Ethereal Plane 2 - Reverie

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1. "There Are The Ancient Ones"Ever Ravaging -They Know No God .It Was Then That He Turned To Me -Quite AlikeIn Our Reverie ..Donarch Chanted :"Cant You See My Love , This Is More Than You & Me."&I In All My Hearts Ache Wished For A Lighter Scene."Remember My Love "Maya Pined:(Eyes Dampaned - Sights Teary Eyed)"This Is Something We Will Carry With Us Til We Are Old"****One Could Only Imagine a Much Lighter Scene.Than This OneHere & Today.Truly BelieveThat In All The Dissaray - That Somehow They Parted Worlds."Sweet Reverie - Hear Me When I Say There Is Wind & There Is Rain."Through The Ether I Heard Them Call Her Name.JLW


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