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East Midlands Regional Outcomes Framework. Sue Noon Finance & Monitoring Team Leader Nottingham City Beckie Pope Business Support Officer Nottingham City. One Framework. National Framework Regional Framework Local Framework Sell it to Providers one framework. Bringing it together. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • East Midlands Regional Outcomes FrameworkSue Noon Finance & Monitoring Team Leader Nottingham City

    Beckie Pope Business Support Officer Nottingham City

  • One FrameworkNational Framework

    Regional Framework

    Local Framework

    Sell it to Providers one framework

  • Bringing it together

  • How it all began..East Midlands ahead of the game funding secured to develop a regional outcomes framework during 2006/07Following the launch of CLG national outcomes framework in May 2007, EMRIG identified which of the (then) 198 national indicators were relevant to SP services and if and how the relevant NIs were being monitored.Project Board established continued as Regional Outcomes Group

  • High Level OutcomesAchieve economic wellbeing

    Enjoy and achieve

    Be Healthy

    Stay safe

    Make a positive contribution

  • How did we choose what to monitor?Regional indicators were then developed to fill in the gaps.

    An initial set of regional indicators agreed for 2008/09.These were then refined for 2009 / 10 as a result of feedback from Providers and Administering Authorities.

    A selection of recommended indicators was created for each client group but Administering Authorities could select more or different indicators based on local circumstances

  • Indicators for 2009/10Support to reduce fuel poverty through improved fuel efficiencySupport to develop parenting skillsMoves from delayed discharge intermediate care settingsEngagement with drug or alcohol treatmentUnder 18 pregnancyImproved/ maintained sexual health

  • Indicators for 2009/10 contSmoking cessationRegistration with GP / dentist Early access to maternity servicesAccess to other primary health carePlanned termination or sustainment of tenancy whilst in prison or hospitalRepeat incidents of domestic abuse

  • Getting Started - AuthorityProvider Forum

    Client Groups

    Selection of 3 or 4 indicators

    Option to add local indicators for specific services or groups of services

  • Implementation: How should Providers be guidedGuidance sheets on completion of the workbook and on the collection of the data.Training to be made available to providersProviders Forum keeping providers informedWebsiteFeedback/flexibilityProvider representative on Regional group

  • The East Midlands Regional BookIt helps us to keep in line with our One Framework Approach, as all our National, Regional and Local Data is recorded on the same workbookProvides a practical method of recording additional data without substantial extra work for Providers and SP teamsIt retains the look and feel of the National Workbook as the Quarter pages are the same and the new pages keep to similar fonts and colours.Separate sheet for the LPIs/RPIs

  • How can you set up the PIs?Through the PI Configuration Page which should be flexible enough to enter any new Local / Regional Performance Indicators with ease.We can add up to 30 Local and Regional Indicators if required, large enough for most/all authorities frameworks.

  • Flexible functionalityIndicators can be created for individual client groups, and these can be manually overwritten for each service if required.The functionality within the workbook allows the provider to only see the questions relevant to their client group.So, its easier for ourselves and for our providers!

  • So what do we have?A workbook that looks similar to the National Workbook

    A workbook where outcomes frameworks can be entered quickly and changes can be made to the questions within a short time frame.

  • What Happens nextLincolnshire benchmarking tool

    Tested by three authorities

    All authorities to submit master workbooks for comparisons across the Region (Feb 10)

    Decide what will go in Regional Report

  • What happens next locally.

    Can feed into:

    Contract Management Process

    Feedback good practice to providers


    Identifying trends

  • Nottingham examplesTotals registered with a GP

    QtrTotal number of service users during the quarterTotal number of service users on a local GP's list% Achieving 15613457081.4226036512584.9136046532488.06

  • No of Service users being supported to manage their drug misuse

    QtrNumber of service users identified with drug misuse issuesNumber of those service users supported to better manage their drug misuse% Achieving119912964.82227020776.67323720686.92

  • Support to develop parenting skills

    QtrNo of service users who needed support to develop parenting skillsNumber of service users supported to develop parenting skills% Achieving 166661002979092.78311511095.65

  • Conclusion: Challenges along the waySize of Workbook technical problemsGetting providers on boardMaking sure team can be responsive and supportiveChecking data qualityTraining Providers and Team Allow timeLessons learned be flexibleInvestment of time regionally

  • ContactsSue Francis sue.francis@nottinghamcity.gov.uk 0115 876 2563

    Beckie Pope beckie.pope@nottinghamcity.gov.uk 0115 876 2563

    Luke Canvin luke.canvin@oxfordcc.co.uk

    John Boyle john.boyle@oxfordcc.co.uk

    Thank you

    *One method of collection. Compliments existing monitoring

    *Switch to work book - demo*DERBY examples*Backed up by what has been found in Notts data so far from 3 qtrs.Client Groups Frail Elderly, Genreric, Older ppls with sup needs, Phys, dis, LD, Refugees, Single homeless and DV*Drug problems and offenders*Homeless families, Teenage Parents, Refugees. Positive work going on, reassuring, good for the provider in terms of self directed support etc