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A summary of what our firm offers and our philosopy.


  • 1. Implement 3 1 Dream Sustain Improve Monitor 4 Plan 2 6 5 5 Diamond Chambers 18th June Rd. Panaji Goa - 01 Neenad - 9922454111 Datta - 9922990240 0832-6655886 info@exemplarss.com
  • 2. EXEMPLAR STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS Exemplar, as the name suggests has a single ambition - to offer the best solutions to its clients that become a benchmark for others to emulate. Our success lies in the success of our clients. Exemplar is a one stop solution for your varied business needs. As you concentrate on delivering the best to your customers by harnessing your core competencies, we partner with you to give you that edge in winning markets & customers mind & wallet share. We are a young organization that believes in the power of small ideas unearthed through insightful market & customer research, meticulously translated into a strategy and ruthlessly implemented to give your organization a long term sustainable market success. We help organizations from different industries to connect more strongly to their target audience. Our clients reap the benefits of addressing market needs in a more effective and efficient manner than their competition. EXEMPLAR
  • 3. H4W Principle H W W W W For any enterprise to be successful five questions need to be answered with respect to the conduct of the business. We call it the H4W principle of any business. Answering these five questions and then enabling your people to implement the answers is the only way to succeed in today's competitive business environment. The five questions are: What Why Where When How ? We invite you to partner with us to help you find the answers to these questions. Once we have done that we can also implement the solutions for you. Simultaneously we equip people inside your organization to implement the solutions so that they own the process and it becomes a way of life in your organization. EXEMPLAR
  • 4. Business Strategy New Business Existing Business Market Opportunity - If you have a Market Maximization We help you new business idea, we can help extract the most out of the you make it a reality. We will opportunities that exist in your prospect the market and advise you market, increasing your market on the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE share, customer wallet share and & HOW (H4W Principle) maximize your business of your business strategy. profitability. HR Employee Training Performance appraisal System Marketing & Branding Solutions Core Brand Proposition - Market insight that your brand will cater to and differentiate itself from competition Target Customer Definition Brand Name Brand Positioning Brand Identity Brand Architecture Brand Communication Brand Usage Manual Packaging Design Internal Communication - Employee communication to sensitize them to the Brand Values, increase motivation and Loyalty to job External Communication - Customers potential and existing Talent pool potential recruits Partners Vendors, dealers, Franchisees, retailers Shareholders & Investors Public Relations Strategy Media Strategy & Planning EXEMPLAR
  • 5. Retail Strategy & Design Retail Branding & Communication Store Location Analysis Layout & Planogram Display & Visual Merchandising Footfall Increase Conversion Increase Average Bill Value Increase In Store Communication Advertising Customer Relationship Management Staff Training Events & Promotions Concept of the event Resource Planning & Allocation Event Publicity Design Implementation Market Research Qualitative Market Research Studies using tools and techniques such as Depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Observations, Participatory Research, Mystery Shopping etc. Industry Reports based on Primary & Secondary Research EXEMPLAR
  • 6. Each Exemplar solution is not a matter of chance but a result of a thorough process. Each and every solution that we recommend evolves from the following insightful business, market & customer research and delivery process before being put across for implementation. Trend watch A unique process that dives deep intothat dives de Trend watch A unique process what's happening in the world in related and unrelated what's happening in the world in related and u industries that can impact your business or influence your industries that can impact your business or infl customers. It helps you to keep your business in sync with the market movement and also be ahead of the curve by business customers. It helps you to keep your anticipating the future. Trend watch has several sub components such as: a. Technologythe market movement and also be ahead of th Watch b. Society Watch future. Trend watch has several sub compon anticipating the c. Competition Watch a. d. Technology Watch Relate Watch b. e. Society Watch Unrelate Watch c. Competition Watch d. Relate Watch e. Unrelate Watch Root Funnel A process that enables the decision maker to reach to the root cause of any problem or issue at hand. This uses both qualitative & basic quantitative research techniques to demystify a problem and break it down into simple actionable points. Root funnel relies highly on both internal & external view of the problem. a. Internal: i. Management & employee opinion b. External: i. Customer opinion ii. Vendor opinion iii. Shareholder opinion iv. Channel Partner opinion Creative Funnel Once the root cause of a problem is identified, several creative strategic options are developed to address the problem. These are subjected to intense scrutiny by different stakeholders both internal & external to arrive at THE EXEMPLAR SOLUTION. EXEMPLAR