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  • 1. Fantastic Advice To Get Back Together With Your Ex

2. Believe it or not, your break up may even be a good thing. Time apart can enhance your relationship and allow much needed space. You should not look at your split up as the ending of your relationship, but rather as an opportunity to improve yourself and to strengthen your relationship at the same time. 3. You are doing anything and everything to get your ex back as quick as possible. Instead of hoping to get right back into the relationship, you should be focusing on how to solve the problems. What both you and your ex genuinely want is to be happy in a relationship with each other. If you want this to be your last break up, then you must first fix the problems before getting back together. 4. You must use this time to focus on the problems that caused your break up. Putting all the the blame onto your ex won't help to fix anything. To understand the reasons that your relationship failed, you will need to be open and honest with yourself. Why were you unhappy? What did you fight about most? These are important questions to consider, as they can help you to get to the root of your problems. 5. After you have discovered some of the main problems that caused your relationship to be unhealthy, you can make a plan to fix things. Fixing your issues can be done many different ways. Talk things over with your ex, begin reading books, and maybe even think about signing up for counseling. When you have planned how you are going to work on your problems, you can then start thinking about how to get your ex back. 6. Fixing yourself is the greatest thing you can do to get your ex back. You need to take advantage of your time apart to nurture your mental, physical, and spiritual self. The time and energy you make to improve yourself will prove to your ex that you are serious about making things work this time around. It will in addition help you to become a stronger person, and to build a healthier relationship. 7. The best part about working on your relationship issues, is that it provides you a chance to make your ex love you again. Getting your ex back should be viewed as building a new and improved relationship together. Make it known that you don't wish to just pick up where you left off, you instead are interested in rebuilding your relationship to make it happier than it ever was before. 8. You need to remember to take things slow. Never try to pressure or force your ex to want you back. Instead, you want him or her to be the one that decides to get back together. You must be open and truthful with your feelings about your relationship, but never demanding or manipulative. 9. By not placing pressure on your ex to take you back, you will be making sure that your new relationship starts off right. Allowing your ex time to heal from the break up will be the best thing for you both. Break ups are complicated, and just like you, your ex must have time to heal. A little bit of space just might be what your ex needs to realize that they still love you. Sometimes distance and time apart is what is recommended to rediscover feelings of love. 10. When your ex wants to start a new relationship together, don't try to move too quick. You want to build a better relationship than you had before. Never expect to just pick up where you left off. Relationships don't just work themselves out, if you want to have a wonderful relationship, you must take good care of it. Your relationship will only be as great as the work you are willing to put into it. Getting back your ex will take time and effort, but if you are prepared to do anything to make it happen, then you will ultimately have an even better relationship than you have ever imagined possible. 11.