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  1. 1. Empire Entertainment DJsTop Quality DJs Services
  2. 2. DJ JITEN With over 20 years of experience, DJ Jiten is considered by many not only as the Citys Top South Asian DJ, but North Americas top South Asian DJ. Having traveled extensively throughout almost every major city in Canada and the US, including New York, LA, Chicago and Miami countless number of times, as well as places as far as Australia/NZ-DJ Jiten has entertained all types of audiences worldwide with his unique abilities. What separates DJ Jiten from others, aside from the intangibles that come from years of experience? Its the attention to detail, and putting in the preparation and dedication to making each event special and most importantly-successful! FOUNDER AND CEO OF EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT.
  3. 3. DJ Rajen is what most people in the business would call a true DJ. Why? Not only does he use Turntables to blend and mix music, but its done with a flow and expertise that comes only with years of corporate and club experience- over 10 years as a Professional DJ. Having played in the citys hottest venues to discerning tastes, Rajen has the ability to play for 100 people or 1000. If you are looking for a DJ that can move from Bhangra to Hindi to Old School to Hip-Hop/R&B and back, Rajen is your man. DJ RAJEN
  4. 4. DJ Sagar is unique in the DJ world, in that he can MC as well. Ever been to a wedding where the DJ cant even pick up the mic to make an announcement? Well with DJ Sagar, you will not have that problem. Do not let the small frame fool you- his voice packs a powerful punch. But its not his voice that you will be hiring him for- its his knowledge of music. Whether its the latest Bollywood tunes, or UK bhangra- DJ Sagar is up on the latest and hottest tracks. Sagar also has club over 10 years experience, which gives him that edge over wedding only DJs. DJ SAGAR
  5. 5. DJ Sid has quickly become one of the hottest and most requested DJs on the entire Empire Entertainment roster! He also has the highest ratio of testimonials among the entire group. Why? Its because DJ Sid puts in the preparation time and investment into himself and takes pride in doing the best possible job- and it shows! Extremely detail oriented with great technical knowledge- with Sid at the helm of your event you can rest assured you will be getting a 100% from your DJ on your special day. DJ SID
  6. 6. Sometimes referred to as Special K. Why? Because there is definitely something special about him. He has an energy and charisma that is contagious-you cant help but want to get on the floor when hes playing! What sets DJ Karim apart from others? He loves what he does and it shows. With his infectious smile and outgoing personality, your guests wont even think of getting off the floor. DJ KARIM
  7. 7. DJ Sparx, a.k.a. Tamandeep, has been performing for over 7 years. Starting from local University events, Sparx is now renowned for the citys largest events and high-profile weddings with Empire Entertainment. DJ Tamandeep has been focused on delivering quality music to the masses. Blessed with the unique ability to read and connect with all sorts of individuals, in addition to a deep and diverse musical knowledge, he is constantly the DJ of choice for corporate and private events. As an open-format DJ, Sparx is reputed for creating all his sets live, to ensure they are tailored to his audience. DJ Tamandeep
  8. 8. DJ Essence (Sukhi) is arguably one of the most unique DJs in the wedding industry. With a mash-up style that many can do- Sukhi can mix between Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Top 40, and Bollywood and make it all work seamlessly. We call this actively DJing. Sure a DJ can play a song- sit down for 4 minutes and get up to change a song- but quite frankly- that is not really Djing! A DJ needs to be on those turntables, teasing the audience with loops and breaks- this is what Sukhi does. If you want a DJ with impeccable Punjabi music knowledge but can ignite a party with creative DJing- Sukhi is your man. DJ ESSENCE
  9. 9. DJ Tarun (Sound Theory) is one of Empires newest and freshest faces. He defines the next generation of DJs with his impeccable ability to read a crowd and cater to them by playing todays hottest music. A highly sought-out DJ for the university and club scene, Sound Theory brings that level of energy and entertainment to his weddings and corporate events. To add to his skills and expertise, Tarun is also a seasoned Dhol Player. DJ Tarun (SOUND THEORY)
  10. 10. DJ SP (Pritpal) has a distinctive style and personality that makes his performance completely unique to the DJ scene. As a passionate music lover of all genres, DJ SP utilizes that passion to captivate diverse crowds. Having experience over the past decade in the wedding and club industry, DJ SP cultivates a vibe that shows through the energy of the dance floor. With a unique look and unique style- DJ SP has the talent to take your event to the next level. DJ SP
  11. 11. DJ Harpz (DJ DBS), a.k.a. Harpreet currently residing in Toronto, Canada, born and raised in England, is able to fully integrate UK style Bhangra into more traditional Bhangra to keep each and everyone on the dancefloor! With close to 10 years of DJ experience he has mastered the ability to read the crowd and keep your party going. Having extensive experience in the South Asian wedding industry, DJ Harpz is able to offer that something extra special to your event by his ability to seamlessly transition between sets and keep you and your guests wanting more! DJ DBS (Harpz)
  12. 12. (905) 463-0245 (866) 355-4836 Contact Us: EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT 2131 WILLIAMS PARKWAY UNIT 16 BRAMPTON, ON L6S 5Z4 MON-THURS: 10AM to 9PM FRI: 10AM to 6PM SAT-SUN: 12PM to 4PM Timing: More Detail: info@empireentertainment.ca http://www.empireentertainment.ca/ Email Address:


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