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  • 1. Social Media Technology and Practice: Applications for Industry and the CPCU Society

2. Whats the power of social media during catastrophic events?2 3. The Power of Social Media Social media has been used as a way to collaborate, locate people, and find volunteers following natural disasters: After the Japanese tsunami in 2011, a hospital staffer took to Twitter to communicate with US Ambassador John Roos who was then able to alert the embassy to evacuate patients away from a dangerous hospital. A hospital in Joplin, MO used Facebook to locate 1,110 missing workers after a tornado A school system in Tuscaloosa found 80 volunteers in 30 minutes on Facebook 4. Consumers expectations are high More and more people are turning to social media when a natural disaster strikes. After a catastrophe, 80% of Americans expect emergency response agencies to monitor and respond to social media platforms 76% of people contact their friends via social media to make sure they are safe 35% directly post a request for help on a responders Facebook page 1 in 5 survivors contact emergency respondents via social media, websites, and e-mail. 44% ask their online friends to contact responders 5. How can insurers best leverage social?5 6. Social can be leveraged at all timesPRE-CATASTROPHE Build relationships. Improve quality of engagements. Serve as the insurance expert. Act as a leader in safety & prevention.DURING CATASTROPHE Real-time social monitoring and response. Share information around claims and contact information. Serve as a first-responder when customers (or prospective customers) are turning to social to share about their losses. Ultimately, act as a partner in times of crisis.POST-CATASTROPHE Finding volunteers. Raising money. Locating survivors & loved ones. Collaborating to rebuild communities. 7. During Catastrophe During Hurricane Sandy, more than 20 million Sandy-related tweets were sent despite the loss of cell phone service: People expressed grief and frustration Shared images of the destruction Provided needed information News organizations provided up-to-date minute-by-minute details 8. Post-Catastrophe: Social used to communicate needed info to insureds 9. Tactical tips for leveraging social at all timesPRE-CATASTROPHE Establish your social media presence. Update your statuses and build relationships with your insureds so they are used to turning to you. Provide relevant information and resources to insureds. (i.e., explain policies, coverages, provide tips, etc.)DURING CATASTROPHE Be prepared and ready to use your smart phone, especially if the power goes out. Post updates letting your insureds know you are tuned in to what is happening. Respond to their questions. Let them know that help is on the way. Share information around claims and contact information. Serve as a first-responder when insureds and potential insureds are turning to social to share about their losses. Ultimately, act as a partner in times of crisis.POST-CATASTROPHE Use social for community building efforts. Rally volunteers. Raise money for victims. Locate survivors & loved ones. Consider creating a Facebook page dedicated to raising money and food for your community to show you care. 10. The CPCU Society is using social media to support members. In addition, CPCU Society social outlets put a community of professionals at your fingertips. 10 11. Your colleagues at your fingertips Join The Community to access technical resources through our Spotlight Posts. Join the CPCU Society Group on LinkedIn. You can start discussions and ask questions at any time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be alerted to updates and meet Society members you can network with.The CPCU Society is using social media to support members and is a community at your fingertips. 12. Empowerment: Promote the CPCU Society and the value of the CPCU Designation 13. Social Developments: A Look Ahead to 2014 and beyond Content - Continued development and sharing of relevant informationDevelopment of a new area on The Community specifically for CPCU Society Members - Area will facilitate knowledge sharing, discussion, and networking. Also refreshing The Community design to make more user friendly and inviting.Seamless Experience - Further integration of The Community into National and Chapter websites through more relevant feeds and linkage between the sites.Moderate Private Groups on The Community CPCU Society Chapters and Interest Groups can now start and moderate their own groups on The Community. Let us know if you want to start one!Resources and Training Will be offering CPCU Society Members training and resources on social usage


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