Everything you need to know about Student Accounts! ? Everything you need to know about Student Accounts!

Download Everything you need to know about Student Accounts! ? Everything you need to know about Student Accounts!

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Everything you need to know aboutStudent Accounts!Accessing Student AccountsDownload Student CodesFrom the web, select the class you want to print student codes forClick the Settings wheel and select Connect studentsClick the blue Download and print all invites button. This will download a PDF with student codesSave the PDF to your computer, print it out, and distribute the codes to your students. Theyll use these codes to create accounts at student.classdojo.com or on the ClassDojo app. Student ownershipStudents can view feedback given by the teacher, view photos and videos on their Story, and build their own monster to show up in class! Page 1 of 3LimitationsTeachers love getting students signed up to ClassDojo because it gives students more ownership of what they are doing in class. Students cant view other students point totals, message with other students, or message with teachers. questions aboutStudent Accounts!What if students forget their username or password?What if a student is in more than one class?Students can add all of their student codes to the same account and track their progress across multiple classes. Its simple!Is student information protected? Of course! We take privacy very seriously we never share any of your students personal information. Check out classdojo.com/privacycenter for more information.Click on the class that the student is in, click the settings button and select Connect students. Here, youll see your students usernames and have the option to reset their password if necessary.How are student accounts different from parent accounts?Both parents and students can view feedback points given by the teacher, however, only parents can view teacher comments and message with the teacher.Helpful resourcesStudents love ClassDojo classroom decorations!Download decorations for free at classdojo.com/resourcesGet your questions answered quicklyVisit our helpdesk at classdojo.zendesk.com to find answers to all of your ClassDojo questions! Still need help? Email us at hello@classdojo.com :)Student introduction videoGet students excited about ClassDojo by showing the student intro video at classdojo.com/resourcesPage 2 of 3Create digital student portfolios withStudent Stories!Print and post class QR codePage 3 of 3Log into ClassDojo account at teach.classdojo.comSelect the class whose QR code youd like to print Select Class QR Code at the bottom of the screen and click Print class code sheetPost QR sheet in a place thats visible to all students1.2.3.4.Log into shared class account Open the ClassDojo app from a classroom iPad. Log out of any open accounts and select Scan QR CodeScan the QR code to enter the shared class account1.2.Post to Student StoryOnce in the class account, a student can take a photo or video to add to their storyAfter capturing the photo or video, students can add a caption to their work, or slect the left arrow to retake the photo or videoWhen ready to post, students can click the right blue arrow and select their name, and select the right blue arrow againFrom your teacher account, you will see a new pending Student Story to approve1.2.3.4.Teachers can add to any Students Story from a teacher account, too :)Student FAQ T1Student FAQ T2Student FAQ T3


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