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Everything You Need to Know About High School Registration. THE ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Begin with the end in mind.. To earn an Alberta High School Diploma a student must... earn a minimum of 100 Credits. To earn a Certificate of High School Achievement a student must... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Everything You Need to Know About High School RegistrationTHE ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMATo earn an Alberta High School Diploma a student must...earn a minimum of 100 CreditsBegin with the end in mind.To earn a Certificate of High School Achievement a student must...earn a minimum of 80 Credits and be taking Knowledge and Employability coursesWhat are Credits?Full Course = 5 Credits (1 Semester in length which is two Terms ~ 20 weeks)Half Course = 3 Credits (Half a Semester in length, which is one Term ~ 10 weeks)must pass a course with a mark of at least 50% to earn credits Credits = Time Mandatory Courses for an Alberta High School Diploma Grade 10, 11, 12:- English- Social StudiesGrade 10 and 11:- Mathematics- Science Mandatory Courses for an Alberta High School Diploma Physical Education 10C.A.L.M. (Career and Life Management 20)Two full courses (10 credits) in approved options:Career and Technology StudiesFine ArtsSecond LanguagesPhysical Education 20 & 30R.A.P. Daring to Excel 10 more Credits at the Grade 12 level other than the required Grade 12 English and Social Studies coursesAlberta High School Diploma Mandatory Courses for an Alberta High School Diploma Innovative Technologies 10Why is InTec 10 Needed?The modern learning environment has evolved far beyond blackboards and books This mandatory course will enhance student skills and knowledge in the practical use of technologies that are becoming essential for the 21st Century learner Important skills and issues thatInTec 10 will address:Video conferencingFile formats & managementPower searching the InternetSafety and security onlineNetiquette skillsD2L tools for online learninge-PortfoliosDigital images & videoUsing cell phones and PDAs as power tools for learningUNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMPLEThe University of Calgary(Culture and Communication)1. English 30-12. One of the following:Applied Math 30 Pure Math 30Grade 12 Second Language Grade 12 Science 3.&4. Any TWO of the following:Social 30 - Biology 30 - Physics 30Math 31- Chemistry 30 - Science 30Grade 12 Second Language 5. Any Grade 12 Subject (except Special Projects 30)2011 Competitive Admission Average: 78%Faculty Specific!!!! COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMPLES Mount Royal University S.A.I.T. All 4 year Degree programs require English 30-1 and 4 other subjects, some of which may be specified. Many programs, including the Bachelor of Business Administration, accept Applied Math 30Many two year Diploma programs accept English 30-2Some programs have specialized requirements, such as:specific coursesinterviewsresumesauditionsportfoliosAlmost all programs require an Alberta High School DiplomaSome programs such as those in the Engineering Technologies and Medical Technologies have very demanding academic requirements; however, many programs are more accessibleMany programs have specialized requirements, such as:specific high school coursesinterviewsresumesCareer Investigation ReportsFinal Admission Averages VaryFinal Admission Averages vary depending on the programApprenticeship Training & RAP50+ designated trades in Alberta Apprenticeship programs in most of the designated trades are three to four years 80% of training is provided on-the-job, 20% at technical training institutions like SAITThe Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) combines high school courses with on the job training such that students acquire their high school diploma and their first year apprenticeship hoursUpon completion of the RAP Program SCHOLARSHIPS are available.Academic requirements vary from trade to tradeTHE GRADE 10 PROGRAMGrade 10 students must have a FULL time table No spares allowed In 2011, Grade 10 students have 6 mandatory courses and 2 Student Choice Courses THE GRADE 10 PROGRAMMandatory Courses1. English 2. Social Studies 