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Document Management Optimization using Time Matters ®. Presented by: Seth Rowland. Objectives. Utilize the Time Matters® document storage, search and retrieval function, and processes Recognize the components of the Time Matters® Outlook integration and manage email attachments. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Time Matters DMS

Document Management Optimization using Time MattersPresented by:Seth Rowland2010 Practice Management Annual Conference1ObjectivesUtilize the Time Matters document storage, search and retrieval function, and processes

Recognize the components of the Time Matters Outlook integration and manage email attachments2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceTime Matters DMSBenefitsFirm-wide document storageNothing is lost; everything is foundWorkflow automationIncluded with Time Matters (no additional charge)DMS FeaturesAuto-ProfilingVersion ControlCheckin/CheckoutPrivacy SettingsDocument IndexingBy Client/MatterBy Profile SearchBy Full-Text SearchDocument CreationWorkflow AutomationMerge TemplatesHotDocs TemplatesOutlook IntegrationConfigurationBenefits

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceDocument ProfilingBasics - Core FieldsClient MatterCodeStaffDescriptionMemoLaunch from ApplicationTM SaveTM ConnectTM Insider

AutoNameRecommended OptionFile -> Setup ->General -> Program Level Forms -> Form Type (Document) -> Set Form OptionsCheck "AutoName Checked by Default" and click on Advanced button.Option to use folder specified in Configuration File OR Designated FolderFormula for "Subfolder" and "Document Name"

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceDocument Profiling (2)Custom FieldsSupport for Form Styles for Custom FieldsCan be used for "SubFolders"Can be used for "document tracking" systemSpecial OptionsCreate an "Auto-Increment" using custom field to define a document number.Create "Template" that include a Filename field in the footerUse Custom Field to enforce standard subfoldersUse Category code

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceDMS FeaturesVersion ControlCreate "New Version" optionCreates Backup of Current File as Version ".000#"Ability to Revert, View or GoTo prior versionsNOTE: No change in FooterSecurity & AccessSecurity limited to Profiles.Can use Network Security for "Folders" but need to apply manuallyCan mark Profile PrivateCan mark Matter Private and associated Document Profile can become Private.

CheckOut/CheckInCheckOut ProcessRight-Click -> CheckOutDefine Location & set to ReadOnlyConfirm CheckoutCheckIn ProcessSelect Document RecordRight-Click -> CheckInCopy from LocationCheckin as NEW Version

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceDocument IndexingSchedule IndexDefine an IndexSchedule the IndexSCHEDULE Tab -> NewSet timeEnter Windows Login passwordUse IndexSearch -> Document SearchEnter Search TermSelect IndexApply further search restrictionsOptions to include Phonetic and other search optionsIncludes Preview with HighlightsCan search OUTSIDE Time Matters system

PurposeGo beyond Profile searching and viewsFull-text search of documentsBuilding a Document IndexFile -> Utilities -> Document Management -> Document Index ManagerCheck INDEX NOWDefine a NEW Document IndexAdd NEW IndexAdd a Code and DescriptionDefine Exclusions or InclusionsAdd Folder(s)

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceDocument CreationChoose Type of MergeChoose Data SourceChoose Template

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceType of TemplateNew FileDumb Template, no data sourceUse for Letterhead, Memo, and NoticesHotDocsSingle Data Source, One or Multiple DocumentsComprehensive rule based interviewSupport for conditional text and complex calculationsCan work with "fewer templates" with multiple optionsMergeSingle Template, Multiple Data SourcesSingle question promptsLimited to Word Merge TechnologySupport for complex text formatting

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceType of Template (2)ClipboardSingle Template, Multiple Data SourcesAbility to merge "related record" dataLimited, and non-standard formatting optionsCan merge to "email" recordScanLaunch from Time MattersRequires TWAIN Compliant ScannerSelect SCAN SourceChoose Scan FormatLaunch from ScannerUse scanner to create PDF FileUse TM Save to create profile and move copy to proper directory

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceOutlook IntegrationBenefitsProfile email as documentsDetach & Profile AttachmentsMass ProfilingWorkstation SetupClose Outlook & WordLaunch Time MattersFile -> Setup -> General -> Workstation LevelGeneral Tab -> Additional Program SetupCHECK "Outlook 2000 and Later"CHECK "TM Connect" Box to transfer Regarding Information

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceOutlook Integration (2)Outlook ConfigurationLaunch OutlookCreate New Folder in InBox titled "Profiled in TM"Tools -> Options -> Time Matters tabDisplay OptionsCheck "Show Regarding Information"Location Preference - Choose TOPCheck box for Prompt to Connect when "Sending an Email"After Saving EmailMove To: "Profiled in TM" folderDO NOT move to DELETE!!!

Other RecommendationsInstall XobniFulltext indexingRelated emailsRelated contactsSocial networking informationDisable MS Word as EditorConsider Hosted Exchange Server

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceOutlook Integration (3)Single Email OptionsDocument Record ProfileAuto-Association based on Email"Selection" if email address associated with multiple Matters or Contacts.Relate to Multiple RecordsSelect for RegardingSelect for Specified RelationsSetting up Specified RelationsAdd Related RecordsRelated Tab -> Add RecordChoose: "Matter" or "Contact"Choose: "Specified Relation - Use Existing RecordRun "Search" to narrow recordsTag and select records -> OK2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceOutlook Integration (4)Connect Multiple EmailsSort emails by "From"Select Group (by Heading or by Control-Click)Click on TM Connect EmailEnter Contact/Matter/StaffSelect Document Records Related to Individual Emails"Choose OK

Sending EmailsAccess to Formattable ClipboardsTime Matters -> Add AttachmentSelect AttachmentSort by Create DateFilter by CodeFilter by MatterCan tag multiple recordsAuto-connect to TM2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceOutlook Integration (5)Email MERGECreate a Formattable ClipboardTag RecordsChoose "Send Email"Select "Individual Emails" for separate email linked to each record.If using OUTLOOK, need to enable an account for OUTGOING only.Can use AutoEntry forms for standardized text or draft.

2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceAdditional Training OpportunitiesFor additional training opportunities, visit LexisNexis University, where you may learn more about eLearning, eConsulting, Classroom, Anytime, and Just in Time Training class offerings.

Also available are an extensive network of LexisNexis Certified Independent Consultants (CICs) who offer on-site training, installation, and maintenance of Practice Management software systems.2010 Practice Management Annual ConferenceSeth G. Rowland, Esq.Basha Systems LLC 737-3740

Time Matters Feature Packages:Office Management System (OMS)Estate Planning Management Systems (EPMS)

2010 Practice Management Annual Conference


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