Holzer and Robert Lerman, Americas Forgotten Middle Skill Jobs, 2007.DEMAND FOR MIDDLE SKILLS WILL REMAIN STRONG

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgTHE RESEARCHSubstantial demand remains for individuals to fill skilled jobs in the middle of the labor market, with many of these jobs paying quite high wages.Reports that the middle of the job distribution has hollowed out, creating an hourglass economy, have been overstated.At a minimum, demand for middle-level skills and occupations will remain robust in the future, with jobs requiring post-secondary education or at least moderate-term training growing substantially over the next decade.

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgFINDING THE MIDDLEWashington state employer survey.

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgFINDING THE MIDDLEWashington state employer survey.

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgFINDING THE MIDDLEWashingtons Opportunity2006, the Washington legislature approved $4 million for an Opportunity Grant Program. Groundwork for providing two years of post-secondary education or job training to every state resident by 2012. 2007, state legislature expanded program to all Washington residents below 200% of the federal poverty line and funded it at $23 million.

  • Vision: Every U.S. worker should have access to the equivalent of at least two years of education or training past high schoolleading to a vocational credential, industry certification, or one's first two years of collegeto be pursued at whatever point and pace makes sense for individual workers and industries. Every person must also have the opportunity to obtain the basic skills needed to pursue such education.www.Skills2Compete.orgABOUT SKILLS 2 COMPETE

  • www.Skills2Compete.orgVISIT

    National and state research showing demand for middle-skill jobsProfiles of state efforts Information about national policymakers and politicians making Americas competitiveness conversation include middle-skill jobsEvidence of local and national demand for a commitment to investing in the education and training that will prepare Americas workforce for middle-skill jobsResources that can help stakeholders get the word out about the need for a new 21st-century approach to skillsMedia resources including profiles of the campaigns endorsers Opportunities to endorse the campaign, take action, and more!

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