Drill 4/14 Why did the Munich Conference/ Appeasement policy fail? Why did the Munich Conference/ Appeasement policy fail?

Download Drill 4/14 Why did the Munich Conference/ Appeasement policy fail? Why did the Munich Conference/ Appeasement policy fail?

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  • Drill 4/14Why did the Munich Conference/ Appeasement policy fail?

  • World War IIThe Blitz

  • ObjectiveStudents will be able to chronicle the events of Hitlers early actions in Europe at the onset of World War II

  • September 1, 1939German forces invade Poland

    Hitler once again claims that the region of Poland, that contains the important port of Danzig, rightfully belongs to Germany

  • The Non-aggression PactPart of that non-aggression pact that was signed stated that the Germans and the Russians would divide up Poland

    Also, other key areas in the Soviets zone of interest would be given up.

  • NaziSoviet

  • German forces swept in from the west and drove the Polish military back

    The Germans and the Russians had a secret agreement at the time.

  • Major Reason for Polish DefeatThe Battle of Bzura

  • Poland FallsSeptember 3, Britain and France declare war on GermanyBut can do little to stop the attack on Poland

    Poland falls in a matter of weeksSeptember 17, Germany and the Soviet Union divide up PolandThe USSR also receives the Baltic States

  • The Blitzkrieg Lightning warThis was the first actions of Hitlers war on EuropeBy 1941, Axis forces will have made their way throughout Europe

    Complete Guided Reading 16.1

  • SummaryWhat were the characteristics of Hitlers Lightning war?How did he fight it?

    Fast, violentOVERWHELMING FORCES!!

  • Drill 4/15Why did Poland fall so easily to German forces?

    Germany had superior tactics and weaponsAided by the Soviets in the east

  • ObjectiveStudents will be able to identify the causes for the fall of France during Hitlers advance

  • World War IIThe Blitz: The Fall of France

  • The Phony WarA period of quiet in Europe after the fall of PolandPrior to Germanys invasions of Denmark and NorwayFrance and Germany fortified their borders in preparation for an attack

  • The Maginot LineHeavily fortified static defensive line

    Reminiscent of World War I thinking

  • The Maginot LineFortified trench-like defensive line

    Pictured here is a machine-gun nest known as a cloche

  • The Maginot line Avoid a surprise attack

    Give time for the main army to be mobilized behind it

    Dissuade a direct assaultForce the Germans to go up through Belgium

  • The Line failsMay 1940Germany set up a decoy army directly opposite the lineSent a second army to the north to battle the French forces along the border of BelgiumThe French forces were outmatched and the Germans took BelgiumMay 26, 1940

  • By going through Belgium the German forces simply went around the Maginot Line

  • Germany storms through FranceJune 10, 1940Mussolini (Italy) officially joins the German side of the warDeclares war on France and Britain and invades Southern FranceJune 14Paris Falls to German forcesJune 20France surrenders to Germany

  • BlameWhy does the Maginot Line get the blame for the fall of France?

    It DID force Germany to go through Belgium, what it was designed to do.

    On the back of your Blitzkrieg paper from yesterday answer the following question

  • Is the Maginot line itself the reason for Frances defeat? Does it deserve to be called one of historys greatest military mistakes?

  • France fights backHitler divided France in halfNorthern France was Occupied FranceThe Southern was Unoccupied France

    The Southern half was controlled by a puppet government based in the French town of Vichy

  • SummaryWhy does Hitler create the puppet government?

    Why not just take over France like any other country?

  • Drill 4/16What is a puppet government?A government that appears to be independent but is really being controlled by someone else or another government in another location

    The Puppet Government in France was based in the city of Vichy (The Vichy Govt)

    Why did Hitler set up the puppet government and divide France in half?

