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  • Add value to your franchisee marketing bundle with the channel that boasts the highest ROI. Emmas unique feature set and services make it

    easy on you and crazy powerful for them.

    Franchises love Emma because theyre able to:

    Use Emmas open API to connect other systems to Emma

    Onboard new franchisees with automated emails

    Get award-winning help when needed, plus concierge services for design, strategy, team training and more

    Manage and distribute creative assets from an admin account to maintain brand control & consistency

    Let each location manage its own lists of contacts

    Provide an easy way to create and send emails, as well as understand the results

    Pricing for franchises is based on the number of contacts you have and includes a 20% discount o published rates.

    Meet Firehouse Subs, fan of Emma

    When youre managing the marketing for multiple locations, you need a few

    tricks up your sleeve. Thats why Matt Olsen, senior manager of digital

    marketing for Firehouse Subs, uses Emmas geotargeting and automation

    features to delight Firehouse customers on their birthday, announce new

    location openings and introduce new menu items. And it works Matts

    latest automated campaign saw an open rate of 83% and a click rate of 48%!

    Other fans of Emma for Franchises include:


    And hey, weve got flexible pricing options to meet your unique needs, so lets chat.

    $36PER MONTH

    2,500 subscribersunlimited emails

    $56PER MONTH

    5,000 subscribersunlimited emails

    $68PER MONTH

    10,000 subscribersunlimited emails

    $132PER MONTH

    25,000 subscribersunlimited emails

    $212PER MONTH

    50,000 subscribersunlimited emails

    $336PER MONTH

    75,000 subscribersunlimited emails