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2010-11 Annual Report for Centerstone Research Institute


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    2010-2011 Annual Report for Centerstone Research Institute


    150Centerstone Research Institute has conducted more than 150 research studies since 2003.


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    4 About CRI

    5 The Year in Review 2010-2011 Highlights

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    Centerstones mission is to prevent

    and cure mental illness and addiction.


    FROM THE CEOIt has been an exciting year for Centerstone Research Institute (CRI). Its also been a year of change. While change can sometimes be unsettling, it is important to remember that all change opens up countless possibilities for the future. Personally, I am quite excited at all the possibilities currently before us. In addition to securing $17.6 million in funding this past year to implement research-based practice at Centerstone, we have continued to grow the Knowledge Network consortium, launched the Human Performance Lab in collaboration with the Indiana University School of Informatics, and have been working steadily to build Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools for our multiple Centerstone organizations and for our behavioral health industry. These efforts were made possible by the generous philanthropic support of The Ayers Foundation, the Cal Turner Family Foundation, and the Joe C. Davis Foundation.This year, CRI was featured by the IBM Smarter Planet series for our work in CDS and predictive modeling of behavioral healthcare services. In addition, Behavioral Pathway Systems, a company of CRI, is now described as the premier resource for behavioral health and human services benchmarking at national conferences and other public gatherings.Thanks to the leadership of Tennessee board chair Lee Ann Ingram, we have identified and facilitated a new partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard University. Our academic partners, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi (University of Texas Southwestern), Dr. Rick Shelton (University of Alabama - Birmingham), Dr. Herbert Meltzer (Northwestern University) and Dr. Kay Connelly (Indiana University)have been wonderfully supportive of our efforts. And our new partnership with MGH has introduced usto expert collaborators at the Harvard Medical School including Dr. Maurizio Fava, Dr. A. Eden Evins, Dr. Jordan Smoller and Dr. Isaac Kohane. We are incredibly excited about the potential of this partnership.And finally, we have officially launched our Knowledge Network Data Warehouse within the Knowledge Network and are planning a public launch in early 2012. Currently, the data warehouse contains de-identified secure data from over 200,000 behavioral healthcare clients across the country, including diagnoses, services and medication information, making it the richest and largest shared database in community mental healthcare history. This in turn allows us to turn complex data into meaningful information for the improvement of care.We are excited to share, on the following pages, a few of our highlights from our numerous accomplishments this past year. To all who have supported andpartnered with CRI in these efforts, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

    Thomas W. Doub, Ph.D. Interim Chief Executive OfficerCenterstone Research Institute

    We believe in the possibilities of lives changed

    forever through prevention, early intervention

    and research-driven treatments.


    FROM THE BOARD CHAIROn behalf of the Board of Directors for Centerstone Research Institute (CRI), I want to thank the staff and leadership team at CRI and our supporters around the world who make this such a great organization. We are continually amazed at what we have accomplished and how much is left to do to improve healthcare delivery through the marriage of research and information technology.

    In 2011, CRI made significant advances towards its mission and goals throughout the year. We have made exciting progress in several areas of ground breaking research, we have been recognized as a thought leader throughout the world, and we have established ourselves as a key voice in the public policy arena for mental health and addiction issues. We have also improved internal operational processes to make the organization more efficient and fiscally sound. CRI is a tremendous asset for the mental health and addiction field and the communities in which we live and work.

    We have also experienced challenges along the way, which provide opportunities for the organization in 2012 and beyond, yet we see a bright future for the organization and the patients around the globe that benefit from the hard work of our team at CRI. We could not do it without the support of the Centerstone organization, our donors, partners, vendors and supporters worldwide. We look forward to a productive 2012!Sincerely,

    Steven E. BryantChairCenterstone Research Institute Board of Directors


    Steve Bryant, ChairJoan Sivley, Vice-ChairKen Shidler, SecretaryJanet AyersDon Buesching, PhDDavid E. Lawler, DDS

    Trish LindlerTom MahlerGil PalmerNedda PollackDeborah Taylor TateThomas W. Doub, PhD Interim Chief Executive Officer


    ABOUT CENTERSTONE RESEARCH INSTITUTECenterstone Research Institute (CRI) is a unique not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving mental healthcare through research, information technology and clinical informatics. CRI conducts service and clinical studies and partners with leading research institutions to advance knowledge of mental health and addiction disorders and discover innovative treatments.

    CRI works to enhance patient care by reducing the number of years it takes innovative developments to become standard clinical practice. We do this by leveraging technology to help healthcare providers have faster access to the latest treatments and practices and leveraging our program evaluation and implementation expertise to transform programs. Two award-winning CRI services include:

    CRIs Analytics platform helps healthcare providers use the data they collect to reduce costs, improve their operations and enhance patient care. It helps behavioral health providers become more efficient and effective, improving clinical productivity, patient access to services, and clinical quality.

    CRIs Program Evaluation team works to translate research into practice and policy in behavioral health through innovative evaluation. Our evaluators are skilled at providing utilization focused information to direct care staff that helps strengthen implementation of research-based best practices, resulting in improved outcomes among our behavioral health clients and family members. Evaluation enrolled 2, 239 clients in program evaluations last year and measured outcomes among 4,365 clients, including the successful completion of one Department of Education Evaluation and three SAMHSA Program Evaluations.

    The organization maintains an Institutional Review Board and manages the Knowledge Network, a national technology-based, partner-driven alliance to facilitate the translation of research to practice. CRI also offers Behavioral Pathway Systems, a best practices benchmarking service.

    Centerstone Research Institute has received over $75 million in federal and private grants since 2003 and conducted more than 150 research studies.

    The Knowledge Network Data Warehouse is the largest mental health database of its kind in the country. This secure database contains information such as diagnoses and demographics for over 200,000 de-identified patients across the U.S. It includes over 11 million service records and almost 2 million prescriptions.

    INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARDDavid Ayer, PhD, ChairJan van Eys, MD, PhDSid Levy, PhDSally Violin, MBA

    April Bragg, PhDFrank Stevens, PhDSarah Suiter, PhDJon Wolfe


    Secured $17.62M in funding this year through federal and private grant awards to implement multiple research-based programs throughout Centerstone.

    Submitted $1.2M grant to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to support implementation of clinical decision support.

    Secured a $1M grant from The Joe C. Davis Foundation to support the development of a national data repository and dashboard for behavioral healthcare.

    Launched the Human Performance/Factors Lab in collaboration with Indiana University School of Informatics. The New Human Factors Lab provided three rounds of usability testing and recommendations for improvement to Centerstone research studies which measured completion

    times, error rates and usability with 29 therapists completing a simulated intake across two states. Completed development and launch of multiple analytic tools to increase data analysis and

    improve financial and operational management. Continued behavioral healthcare advocacy with Members of Congress, as well as continued

    federal policy leadership in the Behavioral Health Information Technology Coalition. Hosted two site visits by Members of Congress staff. CRI Board Vice Chair Joan Sivley provided moving testimony to Congress about the tremendous

    need for expanded Health IT funding in behavioral healthcare. CRI staff co-authored over 20 different publications, scientific posters and presentations, ranging

    from outcomes