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<ul><li><p>DIY bracelet making instructions-how to make </p><p>bracelets with ribbon </p><p>Spring season is all about blooming flowers, </p><p>germinating glass and warm breeze. Finding leisure </p><p>old things in home for reusing and upcycling is </p><p>awesome. For this DIY bracelet making instructions, I </p><p>went over how to make bracelets with ribbon and </p><p>spikes at meanwhile. With the contrast of soft ribbon </p><p>and cool spikes, youll be always staying in fashion </p><p>with it! </p><p>Supplies needed in bracelet making instructions: </p><p> Wide chain </p><p> Toggle clasp </p><p> Stain Ribbon </p><p> Spikes </p><p> Jumpring </p><p> Flat Nose Plier </p><p> Glue </p><p>How to make bracelets with ribbon? </p><p>Step1: attach toggle clasp onto chain </p><p>Measure the chain around your wrist and cut out ideal length. Subtract the inches of clasp. Snap </p><p>your needed portion and then add your closure. </p><p>Step2: start to wrap ribbon </p><p>Divide the Ribbon into two even parts; </p><p>Start to wrap with the middle of ribbon; </p><p>Keep wrapping through the links of chain to last one; </p><p>To the end, tie the two endings together and trim off excess portion, ensure by drops of glue. </p><p>The following bracelet making instructions are all about how to make bracelets with ribbon. It is totally a </p><p>great way to reuse the idle or any old ribbon you have lying around. Just make one to brighten up your </p><p>cozy spring. </p></li><li><p>Step3: add spikes </p><p>Lay the semi-finished ribbon wrapped bracelet on a </p><p>flat and decide the locations for your spikes; </p><p>Push the screw part of spike through proper chain </p><p>link through the bottom and then assemble the spike </p><p>by using assistive glue. </p><p>Repeat this for rest spikes of your choice. </p><p>Well, my bracelet making instructions may be </p><p>ceased here. This chain and ribbon bracelet is really </p><p>convenient to make and could be given as a great </p><p>gift. Has this how to make bracelets with ribbon </p><p>inspired you a little? Or if you come up with another </p><p>advanced plan, just try it. </p><p>Search for different kinds of jewelry toggle clasp please click: </p><p> </p></li></ul>


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