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  • Lifeguard StationEmergency Management

  • Developing CampusEmergency Response Plans

    andBusiness Continuity Plans

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    Lennette Dease and Barbara Andersen

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    Identification of Risks

    Natural Hazards Severe weather Hurricane Tornado Earthquake Flooding

    Technological Hazards Fire Utility Disruption Hazardous Materials

    Personal Safety Bomb Threat or Threatening Phone Call Medical/Public Health Emergency Missing Student Unauthorized/Suspicious Person


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    Northridge Earthquake

    January 17, 1994

    6.9 magnitude

    The worst earthquake in the Los Angeles basin since the San Fernando earthquake in 1971

    57 fatalities, 9000 people injured

    Extensive damage to Cal State Northridge facilities and parking structures

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    Hurricane Katrina $37 Billion in FEMA estimated


    275, 000 homes destroyed

    650,000 people displaced

    240,000 people unemployed

    Over 1000 fatalities

    40 schools destroyed and 875 damaged

    18,700 businesses destroyed

    Over 130,000 responders

  • 6

    Virginia Tech University

    April 16, 2007

    Seung-Hui Cho shoots two students in a dormitory then crosses campus and opens fire inside several classrooms

    27 students and 5 faculty members shot to death

  • 7

    California State University, Fresno

    Student opens fire at an off campus apartment near CSU Fresno

    Killing one man and wounding two others

    Dispute over a Playstation video game console

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    Too often, crisis management is reactive instead of proactive

    Anticipation is the key

    It is important to periodically assess crisis risks

    Crisis Management

  • 9

    Crisis Management

    Initial Response Surveillance/Investigation Emergency Declarations/Executive Orders Law Enforcement/Security Actions University Leadership and Public Safety Pressure to Act Evacuations and Curfews Curtailment/Suspension of Services Public Information and Warnings Local/State/Federal Agency Involvement Media and Legal Affairs Implementing Authorities and Regulations Recovery and Business Continuity Programs


  • 10

    Clarification of Expectations

    Crisis events on campus can take many forms

    From straightforward to complex and unexpected events, there is always the need for all-hazards preparedness and planning

    Plans need to be flexible and adaptable to different types of emergencies

  • 11

    Key Planning Elements

    Risk/Vulnerability Assessments

    Emergency Operations Planning Alert and Notification Procedures Define Roles and Responsibilities Emergency Checklists

    Establishing Public/Private Partnerships

    Business Continuity Planning

    Crisis Communications

    Education and Training

  • Emergency Operations Planning

  • 13


    Executive Order No. 921

    Emergency Management Program

    To maintain an emergency management system on each campus that will be activated when a hazardous condition or natural disaster reaches or has potential for reaching proportions beyond the capacity of routine operations

  • 14

    National BenchmarksNFPA 1600

    The emergency operations/response plan shall assign responsibilities to organizations and individuals for carrying out specific actions at projected times and places in an emergency or disaster

    Standard on Disaster/Emergency Managementand Business Continuity Programs

  • 15

    Risk / Vulnerability Assessment

    Identify potential technological, environmental, and human threats

    Determine the business processes affected by identified threats and assess the severity of risk to each business process

    Identify single points of failure and other serious exposures

    Develop strategies for deterring threats and/or reduce risks and determine costs, and cost-justification, for the strategies

    Implement and maintain threat deterrence and risk reduction measures

    Prepare a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment report

  • 16


    Standardized Emergency Management System

  • 17

    Incident Command System (ICS)

    Inter-Agency Coordination

    States Master Mutual Aid Agreement

    Operational Area Structure


    Components of SEMS

  • 18

    EOC DirectorSafety



    ManagementPublic Safety or EHSRisk Mgr. or PS Police or SecurityPublic Affairs Public Relations

    Suggested SEMS Staffing Relationships

  • 19

    General Staff Functions





    Law, Medical, Facilities, Other Response Depts.

    Planning, Facilities Depts.


    Finance, Budget & Accounting

    Suggested SEMS Staffing Relationships

  • 20

    University LeadershipTeam

    University LeadershipTeam

    EOC ManagementIC/Manager

    Deputy IC/Manager

    EOC ManagementIC/Manager

    Deputy IC/Manager

    Public SafetyPublic Safety


    Environmental Services

    Environmental Services



    Student AffairsStudent Affairs

    Central Heat PlantCentral Heat Plant


    Planning andInformation

    Planning andInformation

    Logistics(Resource Support)

    Logistics(Resource Support)





    Public AffairsPublic Affairs

    Situation StatusSituation Status


    Business Business

    Human ResourcesHuman Resources

    Insurance Documentation

    Insurance Documentation

    FEMA Documentation

    FEMA Documentation

    Resource StatusResource Status

    Damage AssessmentDamage Assessment

    Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Technical SpecialistTechnical Specialist

    Real EstateReal Estate

    Student HousingStudent Housing

    Food/Water SupplyFood/Water Supply

    Contracts/Equipmentand Supplies

    Contracts/Equipmentand Supplies

    Veterinary ServicesVeterinary Services

    Example University Emergency Command and Control Organization

    Student Health CenterStudent Health Center


  • 21


    General Staff


    Emergency Operations Center

    Food/Water SuppliesFood/Water Supplies

    Contracts/Equipment and Supplies


    Transportation VehiclesTransportation Vehicles


    Planning & BudgetPlanning & Budget

    FEMA DocumentationFEMA Documentation

    Situation Status


    Damage AssessmentDamage Assessment

    Campus Policy Group

    EOC ManagementManager

    Assoc . ManagerAsst . Manager

    EOC ManagementManager

    Assoc . ManagerAsst . Manager

    Resources Support(Logistics)

    Team Leader


    Environment Health &


    Environment Health &Safety

    Physical Plant


    Care & Shelter


    Team Leader

    Planning & Engineering Team (Intelligence)Team Leader

    Financial SupportTeam Leader


    Public InformationPublic Information

    Repair/Emergency Construction

    EMA Zones Liaison

    Liaison OfficerLiaison Officer

    Student AffairsStudent Affairs

    Presidents Policy Group

    Police EH&S

    Physical Plant

    Health Services

    Capital Projects

    Information Systems and Technology

    Housing and Dining

    Field LevelResponseCSU

    Sample Campus Emergency Response and Recovery Organization Overview

    Policy Level



  • 22

    Alert and Notification

    Clarification of internal alert and notification protocols and coordination strategies

    Identify communication needs and how they will be updated and maintained

    Develop and maintain a reliable capability to notify officials and alert emergency response personnel

    Create lists of Emergency Contacts

    Develop and regularly update notification phone lists

  • 23

    Find out whats going on Keep track of operations and coordinate

    crisis information Analyze and evaluate the overall situation Support life safety operations Obtain and allocate resources Support critical program resumption Plan for operations at all sites Support and implement Chancellors/

    Presidents response and recovery strategies Transition to normal operations

    Role of the Emergency Operations Center

  • 24

    Emergency Checklists

    Direction and Control Operations

    Protective Actions

    Emergency Support Functions

  • Establishing Public/PrivatePartnerships

  • 26

    Community Outreach

    Establish communication pathways with the local community

    Work in advance to obtain and disseminate information for a variety of circumstances How to notify the local community of an

    incident Where to direct volunteers when they arrive on

    campus In the event of regional incident, how will

    citizens be re-directed that are in need of help when the University reaches


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