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Carbon Credit Project flow, Forestry, Sequestration,


  • 1. CARBON CREDIT: Ver De Mondo By Elisha Attia elishaattia@yahoo.ca March 2010

2. Kyoto Protocol (1995) 3. Kyoto Protocol (1995) 183 Countries. Legally committed themselves to reducing CO2 and other harmful gases by up to 15% of 2008 Levels. Has created the new commodity of Carbon Credits. Either take actions to reduce their own levels or alternatively buy carbon credits. 4. Green House Gases The ICT industry is responsible for up to 3% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions Telecoms green future. By Dawn Bushaus 5. Global Trends in GHGs It cost less to reduce carbon, thats why telecom companies are getting serious about CO2 reductions Telecoms green future. By Dawn Bushaus 6. CARBON CAP OFFSET 7. Forest Carbon Sink 8. Creating Carbon Credits Emissions Trading Industrialized countries can express their allowed emissions or assigned amounts within the treaty as 'assigned amount units' (AAUs). Unused units can be traded with other countries who have surpassed their own allowances and require additional units. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Industrialized countries can meet their emission targets/levels through investment and/or co-operation in a emission reduction project in a non industrialized country or developing country. Joint Implementation (JI) Emission reduction units (ERUs) can be earned by an industrialized country from a project in another industrialized country. (Example: sharing of new technology and/or foreign investment in a emissions reduction project) Carbon market stands at $120 Billion Expecting to exceed $1 Trillion within 10 years 9. CER & VER Credits Developing Countries Do not have to meet any targets for GHG reductions. Can sell credits to countries that do have Kyoto targets. These Projects typically will produce VER credits. Industrialized Countries Include OECD countries (the richest nations of the world) and countries in transition from centrally planned to open market economies. Can buy credits from developing countries. These projects typically will produce CER / ERU credits. Certified and Verified Emission Reductions Credits 10. CER Spot Prices 1 CER credit = 1 Ton CO2 Carbon credit Valuations (approximations): UN Certified Carbon Credit: Approx. 25 Euro/ Ton of CO2 Voluntary Carbon Credit: 7 Euro/ Ton CO2 11. business process Rainforest Carbon VER project stages: National contracts Host country approval (DNA Office) Project Identification Note (PIN) Scientific forest reports International validation Verification of emissions reductions Certification and issuance of credits Commercialization of CERs Implementation and monitoring 12. next steps Agreement to trade rainforest emissions Choose forest area Appointment of Government contact person Local project administration company Local forest co-ordination team Escorting Lawyer(s) 13. follow-up steps Identify rainforest characteristics Create baseline reports Create Project Idea Note (PIN) Obtain independent report validation Create carbon certificates Commercialize certificates 14. Annual power consumption against call minutes per month across Novatech Telecom service provider's network. Novatech Telecom's commitment to reducing carbon emissions began in 2006 with the early adoption of IP based soft-switching in their core network, Marking the first major initiative of its kind in the UK and reducing energy consumption per minute by 30% within the first year. telecom industry impact: 15. dlink: Gigabit Switch 16. going Green trend: 17. actual ongoing CDM projects: ELYSIUM GHG Emission Reduction Projects Renewable Energy: Wind Farm Small-scale project to generate electricity from wind instead of burning fossil fuels. CO2/year: 39,000 Location: Northern Israel Status: Registered CDM Feb 11, 2007 Fuel Switching: Food Production Factory Small-scale project to produce steam by burning bio-mass instead of fossil fuels at a food production facility. CO2/year: 27,000 Location: Galam Facility, Maanit, Israel Status: Registered CDM Mar 9, 2007 Ref: elysium.co.il 18. Contact Info: Elisha Attia 052 352 7700 elishaattia@yahoo.ca