3. Mathematics 4. Science 5. Physical Education 6. Innovative TechnologiesChoose Academic Course Levels for Success Grade 10 ACADEMIC COURSES are Based on Gr. 9 MARKS and SUCCESS!!!!!!! ACADEMIC COURSES in HIGH SCHOOL are based on LEVELS i. e. 10-1 or 10-2 etc. Academic Levels for Core Courses AP Program(Honours)AcademicGeneral AcademicBasicAcademicKnowledge and EmployabilityEnglish 10-1 APEnglish 10-1English 10-2-English 10-4Social Studies 10-1 APSocial Studies 10-1Social Studies 10-2-SocialStudies 10-4Math 10-C APMath 10-CMath 10-CMath 10-3 Math 10-4Science 10 APScience 10Science 10Science 14Science 10-4Choosing Academic Levels AP Program (Honours)English 10-1 APSocial 10-1 APPure Math 10-C APScience 10 APStudent Characteristicsexcellent past performanceexcellent reading and writing skillsstrives for high standards maintains a regular homework schedulea strength is working independentlyexcellent problem solversexcellent organizational skillsenjoys the challenge of complex and abstract thought80%Choosing Academic Levels AcademicEnglish 10-1Social 10-1Math 10-CScience 10Student Characteristicsabove average past performancestrong reading and writing skillsresponds well to high standards maintains a regular homework schedulecapable of working independentlystrong problem solversgood organizational skillscan interpret and analyze more complex materialChoosing Academic Levels General AcademicEnglish 10-2Social 10-2Math 10-CScience 10Student Characteristicsaverage performanceprobably needs to strengthen skillsreading, writing, math, organizationalmore comfortable with concrete concepts and examplesoften needs to proceed more slowly with new conceptsprefers to complete work in classprefers step-by-step structure and directionsChoosing Academic Levels Basic AcademicMath 10-3Science 14Student Characteristicshas experienced significant difficulty in the subject areaprefers a curriculum directed towards real life experiences needs to strengthen basic math skillsoften needs to strengthen reading comprehension, vocabulary and speedoften needs to develop significantly stronger organizational and writing skillsneeds extensive structure and direction in the classroom Choosing Academic Levels Knowledge & EmployabilityEnglish 10-4Social 10-4Math 10-4Science 10-4Student Characteristicsrequires a modified academic program to be successfulprefers hands-on curriculum needs to strengthen basic math skillsneeds to strengthen reading comprehension, vocabulary and speedneeds to develop organizational and writing skillsneeds extensive structure and direction in the classroom IMPORTANT !Upgrade paths exist from one academic level to the next Students can upgrade course levels depending on their achievement PROGRAMSLBHSACL Art Centered Learning AP - Advanced PlacementK & E Knowledge & EmployabilityESL English as a Second Language ENGLISH Course SequencesGRADE 10GRADE 11GRADE 12English 10-1AP(80% Grade 9 ELA)English 20-1APEnglish 30-1APEnglish 10-1ACL(65%+ in Grade 9 ELA)English 20-1ACLEnglish 30-1ACLEnglish 10-2ACLEnglish 20-2ACLEnglish 30-2ACLEnglish 10-1(65%+ in Grade 9 ELA)English 20-1English 30-1English 10-2English 20-2English 30-2English 10-4English 20-4English 30-4Social StudiesCourse SequencesGRADE 10GRADE 11GRADE 12Social Studies 10-1AP(80% Grade 9 Soc.St.)Social Studies 20-1APSocial Studies 30-1APSocial Studies 10-1ACL(65% Grade 9 Soc St.) Social Studies 20-1ACLSocial Studies 30-1ACLSocial Studies 10-2ACL Social Studies 20-2ACLSocial Studies 30-2ACLSocial Studies 10-1(65% Grade 9 Soc St.)Social Studies 20-1Social Studies 30-1Social Studies 10-2Social Studies 20-2Social Studies 30-2Social Studies 10-4Social Studies 20-4ScienceCourse SequencesGRADE 10GRADE 11GRADE 12Science 10AP(80% Grade 9 Science) Biology 20APChemistry 20APPhysics 20APBiology 30APChemistry 30APPhysics 30APScience 10ACL(60% Grade 9 Science)Science 20ACLScience 30ACLScience 10(60% Grade 9 Science)Science 20Biology 20Chemistry 20Physics 20Science 30Biology 30Chemistry 30Physics 30Science 14Science 24-Science 10-4Science 20-4-MathCourse SequencesGRADE 10GRADE 11GRADE 12Math 10 C AP(>80% in Math 9) Math 20-1 AP(>80% in Math 10AP) Math 30-1/31 AP(>80% in Math 20-1 AP)Math 10-C (>50% in Math 9)Math 20-1(>70% in Math 10-C) Math 30-1(>50% in Math 20-1) Math 20-2(>50 in Math 10-C) Math 