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  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Welcome to BGH

    We are EXCELLENCE in Specialty Steel!

    Five production sites in Germany and one in Poland.

    Worldwide service through regional sales offices and distribution partners.

    Sustainability through continuous investments and long-term partnerships.

    20.000 t in over 70 grades in stock

    Sales: 170.000 t Turnover: 513 million

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    More than 500 years of experience

    1467 - BGH (BoschGotthardsHtte) first mentioned as Hammer an der Ferndorf(just outside the city of Siegen)

    Specialty Steel Forgings focus of the company for hundreds of years

    Boschgotthardshtte former times Forge driven by hydropower

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel


    1467 Boschgotthardshtte was founded by Gotthard Busch

    1927 SCHLEIFENBAUM + CIE GmbH Boschgotthardshtte was established

    1934 Otto Breyer took over SCHLEIFENBAUM + CIE GmbH Boschgotthardshtte

    1966 Purchase of a foundry, change into a steel mill (Eintracht works)

    1991 Acquisition of the forge shop from Chemiewerk Leuna

    1993 Acquisition of VEB Edelstahlwerk 8. Mai 1945 Freital

    1993 Acquisition of VEB Przisionszieherei und Maschinenfabrik Lugau

    1998 Relocation of BGH Edelstahl Leuna GmbH to Lippendorf,

    renamed to BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf GmbH

    2002 Acquisition of RSH-Drahtzieherei GmbH

    2004 Acquisition of Huta Baildon by BGH Polska Sp.z.o.o

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Company structure

    BGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbH

    478 employees

    BGH EdelstahlLippendorf GmbH

    135 employees

    BGH SL-Stahl GmbHIsernhagen

    37 employees

    RPS Siegen GmbHSRG Schrott undRecycling GmbH


    45 employees

    BGH EdelstahlFreital GmbH

    695 employees

    BGH Edelstahl Lugau GmbH

    224 employees

    BGH Polska Sp.z.o.o.Katowice

    195 employees

    BGH Feindraht GmbHNettetal-Leuth

    49 employees

    BGH Edelstahlwerke

    BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH (Holding) 180 employees

    2.038 employees

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Production sites

    BGH EdelstahlLippendorf GmbHForgings,

    Welded flanges

    BGH EdelstahlFreital GmbHBars, Wire rod

    BGH Feindraht GmbHNettetal-LeuthFine wire

    RPS Siegen GmbHScrap and Alloys

    SRG Schrott undRecycling GmbHScrap

    BGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbHBars, Forgings

    BGH EdelstahlLugau GmbHWire, Bright bars

    BGH EdelstahlPolska Sp.z o.o.Flat bars

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Overview production processes

    Ingot casting






    EAF50 t / 44 t

    VIM7 t



    5 Forging presses

    10 40 MN

    2 Forgingmachines




    Shot blastingPickling

    Heat treatment

    Wet drawingSingle drawing

    Multiple drawing

    Drawing coil - bar

    GFM Flat rolling mill

    Continuous rolling mill


  • Excellence in Specialty Steel


    Flat bars Billets


    Bars (forged / rolled)

    Bright bars

    WireFine wire

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Excellence in all dimensions

    Fine wire Wire Bright bars Bars Forgings

    Spoolsdia. 0.08 1.80 mm(dia. 0.003 0.070)

    Coilsdia. 0.50 2.40 mm(dia. 0.020 0.095)

    Drawndia. 0.8 20 mm(dia. 0.030 0.790)

    Bright drawndia. 0.8 6.0 mm(dia. 0.030 0.235)

    Annealeddia. 0.8 6.5 mm(dia. 0.030 0.260)

    Forgingsdia. 90 900 mm(dia. 3.55 35.50)

    max. 30 t (~66.000 lbs)

    Discsdia. max. 2000 mm (dia. max. 79.00)

    Flanged shaftsdia. max. 1400 mm (dia. max. 55.00)

    Drawndia. 1 16 mm(dia. 0.04 0.63)

    Grounddia. 1 60 mm(dia. 0.04 2.36)

    Peeleddia. 12 610 mm(dia. 0.47 24)

    Turneddia. max. 900 mm(dia. max. 35.50)

    Rolleddia. 14 150 mm (dia. 0.55 6.00)

    Forgeddia. 30 900 mm(dia. 1.18 35.45)

    Flat rolledWidth 30 - 250 mm

    (1.18 9.80)

    Thickness 5 72 mm(0.20 2.80)

    Flat forgedWidth 50 1800 mm

    (2.00 70.00)

    Thickness 30 880 mm (1.18 35.00)

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Excellence in all grades

    Based on quantity of sales

    1.4021 (420)1.4006 (410)1.4313 (415)1.4718 (S65007)1.4542 (17-4PH)1.4462 (F51)1.4404 (316L)1.4501 (F55)1.4539 (904L)1.4767 (CrAl20/5)1.4841 (314)

    1.6587 (18CrNiMo7-6)1.6580 (30CrNiMo8)1.6582 (4340)1.7218 (4130)1.7225 (4140)1.7228 (4150)1.6932 (4330)1.6959 (35NiCrMoV12-5)1.8519 (31CrMoV9)1.8550 (34CrAlNi7)

    1.2344 (H13)1.2343 (H11)1.2379 (D2)1.2842 (O2)1.3343 (M2)

    2.4952 (Alloy 80A) 2.4375 (Alloy K500)2.4360 (Alloy 400)2.4668 (Alloy 718)2.4856 (Alloy 625)2.4858 (Alloy 825)

    2 % Special Alloys / Nickel Alloys

    46 % Stainless and HeatResistant Steel

    45 % Engineering Steel

    7 % Tool Steel

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Excellence for all Industries

    Oil & Gas


    Wind Power / Gears

    Power Generation

    Chemical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mining / Yellow Industry

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Innovation and Investments

    2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Quick deliveries from our warehouses

    Fully automated high rack warehouses with 40.000 t capacity in Siegen and Freital

    Over 70 different steel grades and Ni-alloys in all dimensions in stock.

    BGH SL - your Service Partner in Northern Germany.

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Excellence worldwide

    BGH Sales CompanyBGH Distribution Partner

  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Sales Organization

    Sales Division 1Karsten Josting

    General distribution Drives, large engines,

    couplings Chemical Engineering Wind power

    Sales Division 4Olaf Kster

    Automotive Household appliances Furnace construction Medical Engineering Drawing / Waving mills

    Sales Division 2Dr. Lutz Franke

    Power Generation Yellow Industry Fasteners Construction Industry

    Sales Division 3Metin Duygu

    Forgings Metal Forming Plastic machinery Shipbuilding Printing machines Hydro power plants

    Sales Division 5Joachim Schreiber

    Oil & Gas Mechanical Engineering Arms Technology Pumps

    Sales Division 6

    Mike Lehmkemper


  • Excellence in Specialty Steel

    Quality Management

    All BGH plants are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management System) certified.

    BGH Edelstahl Lugau plant is ISO TS 16949 certified.

    Approved according to national and international standards like ABS, GL, TV, LRS, DNV, BV, KRS, etc.

    Production according to ASME and NACE requirements.

    BGH is certified acc. Norsok M-650.

    In addition, the BGH companies have further customized approvals.

    (current BGH approvals: www.bgh.de Management System)

  • Excellence in Specialty Steels


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