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ACROMEGALY Coarse facial feature

ADDISONS DISEASEbronze like skin pigmentation

ANGINACrushing stubbing pain relieved by NTG

APPENDICITISrebound tenderness

ASTHMAwheezing on expiration

BLADDER CApainless hematuria

BPHreduced size & force of urine

BULIMIAchipmunk face

CATARACTPainless vision loss, Opacity of the lens, blurring of vision

CHICKEN POXVesicular Rash (central to distal) dew drop on rose petal

CHOLERArice watery stool

CUSHINGS SYNDROMEmoon face appearance and buffalo hump.


CYSTITISburning on urination

DENGUEpetechiae or (+) Hermans sign.

DIPTHERIApseudo membrane formation

DKAKussmauls breathing (Deep Rapid RR)

DMpolyuria, polydypsia, polyphagia

DOWN SYNDROMEprotruding tongue

DUCHENNES MUSCULAR DYSTROPHYGowers sign (use of hands to push ones self from the floor)

DVTHomans Sign

EMPHYSEMAbarrel chest

EPIGLOTITIS3Ds Drooling, Dysphonia, Dysphagia

FIBRIN HYALIN Expiratory Grunt

GERDBarretts esophagus (erosion of the lower portion of the esophageal mucosa)

GLAUCOMA Painfull vision loss, tunnel/gun barrel/halo vision

Guillain Barre Syndromeascending muscle weakness


HODGKINS DSE/LYMPHOMApainless, progressive enlargement of spleen & lymph tissues, Reedstenberg Cells

HYDROCEPHALUS Bossing sign (prominent forehead)


HYPOCALCEMIAChvostek & Trosseaus sign

INCREASE ICPHYPERtension BRADYpnea BRADYcardia (Cushings Triad)

INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSISHallmark: sore throat, cervical lymph adenopathy, fever

INTUSSUSCEPTIONsausage shaped mass, Dance Sign (empty portion of RLQ)

KAWASAKI SYNDROMEstrawberry tongue

LEPROSYlioning face

LIVER CIRRHOSISspider like varices

LTB inspiratory stridor

LYMES DSE Bulls eye rash

MALARIAstepladder like fever with chills

MEASLESkopliks spots.

MENIERES DSEVertigo, Tinnitus

MENINGITISKernigs sign (leg flex then leg pain on extension), Brudzinski sign (neck flex = lower leg flex).

MGdescending muscle weakness

MI Crushing stubbing pain which radiates to left shoulder, neck, arms, unrelieved by NTG

MSCharcots Triad (IAN)

PANCREATITISCullens sign (ecchymosis of umbilicus); (+) Grey turners spots.

PARKINSONS Pill-rolling tremors

PDAmachine like murmur

PEMPHIGUS VULGARISNikolskys sign (separation of epidermis caused by rubbing of the skin)

PERNICIOUS ANEMIAred beefy tongue

PNEUMONIArusty sputum

PTBlow-grade afternoon fever

PYLORIC STENOSISolive like mass

RETINAL DETACHMENT Visual Floaters, flashes of light, curtain vision

RETINO BLASTOMACats eye reflex (grayish discoloration of pupils)

SHOCKHYPOtension TACHYpnea TACHYcardia

SLEbutterfly rashes

TEF4Cs Coughing, Choking, Cyanosis, Continous Drooling

TETANUSrisus sardonicus.

TETANYhypocalcemia (+) Trousseaus sign/carpopedal spasm; Chvostek sign (facial spasm)

TYPHOIDrose spots in abdomen.

ULCERATIVE COLITISrecurrent bloody diarrhea


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