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<ul><li> 1. We enable leadingbrands to create agreat experienceon Facebook 2013 by FACELIFT brand building technologies GmbH I Hamburg I Dubai I Beirut</li></ul> <p> 2. 100% FacebookTechnology for brandsFACELIFT is the worlds largest provider ofprofessional solutions for Facebook only!We are notan agency! 3. Why 100% Facebook?1 billion users An internet itselfFacebook has become the most important digital marketing platform FACELIFT is the specialist for it! 4. 400+ leading brands use our solutions 5. Key success factors on FacebookContent Apps Ads The decisive reason toKey for high Increase attention level become a fanengagement and boost fan baseDrive success with the FanActivator 6. Apps are key More functionality Higher EdgeRank More user data Higher ad efficiency Required for sweepstakes 7. But the process is painfulIndividual projectsTime consuming, quality and budgetrisks, high one-off cost, noFacebook updates, etc. 8. Solution: FanActivatorUniqueModular enterprise system with morethan 50 professional Facebook apps! 9. Create own Facebook apps with a click 100%editable100% yourdesign 10. More than 50 apps available Voting Fan Counter Personality Test Fan Favorites Contest Fan Events Calendar Reverse Auction Quiz Matching Video Voting Contest Special Day Goodies Slot Machine Mosaic Score Predict Test Superfans Kick-Out Fan Karaoke Click and Action Support Multi Win Fan Auction Landing Tab Form Generator Guesser Publisher Shop Connect Music Player Shoot Out Birthday Promo Codes Action Codes Geo Locator Recommend-a-Fan Fan Deal Publisher Fan Avalanche Mom Send-a-Gift Select and Sort Voting Contest ... Portfolioconstantly YouTube Channel Group Boost Survey ...growing Badges Recruiting Group Promo Codes L... 11. Powerful set of features includedFanActivator Fan gateManagement Platform Viral featuresApp 1 App 2App 3 ...... App n Sweepstakes Lead generation Open Graph App Timer Media Manager CSS editor HTML &amp; Flash Data download Multiple opt-ins And many more 12. Two models for integrating FACELIFT Inhouse-focusedAgency-focusedPlatform/ FACELIFTBrand FACELIFTBrandSupportPlatform/ AppsDesignSupport AgencyAgency You use the FanActivator platform FACELIFT trains your agency inyourself and get support directly from using the FanActivator platformFACELIFT That way, your agency is able to You order design and or CSS tasksquickly set-up any apps based ondirectly at your agencyyour briefings 13. Success stories of some of our clients 5,000 participants for Image Mosaic app that lasted only 14 days in cooperation with mobile handset manufacturer New apps every two weeks creating a constantly high engagement rate using basic apps such as Quiz, Goodies or Knowledge Test Using sponsored apps such as Votings generating new revenues while growing the fan base by more than 200k new fans in 10 weeks 3,000 participants in the first Arabic app using Open Graph enabling users to predict matches during the EURO2012 40,000 new fans in 2 months with a goodie app to download exclusive content combined with Facebook ads 14. Unique.Facebook about the FanActivator 15. ContactFACELIFT brand building technologiesAlex tho SeethChief Representative Middle EastBeirut / Dubai+971 56789 6023 (UAE)+961 71 40 80 70 (Lebanon)ats@facelift-bbt.comwww.facelift-bbt.comwww.fanactivator.com100% Facebook.</p>