30-2(>50% in Math 20-1)Math 10-C ACL(>50% in Math 9) Math 20-1 ACL(>70% in Math 10-C) Math 30-1 ACL(>50% in math 20-1) Math 20-2 ACL(>50% in Math 10-C) Math 30-2 ACL(>50% in Math 20-2)Math 10-3(50% in Math 10-3)Math 30-3(>50% in Math 20-3)Math 10-4(Modified Grade 9 Math)Math 20-4(>50% in Math 10-4)-Students Choice CoursesStudents will choose these coursesfrom one or more of the followingareas:International LanguagesFine & Performing ArtsCommunication Studies LBHS Leadership ProgramsAthletic Related ProgramsScience Related ProgramsCTS Business, Innovation, TechnologyCTS Technical & TradesWARNINGChoose These Courses Carefully!Passing these courses is usually required to continue on to Grade 11 and 12 courses in that subjectSome of these courses run all yearAt least 10 credits in these courses are required for an Alberta High School DiplomaOnce requested, and time tabled, it may not be possible to change these requests (staffing is done based on requests)For many students, these courses provide the backbone of their program in Grades 11 and 12INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGESFrench 10 French 20 French 30 French 31 Spanish 10 FINE & PERFORMING ARTS ART 10AP ART 10 ArtDrama 10 Musical Theatre 15 Dance 15 Technical Theatre 15 (5 credit)lighting, sound, set design & buildingAdvanced Acting 15 audition in the first or second semesteralways after school, outside of the regular time tableDramaFINE & PERFORMING ARTS Instrumental Music 10 for Brass, Percussion or Woodwinds Concert Band 15 also required Instrumental Music 10 Wind Ensemble audition in SeptemberInstrumental Jazz 15 audition in SeptemberRecording Studio 15 by application only FINE & PERFORMING ARTS Instrumental Music 10Vocal Music 10 Concert Choir 15 also required Vocal Music 10 Chamber Choir audition in September Vocal Jazz 15 audition in SeptemberRecording Studio 15 application requiredFINE & PERFORMING ARTS Vocal Music 10COMMUNICATION STUDIESJournalism 15 Publishing & Creative Writing 15 Film Studies 15 LBHS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMNS T.E.A.M. Leadership 10application requiredTogether Everyone Achieves MoreATHLETIC RELATED PROGRAMSSports Medicine 15 Sports Performance 15 application requiredSports Performance NSD 15 application and a fee is requiredNSD Hockey 15 (10 credits)includes PE10 & Sports Performance 15application and a fee is requireOUTDOOR PURSUITSSCIENCE RELATED PROGRAMSEnvironmentalism 10 CAREER & TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Animation & Design 10Basic Business Essentials 10Computer Science 10 & 10APCreative Communications 10Business, Innovation, TechnologyAuto Tech 12 Auto Tech 12 Girls Auto Body 12 Metal Tech 12 Metal Ornamental Wood Tech 12CAREER & TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Technical & TradesFashion Studies 10 Medical Studies 10 Cosmetology 12CAREER & TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Technical & TradesFood Studies 10 Culinary Arts 12 CAREER & TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Technical & TradesPutting it All TogetherFor a student not taking Music or NSD-HockeySemester I(September January)English Science Physical Education 10Students Choice #1Semester II(February June))Social Studies Math InTech 10Students Choice #2 Credit Total = 40Putting it All TogetherFor an Instrumental or Vocal Music StudentSemester I(September January)Music / InTech 10(Split) Math EnglishStudent Choice #1 Semester II(February June)) Music / PE 10(Split) Science Social Studies Student Choice #2Credit Total = 41Concert Band 15 or Concert Choir 15: outside of the regular time tablePutting it All TogetherFor a student who chooses NSD-Hockey 15 Semester I(September January)Term 1 Term 2NSD-Hockey (PE10 & Sp. Perf 15)English 10-1 Pure Math 10InTech 10 Semester II(February June))Term 1Term 2NSD-Hockey (PE10 & Sp. Perf 15)Social Studies 10-1Science 10Students Choice #1Credit Total = 40Your Basis for ChoiceAchievementAbilityAspirationsset your goalsAptitudesspecial strengths & skillsInterestsMake Realistic ChoicesChoose for SuccessRemember...Take advantage of your choices... and choose to your advantage! LORD BEAVERBROOK HIGH SCHOOLDare to Excel*******************************************


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