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1. Features of Focusky Brilliant Video Slideshow Converter http://focusky.com 2. About If you are interested in making video slideshow, you should try free video slideshow maker Focusky. First of all, Focusky will help you enrich your slideshow with multimedia contents. Secondly, there are awesome transition effect and animation effect to make your slideshow attractive. 3. Enrich Slideshow Anyway, with the help of Focusky users can create visual multimedia contents for content marketing and audiences with ease.There are multiple useful multimedia elements in Focusky for enriching slideshow. 4. Stunning Transition and Animation Effect Stunning transition effect such as rotate will make your presentation slideshow stylish and impressive. It is an effective way to engage your audiences and capture their attention. 5. Produce Video Slideshow And the default format of video is MP4. It may take several minutes while publishing video. Furthermore, inserting background music is allowed before you publish your video slideshow. 6. Share to Social Networking Once you finish converting, you can start to upload your video online. Once it is online, you are able to embed it into your website, and share the link to social networking.And then people can watch your video on their mobile devices with ease. 7. Thank You!! Learn more: http://pageflipbookmaker.blogspot.com/2015/06/best-free-video- slideshow-maker-to.html