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  • Electrolyte Activity

  • Electrolyte Activity VocabElectrolyteNonelectrolyteStrong ElectrolyteWeak Electrolyte

  • Electrolytescompounds that conduct an electric current in an aqueous solution

  • Nonelectrolytescompounds that do not conduct an electrical current in aqueous solution.

  • Electrolytes vs Nonelectrolytes

  • Strong electrolytessolutions in which a large portion of the solute exists as ions

  • Weak electrolytessolutions in which only a fraction of the solute exists as ions

  • NaCl(l) vs. NaCl(aq)In order to be an electrolyte, the substance must be dissolved in water

  • MolarityMolarity(M) is concentration in moles per liter. The higher the number for M the more ions there are.

  • Sum UpWhat type of compounds are strong electrolytes?What type of compounds are nonelectrolytes?


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