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E-Portfolios -- Selling Yourself Online to Obtain an Interview - Course Technology Computing Conference Presenter: Leslie Martin & Teresa Worthy How do you sell yourself online? How do you easily provide potential employers with examples of your work and display your skills? What are two free options of creating an online portfolio? What is an E-Portfolio and how can it be used? This presentation will demonstrate and discuss tools that are being used in our OST 289-Office Administration and OST 233-Office Publications Design courses to create E-Portfolios to share with potential employers. Both of these courses are taught by Leslie as online courses, and the online portfolios are used as the final exam and culminating experience. The E-Portfolios in both classes meet the course outcomes for the courses. In the OST 289 course, students compile various documents that are created throughout the semester when creating their portfolio. In the OST 233 course, the students come up with their own business name and carry the name, tag line, and logo throughout the various desktop publications they learn during the semester to create their portfolio. You will be able to view the two free websites that we use and see some of our students work. The goals for the session are: Discuss Why use E-Portfolios?, introduce two types of e-portfolios used, demonstrate both types we have used, discuss items included in each type of portfolio, and discuss ways the e-portfolios can be shared with potential employers. Attendees will walk away with the websites used and the ability to take this information home and incorporate e-portfolios in their classes.


  • 1. Selling Yourself Online Creating an Online Portfolio Leslie Martin and Teresa Worthy

2. Why are we here? Why use E-Portfolios? Introduce two types of e-portfolios used Demonstrate both types we have used Discuss items included in each type of portfolio Discuss ways the e-portfolios can be shared with potential employers 3. Why Use E-Portfolios? Give students an opportunity to showcase skills Give students an opportunity to organize examples of documents Employers have documentation to view after interview 4. Creating an Online Professional Portfolio Live Binder Google Sites 5. Livebinder.com Free Easy to Use Save files as PDFs and add them to the account Send access address to prospective employers Send access key as part of e-mail Make sure access key is professional 6. Set up Live Binder Account www.livebinder.com Click Signup Complete Registration information Remember username and password set up to login to account 7. Opening Live Binder Screen 8. Binder Settings Click Binder Setting Set up Binder Name and Description Choose a color background or tab color for the binder. Set up your Access Key. 9. Tab Settings Click Tab Settings Name the Tab Set the current tab color Set the default tab color Set tab layout and text layout. This creates a new sheet in your Live Binder portfolio. 10. Add Content Add a Web Link Uploading a Filethese files need to be saved as PDF files to show up best in the Live Binder. Add Other Content Set up text layout 11. Share Live Binder Portfolio There are different ways you can share the Live Binder account. The one that my students have found to be easiest is the E-mail. However, you can do it these other ways as well. 12. Sharing Live Binder through E-mail Click Share Click E-mail Copy and paste the information for me or you can send me the e- mail. See example. I need the http://www.livebinders.com/pla y/play/1231187 and the Access Key so that I can view your Live binder. Share with potential employers 13. Creating a Professional E-mail Account Create a professional e-mail account using Google E-mail account should include your first and last name Examples leslie_martin1202@gmail.com lesliemartin2014@gmail.com You will need to log into the G-mail account to access Google Sites 14. Googlesites.com Free Easy to Use Can create items right in site More theme choices Can attach documents Send potential employers web address 15. Accessing Google Sites Log into your G-Mail Account Click the Apps button Click the More link and then Even More link Scroll to the Home & Office Section Click on Sites 16. Create a Google SiteOnline Portfolio Click on Create Choose your Template at this point Name the site (the URL will appear in the box as you are creating the site) Select your theme Set up a site description Key in the code Click Create at the top of the screen. 17. Opening Page of Site Site opens Create your opening page Include an introduction Include a picture of you. Should be one that is appropriate for potential employers to see. Should not be taken yourself Head shot only 18. Create New Pages Click the New Page button Name your page and determine where it is to be located in your portfolio. Click Create 19. Add Information to Page Add information in the textbox Add Files (the file will not show upwill only provide link) make sure you describe file in textbox if you are adding files Post any comments 20. Format the Page Set the Attributes of the Text Set Bulleted/Numbered Lists Set Alignments Save the Page 21. More Options Print the Page Copy the Page Move the Page Delete Page Edit the Site Layout Manage the Site Set up Sharing and Permissions Access Help 22. Managing the Site Click Pages to Move Pages Click Attachments to see a list of files you can attach Adjust the Page Template by clicking on Page Template Click App Scripts to add New Scripts Click Deleted Items to view deleted items in the site Sharing and Permissions to view the link to share the site Click Themes, Colors and Font to adjust each of these 23. Sharing the Site Locate the URL to share with potential employers or instructor Click Sharing and Permissions through the Manage Site link or through the More link. Copy the Link to Share to allow others to access your site Make sure your site is Public on the Web You can also Invite People by entering e-mail addresses 24. Professional Portfolios Include An information page about you Items that demonstrates your abilityexamples of your work Agenda Minutes Letters Any certifications you have received Your professional resume 25. Examples of Portfolios This site shows an example of how you can use this site to create notes for a class https://sites.google.com/site/ost289gaston/ This site shows an example of an Online Portfolio (Google Sites) https://sites.google.com/site/lesliemartin1202/ This site shows an example of an Online Portfolio (Live Binder Site) http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/1231187 access key Example 26. Questions 27. CREATING AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO Selling Yourself Online