Electracy. What is Electracy? Media Literacy, Electronic Literacy, Digital Literacy

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  • Electracy

  • What is Electracy?

    Media Literacy, Electronic Literacy, Digital Literacy

  • Hermeneutics vs. Heuretics Hermeneutics asks, What can be made of the Bible?...

  • Heuretics cont. Heuretics asks, What can be made from the Bible? Michael Jarrett (Heuretics Defined)

  • Heuretics cont. Heuretics is, therefore, presented as a workable method for reinventing literacy in the electronic or, what is frequently called, the post-literate age. It signals an attempt to integrate visual and verbal discourse. Jarrett

  • SoWhat is Electracy?[T]he technology supports graphic imaging along with text: one writes with the whole page, so to speak text, picture, layout...Electracy is an image apparatus, keeping in mind that images are made with words as well as pictures. (2) Ulmer Internet Invention

    [E]lectracy extends poetic and art imaging into a general practice of language, used by all citizens for quotidian, personal, and specialized thought and expression. Ulmer Internet Invention (47)

    Electracy is to digital media what literacy is to alphabetic writing: an apparatus, or social machine, partly technological, partly institutional. Ulmer (Introduction: Electracy)

  • The ApparatusAn apparatus is not only a technology (e.g. the alphabet, paper, ink etc) but also an institution and its practices developed along with the technology. Ulmer (Toward Electracy)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii_ZKMI6teA

  • EmerAgencyWe have a command of isolated areas of amazing learning, without the ability to grasp the consequences collectively of the synthesis, of what happens when we implement our specialized knowledge. Ulmer (Toward Electracy)

    The emerAgency is a virtual distributed online consultancy, whose purpose is to deconstruct instrumentalist approaches to applied problem-solving by placing them in the context of electracy. Ulmer (Toward Electracy)

  • EmerAgency

  • Websites and Electracy Many websites are mostly literate, and are electrate only in the most basic way, drawing on "magazine" features of photography and a primitive non-linearity. Ulmer (Toward Electracy)

  • Is this still the case?

  • What is important for electracy is the creation of MOOD or atmosphere, the logic of which is fundamentally poetic or imagistic. Ulmer (Toward Electracy)

    Advertising: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6Ce-SJreIA

  • How is Mood Important to Writing?

    In the literate model, the book serves as a tool for disseminating literacy. In electracy, funk teaches students how to write with mood, yet mood does not serve as a category or definition but rather an overall feeling. Jeff Rice (Funkcomp)

  • Where does electracy leave literacy?I am not saying to forget literacy, but to include aesthetic and performance experience in the educational process. Ulmer (Toward Electracy)

  • The Traditional Essay No room for text that follows a kind of conversational pattern, loopy and languid, hyperlinking, full of pleasant encounters, rough spots, boring stretches, andif luckyintense, brilliant moments, pursuing outre avenues in the hope of finding some fluky, penetrating line of prose. (15) Geoffrey Sirc

  • [O]ur purpose should be not to continue the practices invented specifically in the context of alphabetic literacy, but to find what is specific to the new recording instruments, to develop our own equivalents of the Academy, philosophy, and method. (xii)