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Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil http://pureextravirgincoconutoil.com According to experts such as Dr. Fife, coconut oil helps with digestion, relieves stress, helps with weight loss and weight management, has antifungal properties, and boosts energy and endurance--making it a popular resource for athletes. The fatty acids in coconut oil help with liver problems, kidney problems and diabetes. Coconut oil is an antiviral known for reducing the viral load of herpes, HIV, hepatitis C and the flu. It also has antibacterial properties, killing bacteria that causes sore throats, dental cavities, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, meningitis and gonorrhea. Visit http://virgincoconutoil.us whatsapp : +628123536872


  • 1. 100% Pure and NaturalVirgin Coconut Oilhttp://virgincoconutoil.us info@herbabagoes.com

2. Company Profile OVERVIEW Coconut now become very famous because one of healthies food in the world. Coconut oil more popular now adays because contain nutrition which very benefitial to health. Since 2009, We are focusing to produce Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which get with 100% natural, no chemical, no high temperature, no fermentation. We are indeed to do business with any companies from all around the world, and support taking any advantages and opportunities from the existence of our company. Together we establish the mutual business relationship in long term and make a better world in the future.LEGAL ASPECT Year of establishment : 2002 Type of business : Manufactured of herbal medicine Number of employees : 25 people Product : 35 kind of product Legal status of company : Trade License from Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia Company Listing Certificate from Ministry of Trade Small Enterprise of Traditional Medicine License License from Indonesian Food and Drug Agency Motto : Natural Health Solution Vision : Providing solutions for people to live healthy and natural Mision : Participate actively to improve public health and herbs company that provides quality herbal and traditional medicines. info@herbabagoes.com 3. DESCRIPTION Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the natural oil obtained from fresh coconut through chilled centrifugal - vacuum process. Non RBD, No Fermentation. PRODUCT APPLICATION Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is being used in the production of various foods or as a culinary ingredient . it is also utilized in industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.INGREDIENTS Fresh coconut fruit CHARACTERISTICS Smell State Taste TextureFresh and natural characteristic taste and aroma, Free from rancid odour and taste. - Clear oil in room temperature - Pure white when solid, below 22C Sweet flavor and aroma mild coconut Smooth and easy on throatCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS As standar SNI 7381:2008 Moisture Content 0.10 % Maximum Fatty Acid Composition: Caproic Acid (C:6:0) 0.2 0.6% Caprylic Acid (C:8:0) 5.0 9.0 % Capric Acid (C:10:0) 4.5 8.0 % Lauric Acid (C:12:0) 46.0 54.0 % Myristic Acid (C:14:0) 17.0 21.0 % Palmitic Acid (C:16:0) 7.5 10.0 % Srearic Acid (C: 18:0) 2.0 4.0 % Oleic Acid (C:l8:i) 5.0 8.0 % Linoleic Acid ((3:18:2) 0.7 2.5 % C:l8.3 -C:24:1


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