  • World War IIThe Blitz: The Battle of Britain

  • ObjectiveStudents will be able to compare and contrast Hitlers early victories with his defeats in Britain and the Soviet Union

  • Operation Sea-LionThe plan:Bomb key cities in EnglandCutting off supply routesCrushing overall moraleThen land roughly 250,000 soldiers on Englands southern coast

    This holds true to Hitlers doctrine of overwhelming forces

  • September 1940German Luftwaffe (air force) begins bombing British citiesAt first the Germans focused on Royal Air Force (RAF) hangars and basesThey would soon move onto major citiesEspecially London

  • The Luftwaffe severely outnumbered the RAFRoughly 2,900 RAF planes vs 4,500 Luftwaffe

    There were daily bombing raidsFires and explosions on the streets of London as the British try to go on with their daily lives

  • The British Stand Tall The British people adapt and refuse to give upThe RAF has two key inventions that help them surviveRADARDeveloped in the late 30sUsed as an advance warning system to track planes in the airEnigmaA codebreaking device. The British were now able to decipher secret German transmissions

  • The Battle of BritainIn October Hitler switches to night bombings of EnglandThe British refuse to give up

    The bombings would not stop until MAY 10, 1941Hitler decides that Britain can waitIt is costing too much money and taking too much timeHe turns his attentions east

  • ResultsFor the better part of EIGHT MONTHS Britain endured nearly constant bombing27,450 civilian deathsOver 30 thousand wounded

    Hitler would then fail in his attempt to invade the Soviet Union

  • Using your bookRead about Hitlers failure in the Soviet Union (pgs 445-446)

    Answer the following question:What factors allowed Leningrad and Great Britain to fight off German attacks while earlier cities and countries fell?Consider these points in your answer:The countrys ability to fightThe costs of resistingThe costs of surrendering

    I will collect this response and the Guided Reading for 16.1 at the end of class

  • SummaryWhat was the Atlantic Charter?

    How did it get the USA involved in the war prior to Pearl Harbor?

  • Drill 4/17What is the Atlantic Charter?

    A declaration of principles between the US and UK.

  • ObjectiveStudents will identify the reasons for US involvement in World War II

  • The United States and WWIIOfficially the US is neutralThe Neutrality Acts of 1938,39

    Upper levels of government are growing more worried about the situation in Europe

  • The Atlantic CharterNo territorial gains were to be sought by the United States or the United Kingdom.

    Territorial adjustments must be in accord with the wishes of the peoples concerned.

    All peoples had a right to self-determination.

    Trade barriers were to be lowered.

    There was to be global economic cooperation and advancement of social welfare.

    Freedom from want and fear;

    Freedom of the seas;

    Disarmament of aggressor nations, postwar common disarmament AUGUST 14, 1941

  • International ReactionUKLoved the plan, sorry that the US was not getting involved in the warUSLoved the planWorried that this would lead us INTO warGermany and JapanTook the agreement as basically a declaration of alliance against themIn Japan this would be used an excuse for increased hostilities for towards the United States

  • US + Japan RelationsJapan had increasingly become an imperial forceThe invasion of Manchuria in 1931

    This made relations between the countries rather tense

  • Japan + US RelationsAs Japan allied itself with Germany that made things worse

    Japans islands have few natural resourcesi.e. OilThey would need to expand to get these goods or receive them from another sourceFor a time that was the US

  • Japan + US RelationsAs the war went on Japan began to move into the European colonies of Southeast Asia

    Japanese officials called this area the Southern Resource Zone

  • The US ReactsThe United states reacted by cutting off all oil imports to Japan

    Japanese officials realized at the rate of consumption they would only have enough reserves for another two years

  • Japan ReactsDecember 7, 1941

  • The Attack on Pearl HarborWas not designed to begin a long, protracted conflictIt was intended to be one, swift, crushing blow to the US pacific fleetTake out the fleet then Japan can roll through Asia without too much resistance

    Japan delivered an official declaration of war later that afternoonThe United States would declare war on Japan the next day

  • Classwork/ HomeworkComplete Guided Reading 16.2 Parts a+b It will be collected on Monday

    Next week we will look at the war in the pacific and how the United States turns the tide of the conflict


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