EU funding opportunities: looking beyond structural funds

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Darren Hollick of WCVA looks at Community Currencies in Action at WCVA's Funding Conference 2012.


  • 1. Community Currencies In ActionINTERREG IVB (NWE) Our experience

2. Overview Our project INTERREG IVB The application process Partnership working Our experiences Further information and assistance 3. CCIA projectour missionTo promote the concept of CommunityCurrencies as a means of engaging andenergising communities, making them moreinclusive, prosperous, more resilient andenvironmentally sustainable. 4. CCIA projectAt a glance 8 partners 6 million Euros Creates a single off the shelf toolkit 6 pilot projects Single design frame Creating an environment for delivery and growth 5. INTERREG IVBStrategy & VisionINTERREG IVB North West Europe (NWE) Programme isa financial instrument of the European Unions CohesionPolicy.EU Cohesion Policy is designed to implement measureswhich will boost economic growth in the 27 MemberStates thereby reducing the gap in their respective levelsof development. 6. INTERREG IVBKey points One of the five European Territorial Co-operationProgrammes A financial instrument of the European Unions Cohesion Policy. Managed by the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) 7. INTERREG IVBApplication process Calls for proposals Formulate project idea, identify partners Application submitted by Lead Partner (excel file) Approval process Subsidy contract 8. INTERREG IVBPartnership working Transnationality Joint design Joint implementation Joint delivery Joint financing Benefit the NWE area Partnership agreement 9. INTERREG IVBOur Experience barriers we faced Loss of one of the partners No advance payment Fluctuations in the Euro Conflicting needs amongst partners 10. INTERREG IVBOur Experience key points Good levels of support available Preparation costs Additional levels of eligibility Joint Technical Secretariat Common costs recovery 100% Audit 11. Further InformationWCVAJTS Contact PointDarren HollickPaula MacLachlanCCIA Interreg Project INTERREG IVB Contact PointManager 876734029 20431752


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