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  2. 2. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS EXPERTISE MWW GROUP, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2 POINT OF VIEW For diversity to become real, it must be built into an organizations DNA: It needs to be lived by each and every individual and needs to be supported at the highest levels of the organization. Considering that perception is reality, theres hardly anything as effective and as important as a well-devised communications strategy in bringing diversity to life. Thats why we counsel a proactive approach that engages constituents in a variety of ways: Times have changed. Todays Millennial generation is the most racially and ethnically diverse in American history. They are not simply more accepting of pluralism; they demand it, because it aligns with their experience and understanding. Its no longer sufficient to talk about diversity; its no longer enough even to embrace it. Diversity is the new normal, and organizations that dont learn how to thrive within its framework will founder in the years to come. Diversity is an evolving concept. Fifty years ago, it scarcely factored into how organizations positioned themselves. Then, in the aftermath of the modern civil rights and womens rights movements, companies learned to weave the idea into their narrative. Even then, diversity too often meant tokenisman obligatory nod to values that seemed in wide acceptance but were in actuality in scant practice. 1.THECEOMUSTCHAMPIONTHEMESSAGE: You have to have your CEO on board for diversity communications to be real, to have an impact and to be taken seriously. This is true in terms of engaging both internal and external audiences. CEOs and members of the senior leadership team must be your staunchest advocates and lead by example, otherwise your program risks losing credibility. 2.TURNEMPLOYEESINTOAMBASSADORS: Theres no better way to create excitement around your diversity initiatives than having your own employees become ambassadors of your programs. Use your ambassadors to engage with a broad range of employees, have them become your eyes and ears as to whats happening on the ground and what kind of impact the programs are having. This group is instrumental in pivoting and enhancing your programs in a way that will increase their impact and acceptance across the organization. Realizing the importance of ambassadors, organizations across Fortune 500 companies continue to expand efforts around Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which have grown to include segments representing Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, LGBTs, and Asian- Americans. ERGs are proving to be successful ambassadors to their respective segments.
  3. 3. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS EXPERTISE MWW GROUP, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3 THE PROCESS With any successful communications effort, there must be a strategic, approachable and repeatable process for success. MWWs six-point process for building awareness and increasing engagement for your diversity and inclusion efforts is outlined below: ABOUT MWW MWW, a full-service public relations, public affairs and marketing firm, has more than 28 years of experience helping companies build eminence, strengthen employee engagement and build, manage and protect their reputations. Whether the goal is increasing the quality and diversity of your talent pipeline, encouraging greater employee engagement, or navigating a labor lawsuit or advocating for a specific legislation on labor/employee rights, we apply a mix of traditional and digital strategies that are culturally appropriate to your company and industry. Our total stakeholder approach ensures that we are reaching your key influencers with the right messages across digital, social and traditional channels. As an independent agency, we have the freedom and flexibility to deploy the right teamsregardless of their location or disciplinethat provide you with the right mix of talent to realize your objectives. Because were the largest of the mid-size agencies, we have the ability to combine the resources and comprehensive services of a major national agency with the entrepreneurial spirit, agility and senior-level engagement of a boutique firm. As an example of MWWs forward-thinking approach, we recently added an LGBT practice, which focuses on one of the most highly coveted and emerging segments in the U.S. Audit Assets Analyze Findings Develop Communications Strategy Measure Impact ExecuteThen Do It Again 1 3 46 5 2 3.MAKEDIVERSITYMORETHANANUMBER: Change the conversation about diversity from a numbers game to more of a mindset to be lived. Do this by constantly demonstrating the value of diversitynot just in terms of race or gender, but also diversity of background, sexual orientation and thought. Display and promote the instances where diversity has made a real, positive difference for your organization and make that the hallmark of your organizations culture. Once youve achieved that, the numbers will follow. 4.SOCIALMEDIAISYOURFRIEND;USEIT: Leverage social media to interact and engage with both current and future employees and to broaden the penetration of your diversity programs. Feature your diverse workforce on these channels, highlighting their accomplishments and the value of diversity programs for their professional development. Create social communities where your employees can freely share experiences, exchange ideas and learn from each other. Make it useful, playful and interactive, and then watch your social channels take on a life of their own.
  4. 4. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS EXPERTISE MWW GROUP, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4 EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS Employees are the universal touchpoint for all of your other constituencies. Their attitudes, actions and activism can have more of a direct impact on your reputation than any other group, particularly with the rise of peer-to-peer influence via social media. MWW takes a methodical approach to managing your reputation among employees. Using our proprietary tool, Employee IQ, we identify the perceptions and needs of your workforce and its divergent subgroups, then create customized communications strategies based on company culture and structure. EXECUTIVE EMINENCE Stakeholders trust people, not companies. Although it is no longer required to have an rock star CEO, the value of executive eminence and thought leadership is not to be underestimated. Our proprietary, research-based CEO EquityBuilder methodology positions executives in the marketplace to advance the overall brand and reputation of an organization. CEO EquityBuilder does this by identifying issues in corporate reputation management and customizing programs for all phases of the CEO life cycle (pre-CEO, new CEO and established CEO). This proven approach enables us to strategically elevate the reputations of CEOs and their leadership teams through platforms that resonate with employees, investors, customers, shareholders, influencers, regulators and community partners. We also train leaders so their messages are delivered effectively, are understood, heard and shared. LGBT PRACTICE MWWs experienced LGBT practice works with Fortune 500 companies to navigate diversity issues specific to LGBTs. Our marketing and communications programs are tailored to our clients specific needs and address issues such as talent acquisition strategies, crisis communications, revamping existing diversity strategies to expand scope, and exposing the countrys top tastemakers, media outlets and thought-leaders to your companys expansion into the labor force and marketplace. MEDIA RELATIONS At MWW, we maintain deep, personal relationships with the outlets and reporters that matter most to our clients. Our team develops and cultivates extensive partnerships with top-tier business, consumer and trade media and leverages these contacts for our clients to further their communications objectives. INFLUENCER RELATIONS We provide an unmatched network of influencers and stakeholders from analysts, professional associations and academia, to politicians, bloggers, diversity organizations and strategic industry partnersacross all of our practice areas. We have the leverage to tap into the audiences our clients want to engage most, when they need it most. DIGITAL PRACTICE MWWs award-winning digital practice expertly influences conversation through emerging media and social networking technologies. Our team is made up of digital specialists, including social media and marketing strategists, creative digital designers, media planners, producers, programmers, and analysts. We place a high premium on analytics and have developed proprietary programming and listening tools that measure not just your share of voice, but your trust and relevance to current and potential stakeholders. Our point of view is simple: its not important to be loud, its important to be heard. PUBLIC AFFAIRS Government is not simply a remote entity that regulates and procures goods from you; it is a nerve center of national dialogue and influence. Because many of our professionals have worked on the other side of the equation, they understand how to matter more in Washington, DC and in the communities where government operates. ISSUES MANAGEMENT & CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS When it comes to crisis communications, the best defense is a good offense, which is why MWW developed the Crisis Action Protocol (CAP), a proactive crisis management methodology that encompasses vulnerability assessment, crisis planning and crisis management. We have also pioneered proprietary digital apps and social media tools to help clients manage a crisis across all communications channels. OURCAPABILITIES
  6. 6. MWW GROUP, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 6 CASE STUDY SOLUTION + To deliver the message about the importance of immunizations, the team c