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  • DIY Kitchen Backsplash Stencil

    Hello Remodelaholics! Its LZ from The Summery Umbrella, and Im really excited to share with youmy newest DIY post. Todays project is a little different than some of my posts that Ive done in thepast (like my Mason Jar Pendant Light or Build a Waterfall on a Budget) because its going to be allabout painting and design!

    Myhusband and I have been slowly finishing up our kitchen remodel, and for the past few months Ihave been debating whether or not to create my own kitchen backsplash as a statement piece. As Imsure youve already figured out Ive decided it was completely worth it! I love creating anything thatis unique and interesting so this project was right up my alley. And guess what? Im even going togive you the files to create your own for FREE! Awesome, right? Lets get started!

    Materials Needed

    Tools Suggested

    foam paint brushthin paint brushmeasuring tapeprinter or Cricut machine (aka. stencil maker)


    1.) First things first, do one of the following (any of these methods are acceptable so just select yourfavorite):

    a.) download my palm leafPDF stencil file to print out on your printer

    b.) download my palm leaf SVG stencil file for your Cricut machine

    c.) create your own stencil!

    Note: Just in case youre wondering, I have been specifying using a Cricut machine since I know thatthe Silhouette machinerequires special software in order to use your own designs that are notcreated within their program. However, you are most welcome to use my PDF stencil file (if dontmind doing the work to turn it into a Silhouetttestencil first) and cleaning it up a bit on your own.

    2.) Then, its time to create your actual stencil! So, grab your handy-dandy tape measurer andmeasure out the space you will want to put it to make sure it will fit properly.

    Note: Please keep in mind that these downloads have been formatted for my own backsplash. Youmight need to resize your own to fit accordingly, or you can also cut off a little bit of any of the sidesif it is too big.

    3.) Once you are sure that your stencil is formatted to your liking go ahead and either print it outonyour printer or Cricut machine.

  • For this step, if you have decided to print it out with your printer you will then need to cut it out,transfer it onto your stencil blank, and cut it out again.

    If you are using your Cricut pleasecut with your stencil blank. TIP: I used the custom setting for mybladefor 0.40mm thickness.

    4.) Next, using painters tape go ahead and tape around the area around your backsplash to ensureno paint gets on your countertop, stove, electrical outlets, etc.

    5.) Then, go ahead and tape up your stencil to the wall.

    TIP: I found that taping it only on two side was enough, but you can definitely put it up any way thatis easiest for you.

    6.) Now its time to paint!

    Ive tried a variety ofmethods beforewithsimilar projects, but my favorite way to start off my design iswith asimple foam brush. All you need to do is to get just enough paint onto your stencil so it doesntrun underneath, but alsogives you some guidelines to paint it in later.

    7.)Then, take off your stencil (let it dry off for a few minutes), flip it over, andpaint it all over again.

    8.) Repeat this method until you have reached your end point.

    9.) Last, withyour thin paint brush paint in all of the insides and edges of your stencil.

    10.) Enjoy your end result!

    Cost and TimeInvolved:

    Semi-gloss paint: $30

    Stencil blanks: $4

    Foam brush pack: $2

  • Thin paint brush pack: $2

    Total Cost: $38

    Total Time: I would set aside one weekend. When painting this much detailyoull probably want totake a few breaks, or even stop halfway through and finish the rest on the following day.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and happy designing!


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