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  • Nurturing your ecommerce customers with Marketing AutomationAssisting the customer journeySteven Shaw // Digital Director @Branded_3

  • What is Marketing Automation? Creating your automation plan Some examples of Marketing Automation Getting more sophisticated Final thoughts


  • What is

  • greater average deal sizebetter lead conversion rate

    *Source: Aberdeen Group - Marketing Automation 101: Ensuring Early Success with the Basics; Maturing Your Deployment for long- term ROI, June 2010

    Marketing Automation statistics

  • Creating your

  • Understand your customer

    What is your customer journey? What part of the journey do we

    want to influence? What data do you have about

    your customer? What are your desired outcomes?

  • States, Triggers, Conditions & Actions

  • Some

  • Example: Follow-up email

    New Order Delivered Cancellation

  • Example: Abandoned basket

  • Click to conversion rateopen rate on automated marketing email

    *Source: SalesCycle

    Abandoned basket statistics

  • Getting more

  • Reactivation strategies

  • Keep your plans simple and relevantA. Find a technology partner that matches your vision

    B. Be selective about where you want to influence the journey

    C. Dont give up, if you dont see a return in the first instance

    D. Always be testing!

  • Thank you from @greygorn @Branded_3