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How To BoardDownhill(and probably not die)

Downhill Boarding Is Self Explanatory, but...There are a lot of things to be cautious about before and during the ride

What To Know Before You Bomb A Hill

(Bomb: Not sure where this term came from, basically just going fast but more radical I guess)

Longboard Or Skateboard

ProsBetter grip to groundMore stable (due to weight)More speed

ConsUsually harder to stopCan be overwhelmingly fast

ProsBetter turningEasier stoppingMore Controllable speed

ConsLess stabilityUsually less grip

You Should Already Know How To

Ride A Skateboard/Longboard (Youd think this would be obvious, but for some it actually isnt)

Ride At A Fast Speed

The Three Ways To Stop

Riding A Skateboard or Longboard and Going Fast

You can be taught how to do these two in paid lessons, but in reality a teacher is not going to make any difference in how you learn how to ride a skateboard or longboard nor the speed you go. This is something you need to do on your own with practice and commitment

The Best Way To Stop

PowerslidingPowersliding is when you hard turn your board 90 degrees tohave the wheels stop rolling, basically start skidding and slow you down. This is important to learn as you will need to stop and slow down for

Any object like a car that might be in your wayTo stop speed wobblesBecause it looks cool

Speed Wobbles and How To Control ThemSpeed Wobbles are the result of going faster than your board can handle. This actually looks like a wobble and is terrifying when it happens.

When you do speed wobble, I recommend grabbing your board with two hands to straighten it out. Riding it out is better than jumping off, but...You can lessen the chances before hand by tightening your trucks, but this may make your turning harder to do.

(Trucks: The contraption that holds your wheels together and controls how quick you turn)

The Other WaysOf Stopping(not recommended ways to stopbut please record it if you do)Bailing OutNot recommended for obvious reasons, but it is sometimes youronly option besides prayingFoot Sliding (?)

Not sure if this has an official name, but it is when you put one of your feeton the ground and slide using friction to stop. Not only will this wreck yourshoes, it is not very effective and might end up with you taking the weirdestfall of your lifetime if you are not careful with it

What To Know When Bombing DownA Hill

Avoid Playing Frogger As Much As PossibleThe street you choose can be dangerous due to cars. Make sure you look everywhere to see where the cars are and for exits when there is too much traffic. In general I recommend not bombing a hill in a downtown/city area if it is very populated (also if police are there).

A Road By A Quiet Country Side Like This Is The SafestWay To Do It

Full Protective Gear Is Recommended,But usually wont save you from Road rash. Up to you what you do

(This guy is skating the third steepest hill in the US by the way, more steep than the mega ramp at the X Games. Holy Shit)

Ride Away. That is it. I am not responsible for your death

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